Top 25 Best Torrent Websites For 2024 That Works!

Get here the list of 25 Best Torrent Sites [WORKING] for 2024

2023 has not been kind to everyone. Every single platform has been affected by this pandemic. Our very own platform of entertainment was also not spared. People work hard in their lives and get stressed. And entertainment relieves them from those stresses. Movies, theatres, games- the three keys of pleasure is what restores the oxygen in life before people return to their monotonous scheduled life of work and work. However, due to COVID 19 and the precautionary measures, we are still in a restricted movement. Services have started to be opening, but neither in 100% nor all the services. Entertainment medium has been stuck down the list of ‘NOT YETS’. But it’s December; it’s Christmas; it’s upcoming New Year. Are we going to have this gloomy celebration of New Year? No, here is the best solution-the OTT platforms and free movie streaming websites. Now OTT platforms are expensive as they can be accessed only after registration, subscription, and payment. SO, we prefer torrent websites.

Here is a list of 25 best torrent websites for 2024 that works well and good.

1) The Pirate Bay

If you are to refer to the ‘King of Torrents’ this name comes first to mind. Pirate Bay provides service in downloading movies, games, software, music video, PC games, and many more. There are several links in the same content in different quality and different sizes. Hence, it can provide service to anyone’s need. The Pirate Bay has been a site that has come across multiple shutdowns and government blocking policies, yet it stands still and perform on an A scale. This is the reason why it is one of the most favorite torrent sites for users. LINK-

2) YTS- Best Movies

If users know about the sites of YTS and YIFY which are now dysfunctional, this movie downloading torrent site is their active unofficial descendant one can say. The website has an extensive number of movies from classic to recent release to vintage time. The video quality of the movies is a thing that hooks so many users here. It has a very simple design and user-friendly interface. It matches the users’ bandwidths of the download which many sites fail to do. Besides, unlike ‘The Pirate Bay’, this is the only movie downloading site. No TV shows, games, or music videos are available here. LINK-

3) 1337x

As per the Alexa internet traffic-monitoring tools, 1337x is the third most- popular torrent site in 2020 and will remain on the same platform in 2021. It has a very easy interface to handle that makes even first time users successful on the first hand. It is the most updated torrent site ever as every hour new contents are uploaded here. It has an extensive quantity of content from various genres- games, movies, audio, videos, software, and more. This multi-purpose downloading source has gone a massive change to help users get easy access. It is one of the most reliable and easy torrent sites for movies and all other entertainment media. LINK-


This is a decade-year-old torrent site that was more popular as the Bulgarian tracker. Now it is working under the Bit Torrent’s protocol. The best feature of this site is the movie files have an enormous number of seeders and leechers. Also, it supports the magnet files of content as well. Here, one can find the content itself; or one can use the keywords to find the content they are searching for. As it is very highly effective, one can get the exact content f they put the right keyword. The website traffic has placed it on the block list in many countries like Portugal, the UK, Bulgaria, and Denmark. To use RARBG, a VPN is mandatory. LINK-

5) Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a very popular name amongst those who have been into this online content download stream for some time. This is the best torrent site that has a very easy user-friendly navigation path and an enriched library of over 61 million contents. The Torrentz.EU site uses this site as its stand-in, maintaining a very low profile. Searching for the most reliable tracker in the list of the internet! You just need to land in here without a second thought in mind. LINK-

6) Lime Torrents

With the millions of users’ votes, this torrent site has been the most used and reliable torrent site for a considerable amount of time. The user-friendly interface makes this site the most easily accessible torrent site on the list. Users usually look for quality, file size, seeders, leechers, and health of the torrent files. Here the files are with information that users often seek to know. From old to vintage to recent- all files are available here, for free. LINK-

7) Torrent Downloads

A detailed interface, huge database, and too-much-information are what makes Torrent Downloads one of the most important sites of them all. What users want the most is to share their experiences. Here is a tab where people can provide their opinion and comments on your experience, ratings, and suggestions. Here, the search option is named as Advanced Search option. It helps the search to be narrowed down into the contents of the specific category. From up loader’s history to details of files- A-Z is available here which helps the user to identify the authenticity of the files they are willing to download. LINK-


If you have known the names of Kickass torrent and content torrent, this is a modified version of these popular sites. From TV series to movies, games, music videos- everything is just a click away here. Among the multiple mirror sites available on the net, this is the official KickAss torrent site. A direct interface with a single search bar makes it easier for users to have a search in precision. One might find a ‘sign in’ option on the front page, but that is not necessary to fill. LINK-

9) Torrent Galaxy

An extensive directory or library filled with books, animes, games, music audios, videos, documentaries, applications, TV series, and more- what does a user need more! Or why will him /her go to some other place where they can find all they want in here with a very high speed and varied database. The best part is it provides a user-friendly layout at the same time recommended options to help users find the best possible file for their search content. One can easily count it as one of the best torrent sites. LINK-

10) Torlock

One of the rarest torrent free content downloading site is Torlock. The users who have accessed this site, suggest everyone use it as it very smooth to use. The navigation of the site is really good, simple, and easy. From bookworms to movie-freaks- this site is a full-on service provider for both categories. Not just that, it repays the users if the users find any fake torrent link or file. It has a different category and under each category, there is a top 100 list. So if a user is willing to explore a genre of entertainment they have never enjoyed before, taking suggestions from this site is perfect. The cherry on the top-of this torrent site has many files that are unavailable on other sites. LINK-

11) Torrentfunk

For movies and TV shows, this site provides a verification indicator along with a huge amount of database. The verification status allows the users to filter through the unreal links and get the best file suited for them. What makes a website better is peer-review. This site exclusively gives space to the users to share their experiences and mention their grievances.  One can also find the detailed info of the up-loader, seeds and leech numbers, and health which helps them to choose the most authentic files from within. LINK-

12) ETTV Torrentz

For a TV series lover, this site is heaven. It is one of the best lists of torrent files and sources to find files. The most popular TV shows are here on this particular site. It takes a little longer to make the recently released episodes as it focuses more on the quality of the content. The availability of magnet links in this torrent makes surfing an easier option for the user. This well-known name in the torrenting world can be found in the favorite torrent list of almost every user. A free content site that provides all the files in HD/1080p quality, can it not be someone’s favorite! LINK-

13) Monova

A fare and clean interface is what this Monova site has which makes the users find their desired file in the most convenient way possible. Everything on this site is good- the content, the quality, the links, the health of the file; yet there is one problem. This site is filled with advertisements that might be an issue or cause one. To upload, one can register to the torrent and upload their files there. But for the ones who are here to download, no registration is needed at all. LINK-

14) YourBittorrent

This site has a different fan-base for its interesting history. This is a 2003 brainchild site of two collaborating companies. However, the founder mysteriously closed it down. The site resurfaced in 2009 with a very easy and user-friendly interface in hand. Here the files are uploaded with quality and date mentioned. The number of contents is rapidly growing in here. But due to its safety issues and courses of illegality, this site is banned in UK and Portugal. LINK-

15) Toorgle

This can be called the parenting site of torrent sources. It is a Meta-search engine that gives the option to have access to more than 400 torrent sites. A greater range of torrent sites list is available here. Toorgle has a Fire-Fox search bar on it along with a Facebook plug. It helps the user to have access within the browser, several websites. There is other important information available here- the torrent link download speed, the health of the torrent site, and the number of times the file has been downloaded. LINK-

16) DirtyTorrents

If there is a search engine for torrents, and then DirtyTorrents is the perfect one. All the other popular/ non-popular authentic torrent sites are available here in an alphabetical list. From games, movies, Apps, videos, TV shows, apps,- one can reliably surf to this search engine to find which torrent website is apt for their desired content and surf accordingly. There are some positive notes which make this site enter into the top best 25 torrent websites for the next year and with many more upcoming years. Verified torrent, very decent download speed, and substantial seeder list are some of them. The minimalistic interface makes it trendy and stylish for the users to handle. Here, one can find their contents by using keywords as well. LINK-

17) Sky Torrents

Sky Torrents is another important site that can be enlisted into the top 25 list of Torrents. One of the features that add as a plus point to this site is it has no bombarding and attention distracting advertisement. If someone is very particular about privacy and tracking, this Sky Torrents site is the best place to reach. This site accepts cryptocurrencies or bitcoins as donations from the users. It is considered one of the best torrent movies site. LINK-

18) Zoogle

Being a huge directory of more than 3.5 million torrent files, Zoogle is a very recently upgraded popular site for different genres of entertainment like audio plays, video games, and torrent files for specific software. Due to having a database of 3700 movies and 600 + web series collections, this site has become popular after this pandemic shutdown. This website is under the radar for a very long time in the torrent sites list. LINK-

19) EZTV

Many sites provide service of free movie and entertainment content download. Some of them are popular, some others are known and some remain unknown. This EXTV might fall in the third category, but it provides great services. Here, one can get all the torrent files they search for. It has an advanced set of letting users filter movies and TV shows by size, quality, and many more. The surveyors have provided it an 8.4 rating on a 10 scale. LINK-

20) iDope

It is a very simple and tender way to find quality contents in smaller file sizes up to 720p. It has a very seamless downloading option than other torrent sites. Here, the magnet download option is also available so there are many files which the user needs not to download the torrent file first and then the content. Overall rating 0f this site is 7 out of 10. LINK-

21) GloTorrents

All the above-mentioned features are there and well in this GloTorrents file. But what makes it stand out of all others is its streaming service and live radio to give the user instant entertainment. Games, apps, software, books, animes, and shows everything is available here in good quality and quantity. The overall rating of this site is 6.5/10. Movies Torrent Download sites list include this site at the very top of its range and list. LINK-

22) ExtraTorrent

When enjoying interesting content, what makes us feel annoyed is the advertisement. The same happens when you are downloading your entertainment content. ExtraTorrent gives the user a lesser amount of these ads as compared to the other torrent sites. Though it has a comparatively lower rating of 6/10; surveys show that every month more than7 a million people visit this site. LINK-

Now, here are sources for those who want to have a legal and authentic source for downloading torrent files.

23) IPTorrentz

It is an all-in-one torrent site but only available for people who are registered members. When one is redirected to this site, the site administration invites the user to join by sending a link. Right now, they are not providing any new registration due to the community load. Even after being a payable website, more than 7 million visitors go through this site for downloading purposes.

24) Redacted

This particular site is a heaven for those who are addicted to more audio entertainment than video ones. From classical to rock to metal to hip-hop to pop- every genre of music is available here. However, without registration, Redacted is very difficult to address, find, and access. LINK-

25) Bibliotik

For the ‘moral’ bookworms out there who believe in not taking any service free of cost, Bibliotik is a site that provides the maximum range of books available online. Popular books, vintage books, rare books- everything is available here; but one condition- registration is a must and very difficult to gain.

Entertainment is a very prime area of our life which keeps us going for the improvement in our life. Above are the best torrent websites to avail to have the best entertainment experience in 2021.                                

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