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All You need to know about 1337x Proxy And  Mirror Sites!

This is the world of technology, there is nothing impossible with advanced technology. 2020 has been a year of accustoming with unfamiliarity. From work to entertainment, every sector has faced a complete lockdown and a re-opening with restricted maneuvering. People have found alternative ways to work and entertainment. There have been options for downloading content from the internet before. Last year was the prime time for these jewels to become accessible to most of humanity.

There have been several authentic sites that were accessed for free entertainment and free downloading of content. 1337x is one of the most popular sites for this purpose. These sites, no matter how popular; are illegal. They provide all the information and content without the permission of the sources. Hence, with many other torrent sites, 1337x got banned a few years back. As a result, came to the mirror site of 1337x Proxy. This site is an identical site to the 1337x torrent site. There is nothing on the internet for entertainment that is not available here. From films to plays to games to other entertainment content- everything can be downloaded from 1337x proxy list sites. The perk is- it is free of cost. The only thing one needs to have fullest and uninterrupted access is a VPN pin/code which is within a free and accessible network.  An external VPN helps to reduce unblocks that are available on the sites.

However, recently, this mirror website of 1337x has also faced some legal issues. Giving access to some violent content and adult material without restricting the access age has caused the authorities and government to shut this site down. In places like Australia and, the UK, the ISPs and authorities have given a red flag to its usage. As one site is blocked, the other is open. Hence, now there are more than 15 sites that are a complete or close mirror to the 1337x Proxy sites to provide people with their necessary or luxury content without a single expense of money. Here is a list of working 1337x proxy websites that use a similar database of all the lists about the same peers. This similarity helps anyone to have access to those sites without any difficulty.

1337x Proxy sites

There are many more to add to this list; however, these are the most popular, healthy, and accessible proxies available on the internet of 1337x. It is always better to search for the most sites first and check them before considering accessing them. It is always advisable to find the best company with the best price; but also, if a company is providing a large quantity of services at an affordable and lower price, then it is undoubtedly one of the best companies. As searching for proxies does not cost you single money, why won’t you do so?

However, there can always be a technical glitch. Even though these sites are perfectly working, one can face difficulty in accessing them anytime. If something like that happens, there is nothing to worry about.

Alternative Sites for 1337x Proxies

Here are some alternative sites that work the same as that of the 1337x proxies. One can equally use them for downloading movies, games, apps, comics, TV series, and many more. These sites are very easily accessible. Or one can use a free VPN to access content from them.

The Pirate Bay

There is nothing much that needs to be said to introduce this particular site. One can use this site to download peer-to-peer review technology-based content. This website is not just a giant reservoir of contents; also, it has an easy distribution of contents as well. Here, one can find different genres of content- movies, series, and games, categorized into separate directories. Hence, it is always easier for first-time users to search for their content and successfully get them. This is the most common site one uses for free downloading web content from the internet. It provides very recent content and contents are available in very good quality (1080p/720p).

Kickass Torrent

This perhaps was the source of the popularity of torrent sites. Kickass torrents have been the most popular torrent site- for usage as well as suggestions. However, this ironically has faced slashes and bans for the most number of times as well from the Government regarding safety and piracy issues. However, the fans of this site are too less to be called brilliant. They have found ways and have come up with an active Kickass torrent domain, over time and again. This is the ‘encyclopedia’ of free entertainment on the internet.


Among the list of torrent sites that have gone through legal lawsuits, ExtraTorrent is another name in that list. The reason why this torrent download site is a little less popular is because of its interface. The site has a little difficult interface access which confuses first-time users. But once the whole process is understood, users love to use this site for downloading free content from here only. It is always best to first try to access the ‘1337x proxy sites’; if they are not working, this site will help.

Rarbg Torrent

For any free internet content downloading sites, the best things that make the files more easily downloadable are the seeders and leechers attached to the files. Rarbg Torrent is one of the top-most sites that contain high seeder-leechers oriented files. Also, here one can get access to many contents that are not available on many other torrent sites.

YTS Movies

It is weird, but still can happen. One can use the proxy sites of the 1337x torrent site; somehow a file is not found there. It might not be present, or the file might be broken. In that case, one can come to this site and access the same file. There is a high chance that this file can be found here or in any other of the alternative sites mentioned in this article.

It is not that if the 1337x proxies are not working, only then one can access these above alternatives. There might be a problem with one single file that can be easily downloadable from any of the other alternative content-downloading sites that are mentioned above.

How do the 1337x proxy sites work?

These sites are not easily accessible until a properly accessible VPN is used. If one finds that the 1337x proxy unblock is unavailable, then one takes the help of the mediators. Once the accessible VPNs are downloaded and accessed, there is no stopping entertainment in your life; remarkably ‘free of cost’. VPN gives the user an ambiguous database that can give access to the sites. Also, several arbiters can help access these alternatives and the proxy sites of 1337x. Another way of accessing this website is to go in between the sites. 1337x center individuals are available free everywhere. They provide you with the guarantee to have access to most of the pieces of available data on the site. The kind of blockade that these sites face is because of the adult materials and the violent materials they contain. Otherwise, it is very easy to have access to these proxy sites.


The above article gives a very detailed idea about what the 1337x site is, why this site has been blocked; and what are the possible proxy sites of 1337x. It also provides information on alternative sites other than 1337x proxy sites and how these sites work. However, all this information dispersed here is only for ‘knowledge’ purposes. These sites are illegal; the way they serve is the good name of ‘piracy’. We never promote or support any such illegal service. Neither would we ever suggest anyone get access to these sites. There are several new and authentic OTT sites available that are popular where one needs to subscribe and pay bills; in exchange, the same service they enjoy in greater quality and with legal aid. The whole article is written by writers to provide theoretical education to the users only.

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