Demat Account Essentials: Setting the Stage for Your Future Financial Independence

Regularly, you see advertisements about investing and trading. You will receive news daily regarding the national and global stock market from your smartphone to newspapers.

Have you ever wondered how a beginner starts investing? Have you done that research to find out what is essential before someone starts an investing journey?

While many things must be taken care of before an individual starts investing in the stock market, nothing begins without a demat account. Consider this demat account digital storage for all the stocks you purchase. The first step towards the investing and trading journey is to open a demat account.

We have discussed all the crucial factors in opening and operating a demat account here.

What is a Demat Account?

The full form of demat is a Dematerialized Account. Demat is generally an online portfolio that stores a customer’s share and other securities. A few decades back, we used paper certificates for holding and trading. However, ever since the inception of the demat account, we have not had to go through such hassles anymore.

A Demat account holds securities and shares in electronic format. These accounts can hold many assets, from bonds to mutual funds, to build an individual portfolio. Demat trading was first introduced for NSE transactions in 1996.

Significance of demat accounts

A Demat account grants a digitally secure and easy way to store shares and securities. It diminishes the possibility of loss, theft, forgery, or damage to the physical certifications. With a Demat account, you can transfer securities immediately.

Once the trade is approved, the shares will be digitally transferred to your account. In the case of mergers and stock bonuses, you will receive shares automatically in your account. Information regarding these activities is available digitally by logging into the website.

You can trade virtually from anywhere with your laptop or smartphone. Therefore, you will not need to visit the stock exchange for transactions.

Demat accounts have made it easy to handle stocks. These days, the Indian exchanges follow the T+2-day settlement cycle facilitated by the Demat account. The demat accounts get automatically credited within the bought securities. As a result, this account has made the procedure of security trading hassle-free and seamless.


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What is dematerialization?

It converts physical share certificates and debentures into electronic format. The term ‘demat’ stands for dematerialization since investors primarily hold the securities and shares virtually.

The primary aim is to ensure that the investors do not have a hold of physical shares and can invest and trade in real-time through the virtually held shares in the Demat account.

Steps to open a Demat account

Let us take a look at the procedure to open a demat account;

Step 1 Firstly, you need to fill out Motilal Oswal’s lead application form.
Step 2 You will receive an OTP on the phone number you provided. Enter the OTP on the respective field.
Step 3 Following that, you must fill in the PAN details, date of birth, bank account details, and email address.
Step 4 Your Demat account details will then be sent to the email address you provided.

Kinds of demat accounts

In India, there are primarily three kinds of demat accounts offered by depository participants:

Regular Demat accounts

These are the dematerialized accounts for Indian citizens. If you live in India and are considering investing and equity trading, a regular demat account is the way to go.

Repatriable Demat accounts

It is one of the two kinds of demat accounts for NRIs. This kind of account enables you to transfer the funds abroad if you are an NRI. Connect this account with an NRE (Non-residential External) bank account to repatriate your money.

Non-Repatriable Demat accounts

If you are an NRI, you also have the option to opt for a Non-Repatriable Demat account. This sort of account does not enable you to transfer the funds abroad. It has to be linked to a NRO (Non-resident Ordinary) bank account.

Benefits of a Demat Account

When it comes to opening a Demat Account, there are a lot of benefits that come along with it:

No requirement for paper certificates

Before the inception of demat accounts, folks used physical paper certificates. When you buy shares, you should keep various paper certificates for them. These kinds of copies were vulnerable because of loss and damage. The Demat account turned all these electronic, saving a lot of hassle.

Ease of storage

With a Demat account, you may store as many shares as needed. This way, you can trade in volumes and monitor the shares in the account. You can also have faith in your demat account to execute swift transfers of shares.

Easy access

Accessing the demat account is very easy. You can manage it with a laptop or a smartphone anytime and anywhere. A Demat account makes investing in a financially secure future more accessible and effortless than ever.

Different instruments

Your demat account can also hold mutual funds, bonds, REITs, and stocks. Therefore, it allows you to approach your investment tactics more easily and holistically and develop a diverse portfolio.

Smooth Nomination Process

You can easily add a nominee to your demat account. How can you do that? Simply follow the process of the depository. But what’s the advantage of the nomination facility? It becomes beneficial when the original demat account holder passes away. In that case, the nominee will become the owner of the shares in the account.


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Wrapping Up

When you are considering opening a Demat account, the key is to do your research. You should choose the best broker with many benefits with their Demat account.

Speaking of which, there are various advantages to choosing Motilal Oswal to open a Demat account. From the lowest brokerage to offering research-focused professional assistance, you will be one step ahead with your investment plan with Motilal Oswal. So, visit their site or download their application for a highly functional Demat account today!

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