Top 10 Best Free Emails Services to Sign-up Without Phone Number Verification

Here are the list of Top 10 Free Email Services to Sign-up Without Phone Number Verification

Have you ever thought about why your email service requires a phone number to verify the account? Even though everyone knows that it is primarily for security reasons, many believe more than what meets the eye. Theorists believe that many email services are selling our information, a breach of privacy and security. 

If you believe in the statements of these theorists, then you can sign up for any of these free email services Furthermore, these email alternatives to google do not need any phone number verification, allowing you to use email outreach for the best purposes.

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is also known as Russian Gmail because it functions and looks very similar to Gmail. However, this free email service provider does not require phone number verification. Still, you can opt for confirmation if you want. However, the main criticism of Yandex Mail is that it might ask for phone number verification if it marks your account as spam.

Another appealing aspect of Yandex Mail is its user interface (UI). It houses a neat and clean UI that is easy to use and makes sending emails feel smoother and faster. If you are concerned about storage, then be relieved to know that it has 10GB of free cloud storage for all accounts. 

When the security of this email service comes into question, you can use a PIN code and fingerprint for accessing your email ID. So rest easy knowing that your email is safe and secure. If you forget your password, you will need to verify your phone number. Or you can create a new email ID since it’s 100% free.


Protonmail is one of the most well-known free email services that can act as an alternative to Gmail. This Switzerland-based email service from 2013 offers a small limit of 500Mb of data. 

You will be able to send 150 encrypted emails per day that provide another layer of security. This encryption feature is unavailable in Gmail, the most popular free email service globally. All these emails are encrypted and require passwords to view. So, rest easy knowing that your email will be viewed by people who have received your decryption password. 

Protonmail respects your privacy by allowing you to remain anonymous while sending emails virtually. This is because all emails that you send get temporarily stored in your drive. Therefore, they will be deleted automatically after some time. In addition, you can use this for email outreach for the best purpose.


Tutanota does not require any phone number verification. This free mail service is open-source funding done through donations. 

You can use extra features with a 1-euro premium account. This gives access to some of the best marketing tools. It also provides 1 GB of storage space for heavy mail professionals. 

If you are worried about security, rest easy by knowing that all emails get encrypted from this service. As a bonus, this email service does not store logs of your activity while sending emails. This makes you virtually anonymous on the internet and also respects your privacy. 

Tutanota is also famous for following the no advertisement policy. This is because it is an open-source service funded by premium users. Therefore, you can send as many emails as you want without being disturbed by advertisements popping up on the screen.


Read here :   What Is PeopleTools ATT? Know here all about! takes the least time to open an email account. Just entering your name, preferred username and email ID, security question, and password will be enough. This free email service provides 65GB of storage space for free users. All attachments sent through this free email service have a size limit of 30MB. 

This free email service is popular because it includes a two-factor authorization for extra security. It also is easily accessible since it has its apps for android smartphones and iPhones.

Another significant advantage of is its reliable servers. Its servers are super fast and do not go down quickly. So expect a steady connection with the servers and your emails reaching the recipient on time. This free email service also has a virus protector and spam filtration systems.


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GMX Mail

GMX Mail is designed by Global Mail eXchange and acts as webmail that utilizes the IMAP4 and POP3 protocols. This allows you to access your email ID from any device. It also allows for searching specific emails that you might have sent or received by enabling it to search and filter your inbox using particular keywords. 

GMX Mail requires an alternative email account as backup instead of asking for your phone number. This free email service also provides 65GB of free storage space, just like 

As a bonus, you can create ten different alias email IDs that you can control from one central account. This accessible and nifty feature makes it very popular amongst its users. Also, you can access your account using its android and iOS applications.


Mailfence is one of the most convincing-looking free email services that you can use. It features end-to-end email encryption for added privacy. Unlike other free email services, Mailfence does not show any advertisements. The only prerequisite to opening an email account here is to use an alternative account as a backup. 

Mailfence keeps your emails encrypted using Open PGP encryption, which is noted for its security infrastructure. The cryptography of your encrypted emails uses your browser. This makes scrolling and using the email service more accessible and faster. In addition, you are protected by Belgian law for added security since that is the origin country of this free email service that does not ask for phone number verification. 


Mailinator is different from other free email services because, unlike free email services, this does not even require signing up! In addition, this free email service allows you to use public email addresses that are disposable after you have sent your mail. Therefore, it will enable a high form of anonymity. 

You can also opt for the paid version of this email service that provides more security to your emails by adding 2FA verification. It also allows access to free SEO tools that you can use to market your products and services more effectively through emails. 

Even though you can create public disposable email IDs, this reveals one major flaw of such email IDs – the lack of privacy. This is because anyone can open your email account as long as they know your domain name. Therefore, Mailinator is best suited for registering on websites that you will use only for some time and dispose of immediately. 


Another temporary disposable free email service provider is Tempmail. Again, you can make a one-time free email ID that has a lifespan of only a few hours. So, send as many emails as you want before the timer runs out! And yes – you have exactly 10 minutes to use a single account before it self-destructs. So better type your emails fast because there are no ‘save as draft’ features here. 

This free email service is best used when you register on some website and require a throwaway email ID. Tempmail comes in handy and is deemed better than Mailinator for such situations. This is primarily because of its self-destruct feature in t minus 10 minutes. 


The word Mailnesia is a portmanteau of two words – mail and amnesia. This free email service does not allow you to send emails. Instead, you can only receive emails from others.

This free email service lets you pick your desired email ID that does not even get registered. Then, use it to receive email verifications from other websites that require authorization. This is best suited if you do not want such verification emails spamming your official email account. 

Using Mailnesia, you will not receive any spam messages, unknown emails from weird accounts, commercial newsletters, advertisements, and many more. But please do not use this email service to send emails containing your financials and private data. Anyone can guess your domain name and have fun because of your mistakes. 

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is another free email service provider that allows you to create temporary email addresses for one-time use. But unlike Tempmail, Guerilla Mail enables you to send attachments with a size limit of 150MB. 

This free, open-source platform made by Jamit software limited allows you to have the freedom of not receiving any spam emails. This is typically associated with Gmail users who constantly complain about its anti-spam feature that often marks essential emails as spam. Also, all the emails that YouTube receives (not send) are stored for one hour before they get automatically deleted. So, you better read them as long as they last.


Free email service providers not requiring phone number verifications have become popular recently. People are using them to remain anonymous on the internet. So, jump on the bandwagon and get your free email ID with no verification now!

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