How do you SEO optimize your WordPress site?

WordPress is one of the best and most used CMS. It is not only easy to use but also comes with a myriad of features which makes it a great checkpoint to start with your website journey. At the same time, it comes with plenty of SEO opportunities that you can use to give your website unique exposure to huge traffic. SEO optimizing your WordPress website comes with a large number of benefits. It not only improves your traffic but also helps to get a very impressive site with a lower bounce rate and a higher place at the SERPs. It is better to consider availing services from SEO New York who is an expert in offering such services. Here are some of the SEO tips that you can use right now to improve the success potential of your WordPress site.

Start with a good SEO plugin

The plugins that you find on WordPress are meant to improve your performance in various ways. There are plenty of SEO plugins available for WordPress that you can start using right now.  Plugins like Yoast SEO, WP Review, Google Site Kit help you to take note of the keyword density, Google Analytics integration, PageSpeed Insights, etc. Also, there are some other impressive plugins like Republish Old Posts, Broken Link Checker, etc., which further enhances your functionalities over a site.

Optimize our site for social sharing

It is very important to make sure that your site can be shared through social media platforms which further improves your traffic potential. Thus optimizing your site for special sharing will ultimately benefit your SEO. You can use various plugins to make your content sharing optimized, which will help you to get shared on a large platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Aim for more words

This tip makes sense to improve your SEO performance over your WordPress site. Longer content has better potential than a shorter one. It can help people to stay hooked on your page for a long time. On the other hand, longer contents offer you the space to cover all the potential angles of a topic. You can frame the content in a much well-informative way so that readers can find some value in it. At the same time, long posts are more likely to get a share. It is better to aim for at least 3000 words to improve your site’s performance.

Opt for rich snippets

To improve your site’s performance with its SEO, you must be integrating a rich snippet into it. Rich snippets usually contain a brief description of your content which is often shown in a boxed form on the first page of Google. Your readers might decide on whether to click on your link or not based on the information you are offering in your snippet.

Take the help of guest post service for the quality link building

You can take the help of guest post provider like mindpundit guest post service. This will help to prove your WordPress website’s organic ranking in google.

Create a mobile-friendly website

To sync in with the trend, it is very important to optimize your WordPress website to become mobile-friendly. Billions of people use their mobile phones or tablets to browse through the websites on a search engine. Thus if your website fails to open properly on a mobile device, then it can blow off your visitor. Thus it is very important to optimize your website to become cross-device compatible and suitable for all screen resolutions. Google recommends using a very responsive web design that ultimately improves your user experience.

Improve your page loading speed

One of the most crucial parts of SEO is your page loading speed. In case your website takes up more than 3-5 seconds, then you can lose a large number of visitors. Thus there must be no heavy-weight elements in your website. It is better to compress your image, files, and video sizes to help your site become easy to load. At the same time, it is recommended to use light-weight elements in your website, which will ultimately help you to enjoy a good place on the first page of a search engine. Google’s Core Web Vitals prefers sites that deliver blazing speed while loading. Thus you should optimize your WordPress site in such a way.


Are you thinking of giving your WordPress site an SEO-optimized performance potential? Then you have to keep note of all the SEO tips which are quite trending in 2021. It will further help you to get a very impressive site that can drive more traffic with a better position on the search engines.

Kishan Rana

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