Top 6 Best Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

In today’s time, it is quite easy to be distracted. We want new things most of the time and often try to find an escape from mundane things. Its is one of the reasons why people organize road trips once in a while. It helps in unwinding and destressing which helps in increasing productivity. Otherwise, continuing a similar routine bores us and leads to procrastination.

As much an escape or change is needed in our lives every once in a while, we can’t always depend on trips to be more productive. It is costly, time-taking, and also difficult to take off everything we are bored. So, what do we do to make ourselves more productive? Quite simple. We need to get more organized and be reminded about our goals often to ensure that we finish it on time. How can we do that? Well, there are productivity apps available that a person can use to remain organized and be on top of his work without getting too bored.


This is one of the most popular and in-demand productivity apps. It helps you organize both your office as well as your chores so that you can get maximum work done. You can easily note everything you wish to do not only in written form but also with the help of pictures, audio, digital sketches, and PDF files so that everyone can easily access it. The user can also upload up to 10 GB of data monthly and save documents offline so that they can access it anywhere, anytime without worrying about the internet connection.  With this app, you can easily remind yourself of the tasks you have to finish and also do it without being lethargic.


A VPN is very important for your online security. It encrypts your browsing data and maintains anonymity. Most of the popular VPN’s are paid, and the free one’s are just useless. Proxynel is a proxy browser app that comes integrated with a VPN. This browser keeps all your internet activity private and encrypts your browsing data. This is a must have app if you do most of your work online.


This app is more common among individuals and is widely used across the globe by them. It has simple features and an easy user interface that allows the user to not worry about any complicated process. This application helps the user schedule meeting, set recurring tasks, generate progress reports, assign tasks, and also monitor the project schedule. All of this helps in keeping a track of what the user is doing and gives him the required push whenever needed to keep going. It also helps in easy integration with google calendar, outlook, and keeps the user on top of everything that is on his to-do-list.


Official emails can sometimes cause clutter in your inbox and have to be often organized and kept properly in case it is needed in the future. However, with this app, that task is easier than ever. It helps in organizing the email communication channels in a way that you can easily go through it whenever required. Different projects can have different communication channels and you can add or remove people as needed. It is also suitable for group video conferencing, sharing documents, etc., and helps in increasing productivity by making it easier to send data to the right authorities at once so that the user can invest his time in doing other tasks on his list without slacking.


Trello is one of the best management apps, especially when you are working from home. The team leader can easily make different cards which are then broken into different columns for the various tasks assigned, especially while managing a blog. The author who has been assigned the card can change its status from assigned to published once he has finished his article or any other task that he was assigned. This is an effective way to ensure that the user gets his work done on time. Trello also sends a reminder if needed, when the due time is nearby. This app has made it easier for the freelancers to stay on a proper schedule while working and ensures maximum productivity from their end.


It is easier to sync all google apps or android apps together. However, what about the apps that have no connection with each other? You don’t sync them. Instead, you manually enter data in different apps when required. This can be boring, monotonous, and kill a person’s productivity easily. Zapier helps in removing this hurdle. This app makes the integration between different apps who have nothing in common a cakewalk as it works well with over 1500+ apps so that the user can concentrate on other important tasks. You don’t need to be a computer expert to be able to work with it, just a bit of tech-savviness will do.

All the apps listed above are among the best and also easy to use productivity apps that help in seamless integration, creating proper communication channels, and removing data entry tasks repeatedly helps in making the user much more productive.

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