What to Know About Car Accident Lawyers in Arizona

If you have been in a car accident, then you often need to seek legal support. However, different states have their own specific rules on how you can do this and what kind of limitations you might be under after an accident.

For people living in Arizona, it is important to know what these rules and restrictions are before you end up in a car accident. Being able to seek out the help you need quickly is a huge part of recovering from these accidents properly and getting yourself the support you need at the right time.

Your Deadlines

Like most states, Phoenix has a deadline for claiming support after an accident. After the accident itself, you have two years to file a claim – while this might sound generous, it is easy to lose track of time, especially if you spend a lot of the first year recovering from any injuries.

It is always important to get legal help as soon as possible, especially if you are seriously injured by the accident and suffer additional problems as a result of your slow recovery. Filing claims quickly makes a big difference, but it is not always something that you can do alone.

Your Support

Having a lawyer on your side is important when trying to file any kind of claim, especially during these accidents. A good auto crash lawyer can investigate the situation, gather up evidence, handle all direct interactions with the other party, and ensure that you file necessary claims by the deadlines.

While it can be tempting to try and claim by yourself so that you do not have to pay a legal professional, this is often a bad idea. Claims need to be made in the right way at the right time if you want to get the expected results, and that means that you want a professional on your side.

Your Claims

You are able to claim for quite a lot of things after an accident, from medical expenses and property loss to the wage loss and mental anguish caused. You can even claim for loss of enjoyment of life or the humiliation of being in an accident like that, to begin with.

Arizona has no limit to these compensatory damages, meaning that you may be able to claim more than you first expect. Under Arizona law, punitive damages can multiply the compensatory damages up to 900% but are only awarded as a way to punish bad behavior (which usually means that the accident was done partially intentionally by the other party or through something like drunk driving).

You are able to claim against multiple other drivers if the accident was not just one driver’s fault, and may be able to claim against a business if their employee caused the accident during their regular duties. Whether or not the employer is liable depends on the situation.

If you want to know any specifics about how Arizona law handles these car accident issues, then make sure to talk to a professional auto crash lawyer as soon as possible. Having professional support on your side can make the whole process significantly easier.

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