6 Documents that Accountants Should Never Send through Email

When it comes to secure file sharing for accountants, make sure that the service you choose offers end-to-end security and encryption. This means that your files will be secure from start to finish, and only the people you designate will be able to access them. 

There are documents that accountants should never send via email, and they include payslips, contracts, accounting reports, receipts, invoices, and accounts.


A payslip is a document sent by an employer to their employees, which details the hours they have worked and other pertinent information such as how much money they will be receiving for their work. Secure file sharing for accountants helps keep payslips safe and secure. By using a secure file sharing system, accountants are able to send payslips directly to an employer or employee without having any risk of breaching HIPAA compliance.

A contract

A contract is a set of promises agreed to in writing by the parties involved. It includes sensitive information like social security numbers, account numbers, and other personal information. Secure file sharing for accountants helps protect your files with encryption measures. The file is protected by a password that only the parties involved in the contract have access to. It also requires authentication, meaning that each party has to identify themselves before they can view the file. This helps ensure that only the people who should have access to the file can see it.

Accounting reports

Accounting reports are confidential documents of any accounting department. These reports are very important for different financial structures, like banks or investment companies. People pay good money to get these documents in full. If the security systems are not very good, information might be leaked. The importance of these reports is high and that is why many accountants use a secure file sharing for accountants system to provide information only for people who have a need-to-know.


Receipts are a necessary part of a business. Though there are a number of different apps for receipts, some people still prefer the tried-and-true method of pencil and paper. No matter what your preference, it’s important to keep your receipts safe and secure. One way to do that is by using secure file-sharing for accountants’ services. These services keep your files safe and away from prying eyes. They’re also perfect for accountants who need to share receipts with their clients. 

An invoice

An invoice is a type of customer invoice that is used to request payment for goods or services that have been provided as a taxable supply. These invoices usually will include the: supplier’s name and contact information description of the goods and services, as well as tax details such as price and taxes charged.

Accountants should use secure file sharing for accountants when sending an invoice because it helps protect the privacy and security of the invoice. This system includes features that encrypt the invoice using the highest levels of security, passwords protecting the file while it is transmitted, and decrypted when received. This takes away the possibility of someone intercepting the file because it is sent securely.


Accounts can be described as the backbone of any business. They are a treasure trove of confidential and sensitive information. Accounting systems are used to keep track of the financial records of a company and to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. As such, they need to be protected accordingly.

One way to protect your accounts is to use secure file sharing for accountants’ systems. The system will encrypt your files, ensuring that they are safe from unwanted recipients. It will also keep track of who has accessed your files and when. This is a vital feature, as it enables you to track who is accessing your sensitive information and whether they are using it legally or illegally.


By using secure file sharing for accountants’ software, accountants can ensure that the files they want to send are safe and secure and only reach the intended recipients. This will build loyalty and trust between your business and clients. 

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