Looking for a New PC? Here Is a Simple Buying Guide

Buying a PC or laptop can be a challenging experience. They are a big investment, and it can be difficult to take the plunge and purchase a PC if you are not sure what all its components and their numbers add up to.

This quick guide should help you see through all the marketing smoke and mirrors and help you find the right computer with the right components for you. Don’t waste your money, invest it.

A Multiple Core Processor

The central processing unit, or CPU, of a computer, is the most important single component. It has a huge amount of influence over the performance of your PC. Every other component in your computer could be the best possible, but if the CPU is sub-standard, so is your PC.

Multiple core processors are high performing and high value. If you can pick a personal computer that has four or more cores, you are guaranteed high performance. This is one area of your next laptop or PC you should be prepared to invest some money in.

A Powerful Graphics Setup

If you are a dedicated gamer, then you will already know a lot about graphics. Most high-end desktop PCs use a graphics card to process graphics data and produce images. These can be very expensive and push up the price of a PC considerably. Click here for a look at Intel’s latest onboard graphics chips that are perfect for laptops and can even give a desktop PC enough power to play the latest titles.

Choose Speedy RAM

Random Access Memory helps your computer multitask, which is what you will be doing with it most of the time. Most people aim for a lot of RAM to keep their computer quick, but RAM has a speed rating and many people do not realize it. Size is not everything.

When you are buying your next computer, aim for at least eight gigabytes of RAM, but 16 is preferable. Check its speed though. Some manufacturers fill their laptops and desktops with lots of slow RAM, around 1600Mhz. Look for RAM that runs at twice that pace for a fast system.


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Make Sure You Can Make Connections

Many people spend big bucks on a powerful laptop or PC only to find they cannot connect all their favorite peripherals at the same time. USB ports and display ports are important parts of a computer that often go overlooked, so make sure you have enough.

This is especially true for laptops where space is limited, and you may need to connect a lot of other devices and drives at the same time. Look for one with Bluetooth built-in, as this will help you cut down on wires and USB connections.

Next time you are looking for a laptop or a new PC, remember this guide. If you can avoid wasting money on the parts you don’t need, and invest in the ones you do, you will save money overall and have a PC that is perfectly suited to you.

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