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As we are progressing through the generations, we are also going through intellectual prosperity. Science has made everything so possible that distance is merely an English word. And the proof is the year-and-a-half-long pandemic itself. Throughout the COVID pandemic, the only thing that came to stagnancy is face-to-face meetings. Otherwise, education and work every other thing was on full fledge. And the only way it was possible was the internet and certain software applications.

There had been ample getaways from schooling and office work. Of all these virtual platforms of communication, the best for the education purpose is ‘– Peardeck. In this article, one would find everything about the Peardeck including its login guide.

What exactly is joinPD Peardeck?

JoinPD is one of the communication tools that are very useful for teachers and students. It helps the person to join in a presentation that is already in progress. With the help of the unique code, teachers and students can join virtual classes. After signing in to the JoinPD account, the educator needs to make a presentation and send a stable email id with a pear deck code.

Signing in to that email id would make all the students to access their classes. And people from anywhere around the world can join it. This tool, unlike the other ones, is very much popular in the USA. One can categorize this tool into a ‘Student Assistance website’. And the official URL for the public domain is-  

What is Peardeck?

To begin with, Peardeck is an amazing tool, perfect for creating presentations for educative purposes. It is an effective tool for the social and individual cognitive improvement of children. With the help of Google Drive accounts, the teacher can share access to the presentation they have made for the students. It solely aims to grow the mental abilities of the children. 

It is a popular presentation-creating tool, mostly used in the education sector. The main motive behind this is the improvement of teacher-student conversation skills. There are unique codes for every student that they must enter for having access to their accounts. Both social, and emotional skills along with intellectual skills get developed by using this app. 

How to Sign Up for a Pear Deck Account

As the world is evolving frequently, one also needs to update accordingly to reap the maximum gain. Both for the students and the teachers, it is necessary to create an account to have access to this platform. Here are the systematic steps to follow to create the Pear deck account. 

First, one needs to connect their device to a stable and high-speed internet connection. 

Second, it is necessary to download the application. For that, one needs to visit the official webpage of the Pear deck app. It is-

Third, on the webpage, there is an option ‘sign up free’ at the topmost right side of the page. You need to click on that. 

Fourth, after signing up for free, another option would pop up named Authorize. Click on this option. 

Fifth, next you need to follow the setup instructions as they appear on your screen. Before that, there is an option for signing in. You need to register with a valid email address and password. 

Sixth, in the last step, the Pear desk would ask for your permission to access your device. Kindly allow and grant it. 

The important thing to remember- creating an account needs to enter the school postcode and then follow the instructions as they appear. There might be a problem with finding your school. In that case, you need to put any five digits or numbers in the critical area. This is how you can get into joinpd join sites and have full access to them. 

Pear Deck Login

To get proper access to the platform, you need to register yourself with an active and unique email id and password. Now you can log in to your Pear deck account as many times as you need. All you need is to put in your registered email id and password. With being signed in, you can attend your online classes. The available lesson extensions are also there when the account is signed in. 

You can make it even easier to handle when you use the app on a smartphone. You can copy the information and tables, the data everything in an excel sheet. This account would allow you to prepare presentations and invite the participants. 


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How to Login to Your Pear Deck Account-

It is very simple to handle the Pear deck account for anyone as it has a very user-friendly interface. A list of steps is mentioned below. Following them in the given manner would help the user have an easy login. 

First, you need to launch a web browser on the device you are using. On the browser, type in the address bar. 

Second, the header bar would display the option ‘Teacher login’. You need to click on that. 

Third, for convenience, it is better to choose either Microsoft or Google for the login method preference. 

Fourth, at last, enter your valid and registered ‘user name’ first and then ‘password’. 

This login is for the teaching website. Similarly, there is a learning website as well. And one can follow the same method to get access to it. 

Student login with Email for Pear Deck Sessions:

With the forwarded email, the teacher can help the students join their sessions. Students must also enter or select the email id after they enter the joining code. This is a brilliant way of keeping a check on the student’s attendance and checking on their grades as well. Here is a detailed login process for the students-

  1. First, open the Pear Deck. 
  2. Next, go to the Home page.
  3. Then click on the personal profile icon of the account. 
  4. You need to click on my account next.
  5. To log in, next you need to click on the settings. 
  6. There will be a drop-down menu; scroll the menu and find the ‘Require Student Logins’ section.
  7. Lastly, select the ON option from there. 
  8. Now you need to choose your type of account, specifying your content and interest. 

But one thing needs to be clear- for the students’ login, they will need the email for the login. If they do not receive the email, they will not be able to join. 


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Joining for Students as Anonymous Users: 

The students can join the platform anonymously as well. For this, one needs to follow the same process, just needs to skip one step. Where the ‘Require Student Logins’ option pops up, you need to select the OFF option than the ON option. In this way, one can also attend the platform without receiving the email. They can use an animated fake avatar or name for their account. They are capable of joining the interaction sessions, but their real identity will remain hidden. The teacher also will get a notification at the bottom of the screen that the students are joining in nicknames and different avatars.    

Join Peardeck Code-

To have authentic access, everyone needs to have a unique joinPD code. Here is a little detail about that code-

Most of the time, the host (teacher) creates this code.

He/she is the instructor as well for the formation of the code as per the purpose. 

It is a five-digit unique code.

The code can be one for all. The teacher can share the code with all the students. They all can enter the same code and access their online classes, presentations, and materials. Also, they can participate in the interactive sessions as well. 

How to Generate Join Peardeck Code-

Mostly teachers are in charge of creating the Peardeck code for the students. This is a guide that every teacher must follow if they are using this platform. Below is the list of the steps to follow- 

  1. First one needs to go the
  2. Next, they need to enter their respective presentation number for their respective field. 
  3. The code is a five-digit unique number, given to you during your session. 
  4. Once you put in the code, it will generate the respective code for your required session. 

Now you share this code with your students. They can have smooth access to the classes you take and materials you share. 

There is something more important to remember. Each code has a stipulated validity of four days from its generation. 

How to Join a Presentation in Pear Deck – JoinPD Con-

It has been declared before that a teacher can host the presentation. And they need to share a unique code with their students to make access for them as well. Here is a detailed process in which one can join the presentation in the pear deck and receive the Peardesk code.

  1. First one needs to visit the website of through a device that has a stable internet connection. 
  2. At the top of the page, there is an option called ‘join a session’. You need to click on that button. 
  3. There will be a required field appearing next. There everyone needs to enter the five-digit code. It is the ‘access code’. 

Access to the platform or session is only possible when one enters the right and exact code. There is a mode for upgrading as well. The teacher can disallow the students to further change their answer script after submission. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I Create a Pear Deck in Google Classroom?

Ans: One of the easiest things to process is to create an account through Pear deck in the Google classroom. For this, one needs to go to the dashboard of their account. It is At the above right corner of the screen, one will find an option ‘to invite them to access your classes. You need to click on it. 

Then from the Google classroom, one can choose the group they want to invite. As the students sign in, their names will appear on the screen. 

Who Can Use JoinPD?

Ans: Pear deck is a common and popular platform for educative purposes. Anyone associated with education can take help from this platform. But, the platform needs the user to be a part of any school institution. Both a teacher and a student can be a part of JoinPD. They can use for class purposes and presentation purposes. Besides, other people can also use it. Instructional coaches and media specialists can take the help of joining. Also building administrators and librarians can make use of this platform. This is a very popular communication platform. So, anyone who wants to connect to other people for official purposes can use this platform. 

How do I Join

Ans: It is very easy to have a proper and authentic joining in the Pear deck. One needs to go to the official website of Pear deck. It is; there is an option- ‘sign up for free. You will get redirected to the main screen. Next, you have to choose the account type. You also need to connect to the Google Drive account as well. 

What can I do with a Pear Deck account?

With a Pear Deck account, you can create engaging presentations, add interactive elements like polls and quizzes, and engage your audience in real-time.

Does Pear Desk Have an App?

Ans: All the software or platforms today have different versions, feasible to use in different platforms. Likewise, Pear deck also has different versions for different devices. For the PC or laptop, it has a website or software. For phones or portable handy devices, there are applications or apps as well. People can download these apps from different stores. For iPhone users, people have Apple stores. For Android users, there is Google Playstore. With the help of the tutorial instructions from here, there is an option to download. You can also create and join presentations by using the app as well.    

Is Pear Deck Login free to use?

Pear Deck offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes basic features, while the paid plans offer additional functionalities.

How do I log in to my Pear Deck account?

To log in to your Pear Deck account, go to, enter your username and password, and click “Log In.”

Is Pear Deck Login secure?

Pear Deck takes security seriously and employs encryption and other measures to protect user data. However, it’s always recommended to use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication for added security.

Where can I find help or support for Pear Deck Login?

If you need assistance with Pear Deck Login or have questions about using the platform, you can visit the Pear Deck website for tutorials, guides, and support resources.


The above article gives you all information in detail about One declaration for this article- this is a complete learning and guide-based article. This neither promotes nor supports any form of illegal or pirated actions at all. For any further query, one can directly take help from the authentic website’s helpline. But we expect you will find all the queries answered from the above informative article.  

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