8 Tips for Learners on Essay Writing 

Many students find essay writing stressful and tiring. But, it is crucial to have good grades. Sharpening your writing skills can help you finish essay assignments swiftly and with the correct structure. With advanced technology, students have an array of tools online to help them with their essay writing. But, you cannot find a tool that writes your assignment for you.

Here are eight tips to help you have an easy time while doing your essay assignment.

Essay Writing Guidelines

  • Start your writing with a plan

Most students jump right into it without a clear plan, especially if it’s a last-minute thing. Planning makes writing easy and effortless. Proper planning does not have to be in full detail. Bullet points or section by section outlines can help a great deal. It guides you and aids you from straying from the main subject.

  • Do not do your assignment late

Some students burn the midnight oil doing their assignments, trying to beat the deadline of submission. Doing that affects both your health and your writing skill. Create time to do your research in bits some days before the deadline instead of doing everything at the very last minute.

  • Identify your favorite time to write during the day

Everyone has a time in the day that they concentrate better. Some people focus better at night, while others are morning people. Identify that time that works for you and do your writing assignments at that time.

  • Look for sample write-ups to refer from

Sample write-ups help you in figuring out what you needed to get a good score by figuring out what a past student did wrong. You can get the sample papers from students ahead of you taking a similar course, or from the lectures. Do not duplicate the samples. Keep your work original and unique.

  • Present your essay write-up well

Always ask for assistance or refer to sample papers on things like bibliographies and footnotes. It reduces confusion and wastage of time. Different institutions use things like quotes differently. It is essential to confirm your school style guide.

  • Research frequently misused words

It is essential to research phrases and words that are frequently misused to avoid making the same mistake. Many people use words that have close spelling and pronunciation in place of the other without knowing.

  • Edit your write-ups if possible

Editing your write-ups before submitting them is crucial in getting good grades. Apart from punctuations and other spelling errors, make sure your essay has a flow, and it is clear. Make sure the references are correct too. Many grammar tools or essay editing servicescan help you edit your essay, although they are not as thorough. Reading through the paper after using the tools is very helpful.

  • Have your fellow students proofread the essay before submitting it

Proofreading essays for one another helps you look at your write-up from their perspective. They might point out mistakes that you probably overlooked or did not know of. It is a good habit because it helps you be careful next time. Getting criticism from fellow students can make one feel embarrassed, but also, it helps one be more careful next time.


Not everyone enjoys writing, but even then, having a well-structured and clear essay is essential in getting good grades. The eight tips are perfect for helping you have an easier time while writing. Following the eight tips will make writing a little bit more fun.

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