How to Watch TV Shows Online Free – Best Streaming Sites

This article gives a clear idea of how to watch TV shows online along with a list of the best TV series streaming sites for this year.

Science has been a very effective discovery of human beings that has pushed civilization and its standard of living some steps ahead. From education to entertainment, different fields have been experienced and still experiencing the boons of science. With the help of scientific technology, last year’s pandemic was not the end of learning, earning, or entertaining. 2024 has given us a new possibility of life- to get digitalized in every field. Besides the office, education, and business, entertainment has become completely virtual. From movies to web series to music videos to documentaries- all have become possible to sit and enjoy from home only.

Online TV series

Movies are lengthy yet complete entertainment as we know that finish within 3 hours. Some cinemas also come with prequels or sequels; however, they are not lengthy. TV series, on the other hand, are entertainment shows that go for several episodes along with one or more seasons. Here, the incident or the plot is divided into small sections and is revealed through different episodes. This has become a recent phenomenon for the viewers. And the popularity that these web series have acquired is through OTT (Over the Top) platforms and streaming websites. With the help of these, one can watch TV online for free streaming at their home.

TV show streaming sites

TV shows and web series contents from around the world have reached the viewer’s drawing-room couch through certain entertainment websites. These websites are platforms where one can enjoy national as well as international TV shows and web series by either live-streaming or downloading the content. There are several free TV shows and websites to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

There are two types of sites- one is payable; these are registered sites with subscription options and periodic fee scales. The other one is free of cost. However, the latter sites are illegal sites that free stream or let the users download content using unauthorized access, known as piracy.

These sites have changed the whole aura of entertainment. Above, the designs of APK files of the sites are small in size; hence, they are possible to access easily, through the handset devices as well.

As the free streaming sites are illegal, in some places on Earth these sites are partially blocked. However, that does not stop the users from having access to it and benefit from it. The users can download VPN services, eg PIA, NordVPN, and more to get better exposure to blocked/restricted shows and series around the world. Below is a list of the best free streaming sites for TV shows.


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Best Streaming Sites

Here, two sections are created to make a list of the best streaming websites to watch and enjoy TV shows online this year. One is a Free streaming site the other is a subscription-based TV Show streaming site.

Free Online TV Show Streaming Site- Below is a list where one can enjoy and watch TV shows online for free.


TUBI is one of the easiest websites to handle and enjoy online entertainment. It has an amazing user-friendly interface. Neither registration nor subscription is required to gain access to this platform. Tubi is also adaptable to different devices. Hence one can stream different shows or different content from different devices at the same time. The contents are also categorized into different genres of TV drama, TV comedies, Crime TV, and Reality TV. Tubi is more famous for its large content of cinemas; however, they have some TV shows as well. What makes it more popular is HD and high-quality streaming.


  • A huge reservoir of TV series.
  • User-friendly navigation and
  • Free iOS and Android apps available.

2: PopcornFlix

Popcornflix can resemble a lot with Netflix; only Netflix is chargeable, but Popcornflix is not. It has huge content that allows people to navigate through their favorite movies and TV shows for free. Contents are categorized into different genres romance, thriller, comedy, and more. One can avail to see more than 100 latest TV series on different devices at the same time. The site enlists a ‘Staff Picks’ where one can find the best TV series mostly watched by the users. If one is a 90s kid and nostalgia has hit them badly, Adventure of Super Mario 3 Bros, the Legend of Zelda, and The Legend of Zorro from these sites can get them what they want.


  • Easily accessible frontage with categorized contents.
  • Free apps for Apple and Android are available.
  • No registration to watch and download content.

3 : Crackle

This is a site that the famous entertainment company Sony owns. Hence, while deciding to stream, watch, and download content from this site, the owner should never have a second thought neither about quality or reliability. It is one of the best sites to watch TV shows online free with full episodes. Famous web series like Firefly, Seinfeld, the Shield, and many other classic content are available here. The interface navigation is also very user-friendly, well-maintained, and properly categorized into different genres. The contents of one watch here are not at all ad-free, but they are 100% legal and high quality. One little reminder- this is a legal site in the USA, Australia, Canada, and other 18 Latin American countries; for any other country, a downloaded VPN can get access to this site from any browser at any place.


  • Mobile apps are available for free.
  • Contains more than 40 web series/ TV shows and more than 150 national and international movies.
  • It allows to stream videos on multiple devices.


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4 : Retrovision

For a viewer who is a little too attached to old-age classic entertainment content, this site is heaven for them. From 50-60s TV series to 70s movies- these sites can give you the best experience. These are completely legal to download and stream content. The best part is all the shows that are available on one page; hence navigation is very easy even for new users as well. It is one of the best free movie-streaming websites.


  • Extensive collection of vintage and classic contents.
  • Properly categorized contents and very easily accessible.
  • Free Android apps are available.
  • No registration, sign-up, or subscription is required.

5 : Internet Archive

This site has become popular for watching TV shows in 2021 for its ‘Wayback Machine’ option. It has an exclusive option of availing services to access the offline webpage and look into their histories as well. On this particular site, one can get access to different entertainment content like TV documentaries, Government footage, video clips, vintage and classic TV series, and more. However, the overall interface of the website might not be attractive; but once one avails it, they will know there are advanced options like year language, topic, and creator to precise the searches.


  • It is completely free of cost public content.
  • One good place to search for classic content.
  • Some exclusive features.

6 : Pluto TV

Pluto TV is more like an internet TV that has similar features to a normal Television. As one can surf the TV channels to find the best entertaining program, one can do the same here on Pluto TV. There is a list of streaming channels where more than one daily soap, news, and sports can be watched online from here. There are different sections of entertainment as well like lifestyle, music, entertainment, comedy, Science TV, Nasa TV, and more. The only problem with this site is it is not up-to-date with recent content. For example, one can only get the contents here when the actual TV show is over or has crossed streaming several episodes.


  • A large collection of TV channels covering different important and demanded topics.
  • Has a very neat and easily accessible interface.
  • Works at a very high speed.

Subscription and Charge Online TV show streaming websites

7 : Yidio

Yidio is not a site that directly streams web series or TV shows; rather, it redirects the user to a third-party website where they can stream or download their favorite content. Access to Yidio is free of cost; however, most of the third-party sites have a subscription charge that the user has to pay to avail of the services and watch the TV shows. Renowned TV shows from America like Two and a Half Men, HIMYM, Gery’s Anatomy, Friends, Rick and Morty, and many more are available on this site. There is a free TV shows list available on the site but it is at the time very much misleading as many of them are not free. Secondly, there are just short clippings from the episodes that are saved with the names of full episodes.


  • The videos are of very high quality.
  • It is a hosting platform for different famous sitcoms.


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8: Hotstar

This site is more specifically popular in places where people are fans of Star channels and their broadcasted content. Hotstar is famous, especially for Hindi language content. It also streams different HBO and other international series as well. This site provides live telecasts of TV channels as well like Star Plus, Like Okay, Colors, and more. One can also enjoy Cricket content here along with international content from National Geographic, FOX Life, Travel and Living, and more. There are some Hotstar exclusives as well which include classics like Malgudi Days, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma, Masterchef, and many more. This has a very minimal subscription charge of Rs-999/year.


  • Best place to search for Hindi entertainment.
  • Very low-cost premium plan; hence very much affordable.

9 : Netflix

Netflix has become more of a sensation than a streaming channel. Netflix has become a name that has created a global phenomenon around the world. Though it is a subscription-based service and the subscription charge is also considerably high, it has become popular among viewers. From vintage classic TV shows to the live streaming episodes of ongoing TV shows- one can sit and enjoy this service anywhere through any device- phone laptop or PC. The quality of the content is top-class.


  • Uncountable TV shows to keep the entertainment level up.
  • High Quality and High Definition content.
  • Live and exclusive content is available.
  • The premium charge is quite high.

10: Amazon Prime

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime is also a TV series site that keeps consumers happy and content with their services. All the features are as same as Netflix in Amazon Prime; except the subscription charges. The site works at high speed with great-quality content. One might not be able to watch free online movies and TV series here, but they won’t regret paying for the quality of entertainment they are receiving.


  • High-Speed loading.
  • HD quality content.
  • Loads of content to satisfy the consumers.


People are searching for entertainment to be in front of their eyes and at the tip of their fingers; these websites have done a brilliant job. All the above sites are perfect to make one’s Online TV show watching fun and well-experienced. Entertainment has come within the drawing room of the people through the help of these websites only. However, one disclaimer needs to be mentioned- most free streaming sites are indulged in illegal services like privacy. Hence, the above article is completely for providing information about the site, neither to promote them nor to support them.

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