Top 8 Best Cells Phone Monitoring App for Android Phones

Choosing the right cell phone monitoring app can be challenging particularly when you have a wide variety of apps available on the market. Besides that, you might not even have space to go through all the feedback on those alternatives. In simple words, a mobile tracking application is software that helps you capture and track end-user behavior without them having to know it.

If the end-user is aware of the monitoring application being installed on their computer, then that particular application is not considered to be a smartphone monitoring tool. These kinds of apps have recently been in use in many tech stores and co-working spaces in Lahore since they had to monitor their gadgets.

Best Cells Phone Monitoring App for Android Phones


FlexiSPY is among the parental control solutions that are efficient for all caring parents. The software uses many functions for monitoring. When enabled on the target computer, FlexiSPY will store and send all activity records to the personal Control Panel. Through FlexiSPY you’ll have complete access to your child’s computer. The app works on desktop computers, phones, and laptops. Nowadays FlexiSPY is commonly used by most people. The need to use parental controls such as FlexiSPY is closely linked to modern parenting.

Young kids get interested in technology from a very early age with the extensive choice of mobile games and applications. But this is not a good sign at all. Good interactive parenting is somewhat of an ability. You can explore how to identify fraudulent friends online and teach your child to be cautious when communicating with others. You can prevent serious risks with modern parental controls, like FlexiSPY.


Many smartphone monitoring apps are not considered complete monitoring tools because
they cannot satisfy the needs of modern parents and employers. XNSPY is a frontline spying app
that works on all devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. While other
apps manage to track your kids’ online activities and text messages, XNSPY does a lot more with
its advanced features such as date and time stamps, key logger, GPS tracker, geofencing,
remote desktop control, and much more. XNSPY runs completely in the background. Your
employees or children may have no clue about being monitored remotely. Why so many business
owners and parents consider XNSPY as a No.1 phone spying app is due to its philosophy to
provide a great app that does more than offer a beautiful UI design and basic features.


It isn’t always favorable for you when anyone gets to know you want to keep track of them. So Spyic offers you a path of following that person without letting him or her know about your tracking idea. After setting it up on their phone it will use stealth mode to work in the background.

After that, it uses an online dashboard to show you the location in real time. It can be used anywhere in your account via any app. Spyic is not any fresh thing when it comes to Android’s best secure and secret spy tools. Thanks to the many exclusive features, the app shines and stands out from the crowd. The software lets you track conversations on social media as well as text messages.


Android copy is an app that covers 2 MB. It is small and can be mounted in minutes. You have the choice to hide this after you launch the device. The user is not going to find out unless you tell them. When activated Cocospy can be remotely operated. Installing this software doesn’t need any technological expertise. Only a computer with an internet connection is required. A lot of spy apps are also going to drain the device’s battery or slow down the phone when running. Cocospy does not. It works quietly in the background, without a lot of system resources being used. All this makes it impossible to find it.


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This program will not only keep track of your family’s online activities but will also help you track their GPS positions. Guestspy lets you have a tracking of text messages. You can read the entire text messages sent by the target user and receive and get their contact details. Get information about the date and time stamp for each text message exchanged by the targeted mobile phone.


Mobistealth has long been a member of a set of secret spy devices. The software helps you to scope out a great amount of information on a mobile phone. You’ll also be able to monitor messages from Facebook, WhatsApp conversations, and Snapchat messages.

To install the software, you’ll need to access the target device at least once. You can access the activity of the phone directly from your online account after you have it installed on a cell phone. Mobistealth runs in safe mode so the end-user does not know that the app is monitoring his/her operation.


It is another successful mobile monitoring application for this year. Highstermobile lets you monitor your online store, track communications from your target, call logs, history of web surfing, location of GPS, tracking of IM chats, geo-fencing, and much more. It works by obtaining and collecting the data from the target device and showing all of it on your Control Panel. The software can work in a stealthy mode, thus cutting to a minimum the chances of being spotted.


It’s a good tool for monitoring anyone’s online mobile activities. Also, while other cell phone monitoring programs require you to use certain features to root or jailbreak your target phone, WebWatcher doesn’t do this you just have to install the application and that’s it. You may request WebWatcher to operate in defense mode so that the target person is unaware that the system is tracking their operation on their computer.

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