KissManga Alternatives to Read Manga for Free in 2024

In this article you can find about what ‘KissManga’ is?, the categories of ‘KissManga’, a brief about the ‘KissManga’ shutdown, and the top 10 KissManga alternative sites to read Manga for free in 2024.

No matter how much older we grow; how experienced and mature we become, we can never get rid of the magic that the childhood comics have spelled on us. Still, we are fond of reading comic books whenever we get time. However, the fragrance of the yellow cranky pages of the comic book is no longer available; now even the comics have gone digitalized. Hence, it has become possible for everyone to access these comics anytime anywhere. This article gives ideas about the 10 best websites where one can read these comics, especially the Manga comics.

Overview of KissManga

KissManga is a website that is a direct reflection of KissAnime site; a sister site of KissAnime. As it contained almost all databases of Manga Comics, it has been very popular amongst Manga comics readers. With the establishment of this site, the Otakus has become worldwide to fix their latest released Manga comics. There are two modes of the site- dark and light mode which the readers can choose. Readers of every age have been catered to by KissManga as there are different categories of comics for all ages. There is a little problem with this site- the high-quality contents require to be paid, a little more. However, there are malware-controlling tools that can reduce the different navigating malware present on the site. KissManga has made it possible to read and save the comics, along with sharing options to Facebook and email.

Categories of KissManga

The 18-40 year category readers’ favorites are Shoujo and Shounen Manga; however, for the 12-18 years readers, there are also Seinen and Josei Manga as well. For children below 10 years, there are Kodomomuke/ Kodomo Manga comics. According to Japanese culture, Manga Comics cannot be of one single category; there are alternative options as well. The homepage is the collection of the latest and most popular Manga series. The other category includes horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and more.


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About KissManga Shutdown

Like many other free streaming sites online, KissManga also was an unauthentic customer service site. The copyright issues were the main highlight that caused the law to shut down this site permanently; previously, there have been temporary shutdowns; but the site has recovered them all. Piracy, stealing comics without the parent source’s information or permission and authorization was the main reason for the Japanese law to shut them down. Besides, both KissAnime and KissManga were threats to the local culture of Japan. Hence, both sites have been shut down once and forever.

However, that does not stop Manga lovers from losing hope for the free enjoyment of their free comics.

Top 10 KissManga Alternatives to Read Manga for free in 2022

There are potent alternatives and below is a mentioned list of the best free Manga sites to read Manga online.


MangaPark is one of the most trending and going to be popular sites where readers can read their Manga comics for free and all. This site is a legitimate alternative to the renowned site of MangaDex where users used to enjoy different exclusive features. On this particular platform, all those exclusive features are available to the readers along with a new feature. Here, the user can create their own Manga and share those with others to get actual feedback. At this site, Manga lovers around the world can share thousands of Manga comics every day. This site is way more exciting and fun to access than the other existing alternatives; hence it is placed at the first of the alternative list. The simple interface is the cherry on the cake for this popular site.


MangaKisa is a Manga reader platform where readers can enjoy the huge reservoir of comics completely ad-free. This is supported by the concept of crowdfunding. This site is a ‘one-in-all site where the readers can enjoy almost all categories and episodes of Manga comics in high-definition quality. There are several new features, service interfaces, and more to this MangaDex site replica. This is the most voted among the best Manga websites. With 1 million Manga comics with each Manga comic containing several episodes, it also has an exclusive interface. The best part is all the comics are categorized into proper genres with proper name titles. The readers can precise their searches by authors, dates, episodes, genres, and more by typing their needs in the search box.

Manga Me

This is an advanced Manga platform; here, the readers can create their Manga or anime with the help of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature. This app has become more popular as it can change the user’s photos and transform them into camera roll Manga characters. As the app runs on AI, the outputs can be modified by providing different pictures and styles to the reader. Even visual novels can be learned to draw here. And of course, there is a huge platform of Manga comics in here for the readers to enjoy unlimitedly. For the readers, it is the best Manga website to read Manga online.


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Manga Reader

Manga Reader has one of the simplest interfaces to access; hence it is the readers’ favorite. However, it has many other features as well. There are millions of Manga comics to read; there are thousands of animes to stream. It is not the end; there are several Hentai games to play as well. Here, one can share the Manga comics and get real-time feedback. Every category has its specific titles to help the readers find their specific comics. There is a trending section in the interface as well that includes the latest, recently released, and streaming episodes of Manga and other anime comics. Here, the contents are full HD and are available completely free of cost.


Mangakakalot is one of the highest Manga comic online platforms that claims to have the largest database of Manga comics in HD quality. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms with more than 3 million viewers using it. This site is a mirror site of MyAnimeList (MAL) with some exclusive tools and extensive features. In the smooth interface of the site, the Manga comics are even also categorized into Complete Manga, Hot Manga, Latest releases, and more. The readers can find their favorite Manga comics here effortlessly just with some mouse clicks and selections. It is one of the best Manga reader apps and sites.


With a catering site filled with more than 4.4 million anime, Manga, and more, MAL is one of the most popular sites for Manga reader lovers. It is one of the best official Manga websites. For the Manga readers who love to keep their Manga network updated now and then, this is the perfect site to dig in for them. For reading, this site needs no registration or sign-up. There are other features like uploading Manga, being a part of the community, and more for which registration is required with a name, contact number, and email ID.


Mangaupdates is a Japanese Manga comic platform that gives its readers the best experience of reading Manga comics online with high-definition and high-quality images. It is the perfect place to read Manga online legally. This site is also popular for use as a Manga-based social networking solution as its interface team puts greater effort into making the site user-friendly and easily accessible. This site is mobile-friendly as well. The active communication platform with other readers is the best feature of this platform. The readers can share their comics, make their content, and get real-time feedback on them using this site. This site has become very popular as a simple site to read Manga online for free.


This site name might not be a very popular one yet as it is a very recent site that was opened by a very small scanlation group in 2017. The time it started was at a very basic level; now it has millions of fans around the world; especially when KissManga was put on a lifetime ban. The platform is very easy to handle; hence the viewers are so much attracted to this channel even though it is not so old. Here, one can create and show their talent by creating series and sharing them. All the comics are categorized popularly; hence it leaves the people with enormous options to choose from.


The best part of this site, is that here one can find their favorite Manga comics in different languages either dubbed if they are reading or subtitled if they are watching. From English to Italian to French to Portuguese to Japanese and more- comics are available in all international languages here to draw universal and global scale readers. It is the most relaxing site to best to read Manga online. The search box leads and redirects the user to a whole page of numerous files of the Manga comic name the user was searching for. The interface has more than 30 categories of different Manga comics. One can choose and easily read between thousands of HD-quality Manga comics.


If the readers want to stretch their horizons of creativity; if they do not wish to limit themselves by reading Manga comics but also to write their comics, Webtoons is the best place for them. If one is willing to become a creator from a viewer, this is the best opportunity for them. One of the most exclusive features of this site is that here one can find dozens of different templates with the help of which they can create their comic ideas and also share with others to get feedback. From customizing characters to creating HD images- everything is possible on this particular site.


KissManga might have been the favorite website for Manga lovers, but the termination of its streaming will never stop the viewers’ enjoyment at all. The above alternative free sites to KissManga for free reading will keep serving their precious readers and catering to the community so that it can grow larger and larger day by day.


One little disclaimer to announce- all the above-mentioned sites including KissManga are an illegal source of entertainment. In the Manga and other anime comic databases, there are pirated copies of comics without any legal legislation from the parent comic manufacturers. This article is purely published with the purpose of enlightenment and knowledge; we neither promote nor support any piracy process or content.

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