How To Prepare For Class 8 English?

Students of Class 8 ignore the English subject and do not give importance to it as compared to the other mainstream subjects. English is one of the most commonly spoken languages. Because of this reason, this subject is taught in every school in the world. Students should read and learn English so that they can easily interact with people in every corner of the world.

When the academic session of Class 8 starts, students take the English subject lightly and do not study the chapters regularly. Due to this, they get in trouble when the English examination of Class 8 comes near. They do not understand how to start their studies for the examination.

If students are unaware of Class 8 English syllabus, then they will not be able to start with their preparation. Therefore, knowing about the curriculum is the most significant thing.

As per the CBSE guidelines, the course of English Class 8 is divided into English literature and English Grammar. 

There are two books for English literature. These are “Honeydew” and “It So Happened”.

The NCERT Books For Class 8 English Honeydew consists of 10 chapters and 8 poems. These are listed below:

  • Chapter 1 – The Best Christmas Present In The World
  • Chapter 2 – The Tsunami
  • Chapter 3 – Glimpses Of The Past
  • Chapter 4 – Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse Of Memory
  • Chapter 5 – The Summit Within
  • Chapter 6 – This Is Jody’s Fawn
  • Chapter 7 – A Visit To Cambridge
  • Chapter 8 – A Short Monsoon Diary
  • Chapter 9 – The Great Stone Face – I
  • Chapter 10 – The Great Stone Face – II
  • Poem 1 – The Ant And The Cricket
  • Poem 2 – Geography Lesson
  • Poem 3 – Macavity: The Mystery Cat
  • Poem 4 – The Last Bargain
  • Poem 5 – The School Boy
  • Poem 6 – The Duck And The Kangaroo
  • Poem 7 – When I Set Out For Lyonnesse
  • Poem 8 – On The Grasshopper And The Cricket

The supplementary reader “It So Happened” includes 10 chapters. Here is the list of the lessons:

  • Chapter 1 – How The Camel Got His Hump?
  • Chapter 2 – Children At Work
  • Chapter 3 – The Selfish Giant
  • Chapter 4 – The Treasure Within
  • Chapter 5 – Princess September
  • Chapter 6 – The Fight
  • Chapter 7 – The Open Window
  • Chapter 8 – Jalebis
  • Chapter 9 – The Comet – I
  • Chapter 10 – The Comet – II

Beneath are the topics included in the syllabus of English Grammar Class 8:

  • Comprehension Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Verb 
  • Adverb
  • Pronoun
  • Noun
  • Tenses
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Order of Words and Clauses
  • Essay Writing 
  • Story Writing
  • Notice Writing
  • Diary Entry
  • Formal and Informal Letters

As students have now understood the syllabus, they can easily prepare for their Class 8 English examination. This article will discuss several tricks and tips with students so that they can score well in their exams. These strategies are as follows:

  • The Main Book Is The NCERT Book.

The best book to prefer while preparing for the CBSE Class 8 English exam is the NCERT book. This book helps a lot as professionals create the content of this book after doing informative research. Students can easily comprehend each chapter from the NCERT book. They can solve the NCERT questions to have a grasp on the topics.

  • Divide The Chapters Into Two Sections: Easy And Difficult.

During the preparation, students have to save their time and use it very carefully. They can do this by making a separate list of difficult and easy lessons. They should start studying the simple chapters as this requires less time. By this, they can give more time to concentrate on the tough chapters.

  • Habit Of Writing Benefits A Lot.

Students can answer the questions in the literature section easily. But they are unable to attempt questions in the writing and grammar sections and make lots of grammatical errors. To improve their writing and grammatical skills, they should practice a lot. They should develop the habit of writing as it will enable them to enhance their writing speed and improve their skills of writing the answers in the proper format with the correct grammar. This technique will assist them in getting more marks in the grammar and writing sections.

  • Self-Evaluation By Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers.

Students should try to solve as many questions as they can. They can make use of sample papers and previous years’ question papers as they will provide a variety of questions for practice. By solving them, students will get an idea about the frequently asked questions and the exam pattern. Students will also get to know about their strong and weak topics.

  • Don’t Study Where There Is Disturbance And Distraction.

Students should make their study place clean and peaceful as this will help them to concentrate on their studies. They should avoid studying at places where there is a disturbance. They are advised not to use their mobile phones as it will distract them and they will not be able to comprehend the chapters in a better way. Pupils should temporarily delete their social media accounts till their examinations are over.

  • Clarification Of Queries Is Crucial.

Teachers are good mentors in a student’s life. They help students a lot in that they can perform well in their examinations. Students should regularly attend their school classes so that they can understand what the teacher is teaching. They can ask their teacher for help in clarifying their doubts. This method will help pupils to make a strong grip over the chapters.

  • Additional Educational Materials.

After studying from the NCERT book, if students wish to study more and to have a better understanding of the chapters, they can use other guidebooks for this purpose. These reference books will offer many questions for practice. They can even discover the summary and the NCERT solutions of each chapter in these books. Students can also use visual learning aids like “Youtube” to comprehend the lessons.

  • Things To Do In The Examination Room.

It is very easy to score in Class 8 English Examination paper if they are aware of how to attempt the question paper. They are suggested to maintain the correct order of the question paper. They should write solutions in the given word limit. Pupils should keep their answer sheet neat and clean. This strategy will enable them to get more marks from the examiner.

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