Where to Buy Electronics in Singapore

A lot of tourists buy electronics in Singapore because of how cheap the items are there. There are even places where you can haggle the price to an even lower one. Here are a few places where to buy electronics in Singapore at outstanding deals:

Funan Mall

Those who are visiting Singapore will be pleased to know that there is a place at the mall for tourists. Yes, all your questions about the country will all be answered including where you can get a cab. The electronics section in the mall has more than 80 stalls. There is no doubt this mall has everything you need in one place. For those who get a bit hungry from all the shopping, there is an amazing line of restaurants there too. The mall has an amazing location and excellent atmosphere so don’t be surprised if the number of electronics stores increase over the next few years.

Consumer Electronics at Mustafa Centre

This place is so huge that it is easy to get lost here. What’s more, the staff are so smart and friendly that they would love nothing more than to help you with what you need. Believe it or not, this place is actually open 24 hours a day. Hence, if you decide to shop for electronics in the middle of the night then this is the place you must go to. Furthermore, consumers would usually buy a ton of things here due to the fact that the items are sold at significantly lower prices compared to other stores nearby.


For anything that is related to computers, this is certainly the store you should go to. In fact, they have a ton of shops all over the country. From laptops and mouse pads to wireless keyboards and hard drives, they have all of those things. There is also a membership in this store and they offer huge discounts and amazing offers for those who choose to become a member

Trade Shows

There are numerous trade shows that happen in Singapore including the PC Show and SITEX. You’re not only going to get amazing deals there but there are also some nice talks there that tackle the latest advancement in technology. They are even free so you just need to sit down and you will already learn a lot. There are a ton of consumer brands there who have booths and they will also give away freebies. Imagine going home with a lot of useful stuff that they gave away including notebooks and pens.

Another awesome option would be iShop Changi. The airport store has expanded and now has a website. They have a huge collection of not only electronics but other items as well. There is no doubt you will end up spending a lot of time shopping on their website for things that you need in the future. They even deliver all their items straight to your doorstep which would be a big benefit due to the worldwide pandemic which forces everyone to stay at home.

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