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Before using for paying your bills, familiarity with the Greensky login is vital. This US-based financing platform has gained momentum for providing home-repair loans up to $65,000 to qualified customers. In addition, Greensky is a reasonable option as compared to the other available home-repair financing alternatives in the market.

This is because Greensky’s home-improvement loans are endowed by banks and are made available to borrowers through sellers who use the same platform for facilitating the loan processes. You need a reasonably high credit score (FICO credit score needs to be 650 at least) to qualify for a home-repair loan directly.

Low credit scores will, of course, not qualify for a direct home-repair loan from Greensky. However, similar to any typical loan, your loan balance will be kept on a direct Greensky payment card instead of your bank account. So naturally, only home-repair contractors, hardware stores, and similar local businesses will benefit from this expenditure.

Benefits Of Using Greensky ( For Online Bill Payment:

Before figuring out the seemingly complex Greensky login procedure, you must learn about the benefits of using this platform for your online bill payments. The two main benefits of using Greensky are as follows,

1)Selective Payment Of Interest

Firstly, if you qualify for a Direct Home Improvement Loan on Greensky, you will benefit significantly. This happens because Greensky requires borrowers to pay interest only when the loan is not being used. Thus, this is an excellent alternative for borrowers who want to limit their search for contractors to Greensky Pros.

For instance, when you are employing a Greensky Pro contractor in your area by using funds from the loan, as a qualified borrower, you will have to pay a low amount of interest for the initial twelve months, only after which an annual percentage rate of 6.99%-23.99% becomes applicable.

Greensky asks qualified borrowers to complete a questionnaire for getting matched to a whole list of Greensky Pro contractors. It’s safe to opt for this because Direct Home Improvement Loan funds can be used only for six months or until you hit the credit limit for meeting home-repair expenses.

2) Quick Loans And Simple User Experience

Greensky executes loan programs through fast, simple methods that make accessing home-repair loans online an easy, breezy task for borrowers. As a result, the platform has not only transformed the concept of borrowing funds radically, making this one of the quickest ways to opt for a home-repair loan online. 

You can pay off your Greensky loan early without penalty. You could pay online or via smartphone. Greensky also allows borrowers to schedule automatic payments every month from your bank. 

Greensky has over 240 reviews on Better Business Bureau’s website. Although users have rated Greensky only 3.6 out of five stars, the platform has earned a solid A+ from Better Business Bureau. In addition, this radical financing platform has managed to simplify the Greensky login procedure, making this platform user-friendly.


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Greensky Login Procedure:

Now that you know the benefits of using Greensky for paying your online bills, figuring out the Greensky login procedure will not seem difficult. Follow the steps mentioned below for logging into successfully for a digital finance experience you will immensely enjoy.

  1. Firstly, visit and create an account. If you already have an account, log in to your account using your unique user ID and password. 
  2. While creating an account on Greensky’s official site, it is crucial to remember that you must be a citizen of the United States and be 18 years old or above to have your Greensky account.
  3. Once you have logged into your Greensky account, you can pay your online bills without any hassle.

While making online payments on Greensky, you may come across a term called Greensky Patient Solutions which refers explicitly to credit plans provided by service providers or merchants. These are different from the other loan programs available on the website. 

Greensky Business Insights:

1)Business Expansion

Greensky is relatively less popular in the fintech industry, especially when compared to big names like SoFi or Lending Club. This is partly because Greensky does not fund loans from their capital. Instead, it connects financial institutions and lenders with people in need of financing for home-improvement functions.

While talking about business expansion plans, Greensky’s co-founder and CEO David Zalik said, “We’re not competing with banks, and we’re not attempting to be a lender. We’re a technology company.” Greensky’s competitors in the market are Avant Inc., Affirm Inc., Klarna Inc., Promise Financial Inc., and On Deck Capital Inc.

In 2015, Greensky’s expansion plans included a call center in Kentucky, and an investment of seven million dollars was in the talks. Greensky also announced a multimillion-dollar business expansion which would go on to create 350 job opportunities in Atlanta, a majority portion of which would be related to technology.

In 2016, Zalik said that his company was profitable, and he even won the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the financial services category. Greensky set its IPO for 34.09 million shares between $21-$23 in 2018 and raised $874 million from selling 38 million shares. 


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2)Capitalization And Valuation

Co-founded in 2006 by David Zalik in Atlanta, Greensky went on to raise a whopping 50 million dollars with a 2 billion dollars lending plan in 2016. This capital instantly valued the company at 3.6 billion dollars which was more than twice the valuation of $300 million in 2014.

According to Wall Street Journal, Greensky became “one of the most valuable privately held financial technology startups” in 2016. However, as mentioned above, Greensky took a leap of faith at the beginning of 2018 when it set its IPO terms for 340.09 million shares at a range of 21 to 23 dollars.

Who knew that Greensky would raise a vast 874 million dollars when the IPO exceeded the company’s target and sold shares worth 38 million dollars! Then, last September, it was announced that Goldman and Sachs would buy Greensky at an all-stock deal that values Greensky at 2.24 billion dollars.

Reuters immediately reported that Greensky’s IPO was valued at four billion dollars in 2018. CNBC further shed light on how someone purchased several thousand call options the day before the takeover went through, and 5 cents an option was announced – a $4000 investment was now worth $2 million.


If you forget your Greensky login credentials, you can access your account through the ‘forget password’ button. Before resetting your password, check for spelling or typo errors in your username and password. Additionally, it is safer and faster to use a good VPN service while accessing the google website on any computer’s network.

If you have to pay for home renovations on an urgent basis, Greensky is not the platform for you. The Greensky direct payment card might not reach you through the mail for as many as ten business days after placing an order. In addition to this, there are a few other risks associated with Greensky.

However, if time is not your essence, opting for Greensky is a good idea. The most convenient way for paying a bill is through using and what’s even better is how the platform enables users to set up a recurring payment structure without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)How do I pay Greensky?

It is simple to pay online or via your phone or schedule automated payments deducted from your bank account. The decision is yours. Also, there is no penalty for paying off a loan earlier than the given period. However, choosing to pay online or via your phone is always considered wise.

2)How do I activate my Greensky account?

Firstly, visit the customer portal to access your account or register yourself. Then, carefully read the ‘important information and electronic consent’ and click on the ‘agree’ button before you proceed to activate your Greensky account. Finally, get in touch with Greensky Consumer Projects at 866-936-0602 in case of any further queries.

3)What bank does Greensky use?

In 2016, Greensky had 14 banks partnered with them, including big names like Regions Financial Corp. and SunTrust Banks. These partner banks sanctioned loans online and through the Greensky mobile application to customers. In addition, they benefited as many as 12000 merchants ranging from big names like The Home Depot, INC to individual contractors.

4)What credit score is needed for Greensky?

A strong credit score is mandatory to qualify for a Greensky loan. An approved Greensky borrower has a FICO credit score of 768 on average. Greensky disapproves of co-signers. Greensky is not funding loans but instead connecting lenders and financial organizations with borrowers in need of financing.

5)Who owns Greensky?

David Zalik owns Greensky. This CEO and Co-founder have seen his Atlanta-based financial technology company facilitate as much as $16 billion in home-improvement loans via a highly competent network of banks like Regions Financial Corp. and SunTrust Banks, as well as 13000+ contractors.

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