Internet Security: Everything You Need To Know About SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a data file that binds a cryptographic key to your organization so that an outsider cannot access your data. It is used to ensure the security of your business by activating certain protocols that enhance the security of your firm. Initially, it was designed to secure credit card payments, data and funds transfer, and login credentials. However, recently SSL gained a lot of popularity as people came to realize its ability to secure systems and it is now widely used by companies for securing social media websites.

SSL is a file that performs two key functionalities

  1. Authentication
  2. Encryption

An SSL certificate contains important information regarding the authenticity of your business website. The certificate is visible for the visitors on the website when they click on the trust mark page. It is important to keep this information safe and secure from hackers and intruders and therefore, most of the businesses use the extended validation of SSL certificate as it tends to be safer and one of the most trusted files as well. Moreover, you can encrypt your private information so that outsiders cannot access the key information on your website.

When you get an SSL certificate for your website, make sure that you get it issued by a trusted authority that is known for issuing such certificates. The degree of trust goes up for your business when you get your SSL certificate from a well-known authority. Although it might become an expensive expenditure, the benefits completely overweigh the cost affiliated with the certificate.

Safety and Security Concerns of Businesses

When it comes to e-commerce, security is one of the major concerns for most of the corporations because they have important information stored in their hard drives including financial data and client diaries. Businesses with such valuable information automatically become a target for hackers as they wish to blackmail them for monetary benefits. That is why you need to keep your systems secured and locked at all times to avoid such problems.

How does SSL Encryption work?

The encryption uses keys to lock and unlock the data. Without the right key, you will not be able to access the data. There are two types of keys;

  1. Public Key
  2. Private Key

Public Key is used to lock the information by encryption.

Private Key is used to unlock the data and transform it into its original format so that it becomes readable.

When a secure connection is established with SSL, you will notice a green color in the padlock and you might see an ‘s’ in the http before the domain name. For example; instead of ‘http: //’ in the URL address, you will see ‘https: //’. This happens because the SSL certificate is issued to the server and the domain of the website and it connects with the internet browser. In order to enhance the security of your business, you should use a reliable yet affordable internet service, check Spectrum internet prices for that matter, as they come with a complete security suite so that you can protect your online transactions at all times.

Different Types of SSL Certificates

  1. Self-Signed

This type of certificate is usually g

enerated for internal matters and as a CA (Certification Authority) does not issue them, the authenticity of these certificates cannot be trusted or verified.

  1. Domain Validated Certificate

This is an entry-level type of certificate which is issued is a much lesser time than a certificate that is fully authentic. Although the certificate is provided after complete verification of the domain website, there is no checking involved as to whether the business is a valid/legal entity or not.

  1. Fully Authenticated Certificates

These certificates carry a lot of importance and are considered to be the initial steps involved in online security as they are highly trusted and can be verified easily. It will certainly take time for you to get this certificate issued for your business, as the Certification Authority has to verify your domain website and your business in detail before issuing a fully authenticated certificate.

Benefits of Getting an SSL Certificate

Apart from making your website a safer place, there are many other benefits of buying an SSL certificate. These benefits are listed as follows:

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Research studies conducted by website developers suggest that getting an SSL certificate for your website can help increase your conversion rates by 11% to 42%, which is quite an achievement. Another study conducted by Symantec suggests that SSL certification can enhance lead generation and business by 18% to 87%.

Secure Your Online Transactions

Before you start receiving payments, you need to get the SSL certificate so that you can secure your online transactions and protect the financial information. If the SSL certificate is absent from your website, you might not be able to receive the payments from your clients.

Protect Your Customers against Phishing Attacks

In phishing attacks, users of well-known websites are usually diverted to a fake website with the same name so that cybercriminals can trap them and make them reveal their financial information. This usually happens when cybercriminals send customers an email with a link that is designed to bring them to the fake website for trapping them into wrong transactions. Therefore, you need to be SSL certified to show your clients that you are the official company, as the fake ones cannot get the certification.


With an SSL certificate, you can improve the ranking of your website on search engine platforms because it will be a recognized online entity. SSL certificate is issued on a yearly basis and you will have to renew your license every year. The price of this certification is not too high considering the benefits that you receive after buying the certificate. SSL certificate will help you win the trust of your clients and the online community will recognize you as the official online company that has a strong foothold in the market.

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