Top 10 Ideal Document scanning Apps to use in 2024

Best Document Scanning Apps to use in 2024

Each time you require to upload documents digitally, you will find yourself exploring for a decent and effective scanner application. So, in a space swiftly moving to the digitization of each document scanning apps stay as essential technology tools.

Here, some of the document scanning apps back optical character recognition (OCR), an advanced piece of technology that allows you to copy and paste text from pictures or scanned documents. Some other applications have more specific use cases, like the capability to swiftly scan books without having to physically scan every page.

The accessibility of a mobile scanning app that runs off your smartphone and utilizes your mobile phone camera to snap the picture can enable you to not only capture more details, however, even to precisely parse and use it later for diverse functions.

Considering Going a Step Beyond Document or Image Capturing

With document scanning apps, we can scan text in diverse formats, like recipe printed in a Courier, lesson from a book, company flyers, business cards, eatery receipts, and a cafeteria menu. We can also deal with handling handwritten pages, a wrinkled newspaper story section with a picture, and having a track of signatures. 

We can further enable scans in low light, deal with the quality of the OCR, the file formats backed, and the preference for saving different versions of documents.

Key Challenges and Considerations

The key challenges are the categories of documents you want to consider capturing, where you need to save, or better share them, and what sort of post-processing you require. The post-processing would be like detecting the text right on the page and converting it into a specific document. In all the cases, you can scan a picture, like a hotel or restaurant receipt, and save it in a standard format, like a JPEG image or a PDF.

However, if your prime requirement is to turn scanned pictures into editable text, go for progressive OCR functionalities. If you anticipate to capture text in PDF form, contemplate whether those requirements are to be dealt with encrypted files or consider to scan documents on iPhone.

So, we have done our best to enclose a wide array of needs and described top features of document scanning apps

Here is what we will cover, along with more information and insights to figure out which of these applications is best suited for you when you scan document with iPhone, opt a free scanner app for android, or switch to other premium document scanning apps for android or iOS:

1: QuickScan

QuickScan is one of the Best Document Scanner App on the move with great utility as compared to its counterparts. It permits scanning all kinds of documents while saving them in both JPEG and even PDF design. 

In addition, alter the picture according to the prerequisite, even swap across different scanned documents, and even convert them into varied formats. The app has a ton of benefits to offer.

Allow scanning docs right away. The app is so lightweight that it is ultra-fast to operate. There is a variety of choices to share. The app facilitates Cloud Storage.

Documents can be shared as a PDF or JPEG extension type, and the document can be edited easily. Scanning is done with utmost ease. The app is absolutely easy to use that comes in handy.

Scanning is simple, with just merely pointing to the camera – edit documents as per the requirements in terms of an image. The documents can be easily saved in both Acrobat and even image formats. Share across the intended document to companions and even associates using email, message, social media, or on the cloud so that there is instant access to a document in no time.

Basic Features

Simple, Swift & Lightweight application with superior quality Scans with best image quality and precise resolutions

Multiple Options of Format category such as PDF, JPG, PNG and File Size provision includes small, medium, large and original.

Enable mobile scanning with Automated document detection

Save scans in different formats and scan multiple pages 

Effortlessly craft folders, search document quickly, automatedly back up scans right in the cloud

Options to add notes, highlight, mark, and erase

Share documents through emails, text messages, drive, iCloud and other alternatives

The application is smooth in English, Hindi, German and so on

Advanced Features

Precise text recognition with OCR & turn OCR PDF to word

Smart image filters, annotation functionalities and edit choices

Modify Scan by adjusting image borders, crop and magnify

Secure and safe app for confidentiality along with password protection

Platform: Both iOS or Android

License: Free to download with paid features 


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2: Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is undoubtedly our second pick, and we even added a decent scanner application. However, the app needs users to sign in to utilize it, which would have been more pleasant if there was no account creation like Google, with signing in done right away. 

In case if that is not an issue, Adobe Scan is a beautiful, convenient application to have on the phone, best for people who need to rapidly scan documents and even images and even convert those to PDF. Its OCR is strong, capable enough to extract text right from the scanned pictures quickly. 

It consequently stores each Scan on Adobe Document Cloud, so the outputs are accessible from any phone, tablet, or PC. Furthermore, its valuable in-built scanning modes mean new contacts can be added from business cards, and even forms are automatically filled on gadgets. 


Adobe Scan allows to catch text from 25 pages at once, and even taking it to premium level handle 100 pages at once. 

It is great enough to scan documents and even scan receipts through receipt scanner app right from the gallery and even transform them into PDFs in a scanned manner. 

Platform: Both OS and Android


The free plan is adequate for a vast majority, with a few elements, like exporting in the form of Excel and even Word documents, and other advanced features are locked in the premium version. Adobe Scan is incredible at scanning documents like business cards, tax documents, and even rebate forms.


3: SwiftScan 

SwiftScan permits to examine documents with supportive prompts, for example, “Don’t Move” and even “Move Closer,” that assist individuals with adjusting Smartphones to do the best scans. The application defaults to the greatest outputs as well, which is great to see while bringing about bigger document sizes and even not yet disillusioned with the quality. 

The application is somewhat touchy when attempting to do scans in indoor lighting, so there is a touch of effort required to set up the Scan. When that is done, the scanning is quite quick with cloud integration and even OCR locking done with ease with in-application purchases, and even further, there aren’t any promotions. 


Offers automated cloud storage uploading, brilliant document naming, syncing with iCloud, naming the smart file, and even enhanced organization with custom folder offering. 

It does incorporate attractive scans across documents and is used to scan books to PDF, business cards, and even photographs. 

It can perform OCR in many dialects, and even the outcomes are excellent if not exactly top tier. 

Platform: Both iOS and Android


Nonetheless, this is an application that depends on a costly membership model, and even the more reasonably comfortable Android application isn’t so complete as the iOS form, but still, SwiftScan does go well for individuals who truly need a comprehensive scanning tool. 


4: Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a free application for scanning that does not have any advertisements to offer. It does require in-application purchases but does offer all fundamental highlights associated with scanning in a free plan. 


This application distinguishes the boundaries around pages and even does picture scanning naturally. 

It applies a few in-built features naturally, like eliminating foundations and even shadows, which additionally likewise allows scanning different page PDFs rapidly.

When everything is set upright, the application shows itself to be a capable scanner for a Smartphone. 

Platform: iOS 


While the free plan has a nice list of capabilities, some valuable elements like OCR, secret phrases or keywords, securing PDFs, and even sharing out documents to well-known distributed storage do require an instalment. 


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5: ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a PDF scanner app where one can pay to eliminate promotions and even open additional elements (for example, limitless OCR). This application can read the text in 193 dialects, which is undeniably more than the 30 dialects in Microsoft Lens, as an instance. 

Another great feature is that OCR works disconnected in an offline manner with this application, and even it can be utilized without a web association. FineReader’s automatic feature related to border outlining works great. The users keep both the camera and even the phone pretty steady under indoor lighting to keep away from foggy outputs, especially when not having a consistently steady hand. 


Build forms, sign the documents, redact text or pictures, add watermarks, apply numbering in the form of Bates to PDFs comprised of various documents with isolated page numbers, and even considerably more. 

The app can naturally sort photographs from the gallery into various classes, like notes, business cards

Platform: Both iOS and Android


The free plan just permits to utilize OCR through OCR scanner App with five pictures and, even assuming need more of where it came from, pay $5 each month. 


6: TurboScan

TurboScan has a unique element to consider, ‘SureScan,’ that assists with taking three photos of the same document to give you a more precise outcome. Simply ensure that you do avoid using the flashlight in case you are in a sufficiently bright spot to try not to lose overexposed portions of the page. 

Its functionalities list incorporates the ability to handle multiple cloud services and even PDFs at once; export to PNG, JPEG, and even PDF formats; programmed record edge identification, correction of right perspective, and even automated detection of document edges.


It gloats about its capacity to change lighting settings, auto-identify report edges, and even adjust the right point of view – all determined to guarantee picture quality while snapping the pic, so don’t need to stress over the picture clean-up later. 

The outcomes are effective, even without utilizing TurboScan’s own “SureScan” mode, in which the product takes three photos of a similar report to improve sharpness. 

To track down a particular document, either search by classification of the document (for example, showing documents recognized as business cards) or by the text you composed into the document name (“chocolate” or “Customer X”). 

Documents are scanned as either Adobe PDF documents or JPEG documents in this way. In the event you need an exhaustive search, then opt for programming. 

Platform: Both iOS and Android


TurboScan allows to take three outputs free of charge, but after then one has to pay to utilize it.


7: TinyScanner

Tiny Scanner, a free Business app for Android is leveraged as an advanced PDF Scanner App and is built for teachers, students, small-sized businesses, and road warriors.


Comes with a scanner app which is precisely used for scanning documents 

The application is applied as a convenient scanner tool for individuals and businesses

Platform: Android

License: Free


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8: CamScanner 

As the name proposes, CamScanner is an application that transforms a cell phone’s camera into a great scanner. With it, the scope of documents, from solicitations to receipts, is possible. 

The product transforms scanned documents into PDF, which are consequently transferred to cloud storage services like OneDrive, EverNote, DropBox, Google Drive, and even more. The application is focused explicitly on the business clients, and it allows to welcome associates to view and even remark on scans. 


It offers a high-level altering highlight, which allows adding explanations and even watermarks to documents, making them look more expert.

It offers added security levels, by adding the passwords to documents. 


The application is allowed to download on iOS and even Android, and even yet, one can move up to a 10GB of capacity, send scans with secret words, download documents, and even so much more.


For the Premium Account, pay either month to month or yearly, and even the equivalent applies for a business, which gives better choices for group cooperation.


9: Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is undoubtedly our first choice on the topmost scanner applications list that needs no mention. While it is a phenomenal scanner application on its own doing, its incorporation with other Microsoft Office applications and even designs is a significant addition.

Scan across a document and even convert it to PowerPoint, Excel, or Word formats, not to forget the universal PDF format. It has slick classes like Business Card, Document, and even Whiteboard, which permits to decide the scan file type before the scanning takes place. 

Whether it is about removing text from a magazine or some transcribed text from a journal, Microsoft Lens does perform the job of extricating text with a shockingly serious level of accurate results. 

It likewise has more helpful modes for OCR, which permits to catch text from tables, business cards, and even makes the application read out loud the caught text for anyone to hear. 

Adobe Scan’s effortlessness is unparalleled; however, spending a lot of time in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Office Lens (Android and even iOS) is the best approach. 


The UI of the app is comparably as simplistic as that of Adobe Scan and even yet offers a range of file type choices in the form of PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and even Word documents. Notwithstanding Acrobat PDFs. 

The app comes with a top-notch text recognition which is highly advanced and adds to its functionality.

Platform: Both iOS and Android


Microsoft Lens OCR is such a pleasant surprise even though the app is completely free to use.


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10: Scanbot

The app enables you as if you require a Barcode Scanner SDK and a Document Scanning SDK for all the mobile data capturing requisites.


The precise toolkit for each use case for mobile apps and sites

Helps with data extraction, doc and barcode scanning 

Platform: Both Android and iOS

License: Both Free and Paid 

Key Takeaways

The PDF scanners are consistently present in any office arrangement. The sufficiently knowledgeable individuals realize that having it on a cell phone is advantageous since the scanning can be conducted with utmost ease.This is done with just a few simple tips, making documents accessible and scan photos with iPhone or Android devices on the go any time any place without hustle.

Both free scanner app for iPhone, a best scanner app for android and even high-end android phones particularly offers incredible advantages with regards to PDF scanners since they have probably the best cameras around among the varied cell phones. 

All things being considered; we saw a dozen of the best PDF scanners, best scanner app for iPhone, free scanner app for android and iOS scanner app above that would doubtlessly help with utmost scanning of documents giving incredible exactness going at par the expectations. This way, you can turn your smartphone into a great multiuse and movable document scanner.

Lastly, consider whether you require adding anything to your precise scans. Maybe you have to enable a signature on a document, facilitate your documents by adding an explicit watermark or a date, or draw a large-sized X across a precise piece of drawing. So, please recollect, this is a product grouping in which your functional requirements state what tool is best for your work, relatively than one product’s overall brilliance. 

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