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Know here What is KissAnime With the Guide to downloading anime from KissAnime and the Best Working KissAnime Alternatives

If the reader is a true KissAnime fan, this article is perfectly a ‘must-read’ for them. Here in this article, different integral topics of KissAnime are discussed. The post starts with a detailed idea of what is KissAnime. Following that, there are tutorials to download the anime comics from the site, different popular categories of KissAnime, topmost alternative sites of KissAnime to watch animes for free are discussed chronologically. Here, in this post, one will also find the valid reason why the famous KissAnime site has been shut down and what the alternatives to keep availing of the services are.

What is KissAnime?

The online form of entertainment is continuously becoming popular amongst viewers. From movies, the center of attraction is gradually moving toward the web series. Among the upcoming popular entertainment content, there is another category that is on a sharp rise. These are Anime movies.

People are showing their interest in this category of entertainment where anime content is used. Several sites provide this content; however, because of their enhancing popularity and demand, the producers have decided to open free websites that will provide the viewers only anime-based content.

The most popular place to find a huge variety of these contents (both vintage and latest episodes of comics) free of cost is the KissAnime website. To keep the quality up and satisfactory for the viewers, the manufacturers are in a continuous effort to update these sites frequently.

Guide to download anime from KissAnime

If the viewer is accustomed to the interface of websites used for downloading online content (games, songs, movies, series, audio books, and more), it will be as same as that. Downloading anime content from KissAnime becomes the easiest when the following steps are properly followed-

First, go to the anime website using the right and active URL.

Next, in the search column, write the series name or the category name and click search.

Once the name of the content appears on the screen, click on the title that will redirect the reader to a page containing different episodes of the anime series/ a page full of different sizes and quality files of the chosen anime title.

Then click on the episode if the viewer wants to watch and enjoy the content online. Or else, one needs to scroll down and find the options ‘Mobile/Download (next click on the save link from the drop-down box); there will be a pixel dimension to help the user.

Before clicking ‘save link as’, choose the quality and size of the content you want to download.

Next, there comes a window where the location to save the file is asked. The user can choose their suitable place in the device and click on ‘download’.

In the case of the download manager, the user has to right-click on the file and select the ‘copy link address’  option from the files; then paste it into the column of the download manager’s new’ category of download.

Now the anime is completely downloaded and ready for the viewer to enjoy, offline, on their suitable device.

If one follows the steps exactly as mentioned, it will take hardly 6-7 minutes to download the anime from the site and enjoy it.

Popular KissAnime Categories to find

Just as other entertainment contents carry and reflect different emotions and feelings, they are categorized into different genres. So are these KissAnime. The most popular categories that are available in almost all the anime operating sites are mentioned below.

1) Romance,

2) Martial Art,

3) Comedy,

4) War-based,

5) Adventure,

6) Fighting,

7) Space,

8) Cartoons,

9) Sci-fi,

10) Cars,

11) Parody,

12) Psychological,

13) Horror,

14) Super-natural powers,

15) Fantasy,

16) Thriller,

17) Parody

18) Vampire and many more.

KissAnime Alternative Sites to Avail Cost-free Entertainment

There are some reasons why KissAnime is no longer active. However, the viewers should not worry at all. There are many mirrors and alternative sites that provide the same quality of entertainment to the viewers. Here is a list of the best KissAnime alternative sites to access anime content for free.

Anime Freak


One of the most popular anime sites available on the internet is Anime Freak. Just like the KissAnime site, this one is also free to have access to. Also, the viewers do not need to register at all to enjoy watching or downloading content from this site. Anime Freak has a directory filled with more than 10,000 anime comic episodes and videos. The site is also regularly updated where the latest and exclusive episodes and clippings from the animes are made available here. Hardly there is a comic that cannot be found in Anime Freak. The users should find the comics in alphabetical order in each genre.

Anime Planet


Anime Planet is a very popular site that viewers opt to visit and enjoy their favorite animes in HD quality. The site has a very user-friendly and easily accessible interface where all the contents are sorted and categorized in a very neat way. There are categories named ‘popular animes’, and ‘new recommendations’ where the users can find their preferred searches easily. There is just one limitation to this site- like most other free anime downloading sites; it also has disturbing advertisements and pop-ups in between the shows. Most of these ads are non-skip-able, and some of the pop-ups lead to undesirable sites. Hence, the best option for the viewers to have a safe process is to simply ignore these interruptions.



From varieties of anime comics to the most famous Manga comics, all types of comics are available on this site, for free. On the home page, the users will find all the latest released comics and episodes list. One of the reasons why this site is more popular as an alternative to KissAnime is it provides dubbed subtitles along with each file of the comic episodes. For example, for an Australian viewer, it is impossible to understand a Japanese comic; however, that does not stop the viewer from enjoying Manga as the files contain dubbed audio tracks along with subtitles of the viewer’s language.



GoGoAnime is another remarkable alternative site to keep on the list as KissAnime has been out of service recently. Here, one can find the rarest, oldest, newest, and finest comics and episodes of their favorite anime in a very high HD quality. On its home page, it has a column of latest additions where all the exclusive and recent episodes of comics are pinned; so that the reader does not miss anything. Even if someone does not have anything specific in mind, this site will help them to find one.



Crunchyroll is one of the finest websites to search for when it comes to high-quality content and a better entertainment experience. The best part of this website is- here different categories of content are available. Here, contents are available in a different range of languages. The categories include anime, drama, sports, music, and many more. The contents here are legally purchased; One little drawback is there, not all the contents here are free of cost. Initially, it is free; it has premium plans that need to be availed by the users as the free version is limited.



This particular website has direct tracks with Japanese animes. A huge number of contents are available here in very high quality. The best part is the site’s interface- here every category is divided into different sub-categories to make the search for content easier for the viewers. This site is the perfect alternative for anime freaks as it provides completely free access; neither registration nor subscription is required here. The site is added with new and exclusive content weekly and keeps the users updated about recent releases.



9Anime has grown to be the most trusted anime alternative of the KissAnime site. Besides having a huge reservoir of contents (>26000 files and exponentially expanding), this site also has a request bar exactly like KissAnime. Here, the viewer can request the episodes of animes or the anime itself that is not available on the site. The site also provides dubbed versions of the original anime content to attract different linguistic viewers.



If the viewer is searching for one of the most substantial and authentic alternatives to the KissAnime site, Masterani is the right place to hit. On this site, one can find all the anime entertainment content that is free to access. The only condition is the device the user is using must have an updated Flash Player. The home page of the site contains the list of the latest uploads and released episodes of the comic; there is also a section where one can upload anime comics as well. The required anime file can be searched through the search section.


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Anilinkz is the favorite alternative site to enjoy animes for viewers as it has a very good record of daily updates. No latest show ever is missed on this particular site; hence viewers are fond of searching for their favorite animes on this site. Besides, here one can find a whole series of animes, the latest episodes, and video clippings of the anime comic episodes. Overall, the cherry on the top is this site is completely cost-free. The viewers can spend as much time as they want here without paying a single penny.



This site might sound horrible and might cause a second thought to the viewer’s mind whether to surf it or not. However, the name is completely misleading. This is one of the finest sites to search for when it comes to the free view of anime comics. It is a newer site as compared to the other mentioned sites, yet it is efficient enough to make its place in this list of most useful alternatives to KissAnime. The database of the site and the quality of the contents are huge and appreciable.

Anime Land


The user-friendly interface is the reason why this site has become one of the most popular KissAnime alternatives among users. It is free; and contains a huge variety of files and contents of comics. The most important part is this site is very safe to navigate. Full access without any registration sign-up or sharing of private information makes it more popular and a favorite amongst users. It is a land full of animes; from different genres to different languages and categories, everything is available here, for free.



This particular website is heaven for Manga anime lovers. Multiple features have made this site one of the most popular ones in the market. First, registration must be done to have an account but is cost-free; second, the quantity and quality of the contents are both vast and excellent HD. Third, it always goes the extra mile to make the users comfortable while using. From vintage Manga comics to ongoing Manga series- all content regarding Manga and other comics is available here.



There is nothing much to say about this site after the long discussion of all the alternatives above; it is equally a part of that. The only difference is that this site has an APK app as well which makes it possible to be adaptable to the iOS and Android apps as well. Here, the user can create a playlist of their favorite shows as well to season it for later watch.

Why was KissAnime Shut Down?

All the sites mentioned here, including KissAnime, are illegal sites where the comics are displayed and made available to viewers without authentic permission from the mother manufacturing sites. Hence, under legal sanctions, this site has been banned by the Gov applying ‘Anti-Piracy Law’ and hence is supposed to be permanently down. The viewers will no longer be able to access this site for their favorite anime cartoons.

The above article talks about almost everything about KissAnime and its alternative sites to access due to its unavailability. As anime comics have become a major part of entertainment in the everyday lives of the population, these sites are the most helpful places to enjoy the shows in the easiest way possible. The above sites will give the users a smooth experience of enjoying the animes.


However, the above article is completely for knowledge purposes. All the sites mentioned here are illegal sites that take the help of piracies to make these authentic anime files available to the user audience. We neither support nor promote piracy. Hence the above information provided here is for the sole purpose of enlightening the viewers about the topic.

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