Here’s How You Save Money While Shopping At Amazon

Every savvy shopper should know how to save money when shopping with big retailers like Amazon. With the surge in the cost of living, every penny matters, and family budgets need rethinking so that you find avenues and ways to pay less for whatever you need. Luckily, it is possible to save significant amounts when shopping at Amazon.

Amazon is convenient, making it the go-to retailer for almost all households. Often, they sell their items at reasonable prices. However, there are some ways, like Amazon coupons, to maximize the value of your shopping by saving money.

1. Use Amazon Coupons

Different sites have offer pages listing different Amazon coupon codes and promo codes. Click here for Amazon coupon listings.  With a coupon, you can enjoy new discounts for different items. Find such sites and check them up for the best Amazon deals.

In addition, you can get amazing money-saving vouchers from Amazon. Check out Amazon’s vouchers homepage for exclusive deals. For instance, you can get 60% off clothing or toiletries, or a deal that lets you save a specific amount of discount like three euros. After shopping, tap the collect voucher button and check out.

Also, use the retailer’s subscribe and save vouchers applied on top of the first discount. Such vouchers can save you 5 to 20% off, and you can use them on other items that are not Amazon brand items.


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2. Join Prime Membership

Regular customers can save money by signing up for prime membership. With this membership, you enjoy free and fast delivery, while non-prime members pay delivery fees and receive their items within three to five days. You also get early acces to the retailer’s sale events and exclusive discounts on certain items. In these sales events, you can get over 50% off on big-ticket brands, saving you big money.

Another perk of the membership is access to Prime Video, which allows you to stream films and Tv shows or download them for offline viewing. This helps you save the money you would have used for subscriptions to other service providers like Netflix.

You also get access to Prime Reading and Amazon Music which allows you and your loved ones to listen to your favourite music or read ebooks at home or on the go. You can sign up for a free one-month trial, and if satisfied, you can pay the annual membership amount to continue enjoying these benefits.


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3. Use an Amazon Credit Card

Signing up for an Amazon credit card accords you with some benefits. For instance, as a new cardholder, you get a 20-euros gift card as a welcome reward. When you become a full member, you become part of the Amazon Reward Points club to receive rewards back for spending on Amazon. For instance, for every 2 euros spent, you get 1.5 Amazon Reward Points. These points are later transferred to prizes. For example, you will get a 10-euro Amazon gift card for 1000 points. So, it is beneficial to bank with your retailer of choice.


Most shoppers only know about Amazon coupons. They miss out on these other avenues to save big money at Amazon. So, check out these ways to see how much you can save.

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