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In this 21st-century era of digitalization and OTT, entertainment has taken a new level and platform. The provision of watching and downloading entertainment content from the internet has been there for around two decades; however, it is in the recent past that the business has flourished with a remarkable increase in viewers’ choices.

Movies in Hindi Language and Indian regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, and more movies have their different fan base in the whole world. However, there are very limited sites that provide diverse and quality content in the specifically mentioned genre.

For this entertaining content, visitors frequently visit the Einthusan TV online site. This particular website is specifically popular for its diverse reservoir of South Asian Entertainment.

In this particular article, the readers will be enlightened with every nook and corner of Einthusan TV- what is it, why is it popular, what contents are available there, and its methods of downloading and usage through Einthusan TV APK. Here one can also find the popular legal and illegal alternatives of this site.


Misspelled diversely as enthused, enthused, and enthusiasm; Einthusan TV is a very popular online entertainment streaming site for movie buffs and binge series watchers. Einthusan, like many other websites to watch and download free movies online, is an illegal website for getting access to entertainment kinds of stuff.

Hence, this particular website is under the radar of the legal operators. In certain countries like India, this site is completely banned due to its connection with piracy.

Hence, the original URL of this site has been continuously changing; the users need to keep an eye on and update the working domain. The previous working domain was www.einthusan.com and it has been invalid for a long time. The current working domain is the Einthusan TV.

This site has been a hotspot for viewers who love to livestream or download Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Malayalam content. Einthusan TV has an unfathomable reservoir of different kinds of entertainment programs like movies, series, comics, and more, in higher qualities of 720p or 1080p.


Like other free sites/apps for streaming movies, Einthusan TV does not require a mandatory login or registration. One can freely access items and contents here. However, that comes with a lot of complications.

If a person is using Einthusan TV online without registration, there will multiple numbers of unavoidable ads. Some of them would be benign; some of them would be not.

It is always better to ignore these sorts of ads as they might contain malware for the system as well. Also, the ads are often adult; hence, is not advisable for people underage.

However, there is always a legal and possible way out of this problem.

If the user chooses to download and use this site, it becomes easiest to handle with a lot of provisions that unregistered users do not get to enjoy.

Here are some of the possible ways to install and use Einthusan TV for entertainment.

Einthusan App

For the viewers who want to enjoy the service of Einthusan TV on their mobile phones (Android), they can choose the Einthusan TV APK for serving the purpose.

However, it will be heartbreaking to know that there is no app, registered app of Einthusan TV available in the Google Play store. Multiple numbers of online mirror sites claim to be the mother/original website for the site, but they are not.

No authentic Einthusan movie app is also available on the official website as well. So, if a viewer comes across a third-party domain claiming to be the original Einthusan site, they are fake and should not be entertained.

These non-reliable source apps often carry viruses and can cause systematic or irrevocable damage to the device used by the person.

Einthusan Downloader

The same is the case of the Einthusan downloader. There is no authentic Einthusan Downloader at all; neither on the official websites nor on the internet.

All the links will junk the system and fill with malicious advertisements. It is advisable to stay away from these sites.

Einthusan Kodi Addon

If someone is willing to watch Einthusan TV on Kodi, here is some good news for you.

 The Einthusan Kodi Addon is authentic and currently working in a good way. The best place to download this is from Reasons Kodi Repository; one can use it with Kodi to enjoy free Einthusan movies.

Hence, the only authentic suitable way remaining to avail of this site is the Einthusan TV login.


It is a very easy process of getting unlimited and uninterrupted access to entertainment media from this site. One can do a one-time registration by filling up a detailed form at the official website of Einthusan TV.

The important details required are the first names, last names, and the email. The ID of the user and the password for the profile. There is a one-time non-refundable fee ($25) needed to be paid by the consumer at the time of registration. And for the rest of your life, you can enjoy high-quality exclusive entertainment programs ad-free.

For access, one needs to log in to the site with their registered email. id and password. After registering and logging in, welcome to the free world of uninterrupted legal and authentic entertainment of indigenous movies, series, and videos.

The free service also provides the same quality content with a lesser speed of 512kbps capping, in comparison to the registered speed of 3mbps. Also, exclusive and recent items are not available in the free access options but all are ad-freely available in the registered version.

Einthusan TV is ranked 6,536 around the world. Even after being illegal, it ranks 4, 967 in the USA. As the site records more than 135,119,880 visits per year, it can be said that from a reliable source, the total estimated worth of the Einthusan website is more than $35,370,000.


Some specific features make this site to be increasingly popular amongst users.

First, every entertainment program is available here free of cost.

Secondly, this site provides entertainment content in a wider range- from the archive to the most recent one.

Third, the contents available here are of higher quality.

Fourth, the contents are available at a very high speed, as compared to the other available free movie downloading sites.

Fifthly, there are multiple linguistic movies available here; both original and dubbed versions. These are the main reasons for the growing popularity of the Einthusan TV entertainment site.



Here are some of the best features of the Einthusan website that make it versatile, and most popular even after being an illegal website.

  1. Einthusan TV is a free streaming site for all.
  2. However, for the ad-free uninterrupted service, one needs to register and login to the official site of Einthusan TV.
  3. To watch movies online, it is necessary to sign up and log in to the site.
  4. Customers are allowed to download the movies free from this authentic site of Einthusan TV.
  5. All the contents are of higher quality; however, there are different file sizes like 480p, 720p, and 1080p to make it easier for the users to download according to their needs.
  6. Movies from different genres and languages are available here. (Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood).
  7. This site has a unique live-streaming feature that users enjoy the most.
  8. There are different sections for different sorts of entertainment; movies, TV Series, games, songs, documentaries online, and many more. The music section provides different genres of songs- vintage and recent songs that are free to download.
  9. The quantity and variety of entertainment are vast here. Besides the movies and series, there are anime movies, comics, viral videos, anime TV, cartoon and cartoon movies, and many more. Access to this site will never bore the user as there are diverse options to keep them engaged with entertainment.


As mentioned below, movies and entertainment content from different industries are available here on the Einthusan site. Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Hollywood are the biggest names to take.

However, there are indigenous categories of movies as well. Movies and content in native languages like Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Malayalam, Telegu, Marathi, English, and more are also available here.

Also, one can get their favorite foreign language movies dubbed in their chosen language at Einthusan TV, for free. Neither the picture quality nor the sound gets affected in these dubbed files.


Before emphasizing the different alternatives of Einthusan TV, it is important to acknowledge why there is a need for an active alternative/s for this site. As mentioned before, Einthusan TV is an illegal website for entertainment.

It is like many other free movie streaming sites that have faced several legal thrashes and have been banned and blocked in many places around the world; like India.

The mirror domain sites are the next options to avail while they are not the best ones as they compromise the quality of the contents. Hence there is a typical need for alternative sites that provide the same quality content and service as that of Einthusan TV.

The alternatives can again be divided into two categories-

Amazon Prime

It is one of the most trusted alternatives of Einthusan TV and also one of the most popular OTT platforms.

Here, one needs to subscribe to the monthly rental plan to have access to movies and other categories of entertainment. If a user avails of the premium version, every Amazon product he/she buys will charge zero shipping charge.

The kids section is very popular in Amazon Prime.


In India, this is one of the most popular and accessed entertainment sites like Einthusan. This is the first legal place to find Bollywood’s most famous and recent movies, originals, and song releases.

It also has an affordable annual plan activated through subscription-based services. The best reason to be the Einthusan’s TV alternative is the site provides a 50% discount on their annual plans.


The Indian entertainment industry has flourished over the last 5-6 years balancing on the OTT platforms. These platforms were of most use last year, the pandemic 2020.

Among all the most known and used apps, Hotstar stands at the top of the list. From Hindi movies, movie series, sports events, podcasts, and news- everything that was fluently available on the Einthusan TV sites is available here in a chronological manner.

One can have access to the selected contents without registration. There are minimal numbers of ads as compared to the other authentic and legal online movie streaming sites.

Surprisingly, all the rare South Asian Movies, the availability of which made Einthusan TV the populist site for online entertainment, are all available here in the best qualities.


Voot has become one of the most used alternatives to Einthusan TV as this site is easily accessible from handset devices like mobile phones (Smartphones).

There is a registration page; however, most of the contents are easily accessible with zero payment. The contents available here are of very high quality.

One exclusive feature of this alternative to Einthusan TV is it provides some selected movies for rent as well.


Zee5 is a comparatively recent site yet has become one of the most common and trustworthy Einthusan TV alternative sites.

Movies, news, sports, and Web series- all the contents are available here in very high quality; also here one can get sites of premium content.

If the viewer downloads the app from G-Store and downloads it on their iOS or Android handsets, then with one-time registration, they can enjoy the programs (even premium ones) for free.


This is an illegal alternative to Einthusan TV, yet a very popular one. It has a completely similar interface to that of Einthusan TV with a ‘subscription set-up box’.

Here one can access more than thousands of live TV channels and programs in multi-dimensional languages like Urdu, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Tamil, etc.


This site is more famous as an alternative because here one can enjoy fine and apt dubbed movies in different languages without compromising the qualities. 

Imagine watching The Infinity War of Justice League in 1080p but in the Tamil language!


YoMovies site gives an extra hint and information to the reader to help them choose from the elongated list of contents.

Here, one can find the details of a movie file along with the caste, IMDB rating, size, and the numbers of seeders and leechers. It is just like 13377x Torrents sites, illegal yet popular movie downloading sites.


Einthusan TV is a sensation amongst the users around. Since the site was discovered, it has become popular overnight amongst users because of its special features.

However, due to some reasons, sometimes this site becomes unavailable; but that does not cease the viewer from having solid entertainment. The above alternatives will be the saviors of the complicated situations.


This particular article is purely for knowledge and information purposes. As the sites mentioned here are mostly illegal and associated with nasty crimes like piracy, we do not advise or support the unauthenticated usage of the sites mentioned in the article.

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