Top Tips for Setting Up a Small Business

Some people think that success is a given when you start a small business, which is, of course, a false outlook. Indeed, many small businesses don’t make it through the first year and there are many reasons why a new business might fold.

If you have a great business idea and you want to take it further, here are a few tips from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Write a business plan – The very first thing to do when you want to go ahead and take your idea a step further is to create a comprehensive business plan. This should include a general overview of the business, a detailed account of both startup and running costs, a list of company assets and a digital marketing plan. A good business plan would be 15-30 pages in length and when you feel the plan is complete, hand it to a business guru and ask him for his considered opinion.

The importance of funding – Once you have crunched the numbers and you know how much money you will need, start looking at online lenders for a competitive business loan and choose a package that suits your business. We do not recommend setting up a business on a shoestring budget, as it only takes a few unexpected bills to put you in the red.

Connect with a leading Australian digital marketing agency – Without a dynamic digital marketing plan, your chances of success are reduced. The best thing to do is approach a leading Australian digital marketing agency and let them develop a plan that will deliver the results that you need. Click here for a few compelling reasons to open a corporate bank account.

Create an organisation flowchart – This helps you to figure out who is going to do what; from the CEO right down to the security guard, every employee needs to have a clear job description, which enables people to have a clear picture of their duties. 

Minimise risks to the business – As the business owner, it is your responsibility to minimise risks; take out appropriate insurance and make sure that you register the business with the Australian government. If you are unsure about how to do this, talk to a business coach, a professional who can assist you in reducing risks to the enterprise.


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Check to see if you qualify for a government grant – Some sectors can receive financial support from the Australian government, which would help considerably. Aside from financial assistance, the government also offer a lot of free resources that can help you to become established.

Set achievable goals – Setting realistic goals is essential and your goals should be recorded in your business plan. Be prepared to make adjustments, depending on the commercial climate and never lose sight of your immediate objectives.

This is an exciting time for all involved and you will need a large dose of determination and optimism, plus a little bit of good fortune.

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