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All of us face one common thing with our computer is, after a certain period of time, its speed slows down that it was before. This is the ultimate truth for every computer user. What happens actually is, you don’t get the amount of speed that you were getting before. It will take more time to open a file, folder, and software, even an opened program doesn’t get shut down in the usual time when you close it.

Now the question is, How to fix a slow pc & speed up performance. Well, there are some easy ways to boost up your computer speed & make it as powerful as it was before. 

Below in this article, I’m going to show you some convenient ways to Speed up your pc by Xtra-PC and easy tricks. 


It is a kind of USB device that comes with a very small shape but with powerful facilities. Xtra-PC is designed to speed your old and slow computer by increasing the efficiency of your computer task processing power. By connecting this device to the USB port of your computer, you can make your slow computer as powerful as it was before. 

When you connect the device on your computer it bypasses your slow, old, bloated Windows operating system. It boosts up the speed & the overall speed of your PC by making your computer blazing fast. Almost every computer that was made after 2008 or later works perfectly with Xtra-PC. The superior part of Xtra-PC is there are no restrictions on the number of PCs you can use.

That means whenever you’re working on a computer you can use that computer and then again when you shift into another computer, you can unplug it from the current computer and plug it into the next computer. You should remember one thing that the device only works when it is plugged in. If you remove it, your PC will get back to its past condition. 

How Does Xtra-PC Work?

The working process of Xtra-PC is so easy and convenient. It is designed in a way that you don’t need to do many things with this device. Below in this segment, I’m going to show you how this device actually works and how to fix a slow pc & speed up performance

First, connect the Xtra-PC on the USB-port of your desktop/laptop. Remember, the device works only when it is plugged in your PC, so if you disconnect it then your PC will get back to its past condition. Well, once you connect the Xtra-PC on your computer, there will be a window open in the apps bar or directly on your computer screen.

It will ask your permission to install the program on your pc. Once you are granted permission Xtra-PC can use all the functionality of your computer and boost up the speed of your computer. Then you will notice that your computer is working like it was before when you purchase it. 

Features of Xtra-PC

Below in this segment, I’m going to include some features of Xtra-PC so that you can understand if you need one of these devices to boost the speed of your old computer. 

1 : Affordable

The price of this device is not so high, so instead of purchasing a brand new computer, you can make your old computer like a brand new one by using this device. If you’re changing your computer due to its slow performance then Xtra-PC is an effective solution. 

2 : No Problem If No Hard Drive 

It means if your computer has no hard drive by using Xtra-PC, your computer without any problem. Even you can use Xtra-PC for almost every PC that comes with a  USB-port. 

3 : Easy to Use

Using this device is so easy & simple. Just plug it on a USB port and your job is done. It will start working. 

4 : Boost up the Speed of  Your Computer

Once you plug into Xtra-PC on your computer it starts work with the speed as it was before when you purchase. 

5 : Provide Security & protection

Xtra-PC eliminates all the risk of being affected by viruses & malware. Even when you work online it defends your privacy from third-parties.

6 : Remove Extra Antivirus-Programs

To protect your computer from third party access, one perfect antivirus is all enough. It’s not essential to use more than 1-antivirus on your PC. Some of us make this mistake and it slowers the speed of our computer. Remember, some antivirus programs may not remove completely when you uninstall them. You may need to use a cleanup utility to uninstall it properly. 

7: Close the Program of the Notification Area 

If your device is taking more time to start up then one of the possible reasons is you have enabled a large number of apps in the startup. If that is right then your PC will take higher time than usual. Now to increase the speed of your computer you need to close those programs from the start-up option. 

8 : Defragment the Hard Disk 

It is one of the handiest and effective ways to improve the performance of your computer. It optimizes your hard drive and boosts up their functionality. You can enable this feature to run automatically on a weekly basis or do this manually. 

9 : Browser Overload

Don’t forget that your browser is one of the culprits that slow down your computer. When you open up more tabs on your browser, your computer slows down because every tab you open it consumes memory & processing power.

So the higher the amount the greater it slows down your computer. So do not open too many tabs unnecessarily.  If you think that your browser often slows the performance of your computer it is wise to change the current browser and use an alternative one. 

Final Verdict

Above in this article, I have shown you, how to fix a slow pc & speed up performance. If you stick to all these guidelines then you can solve this issue without purchasing a new computer.

Among all the processes, I have described in the above article, the most effective one is using the Xtra-PC device on your PC. Once you plug in this device on your computer,  the speed of your computer will magically increase. 

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