Which is better for video SEO: YouTube or Your Site?

When you are optimizing the SEO for the video content, the first thing that can come to your mind is whether to use YouTube or your site for it. Whether hosting your content on YouTube ensures you are driving better traffic on your page. On the other hand, hosting your videos on your site helps you to drive more traffic to your website. One option allows you to get your videos indexed and ranks in the Google search and the other one enhances your popularity to drive more organic traffic to your page. So which one is better for your video SEO? Have a look:

In terms of reach:

When it comes to the reach, hosting your videos on YouTube benefits you with better visibility along with proper distribution. It benefits you by reaching out to more and more people since millions of users daily use the platform to watch videos. Google search also automatically indexes your videos for uploading on YouTube, which can enhance your visibility much.

On the other hand, using your website as the primary home to upload your videos provides a better level of reach than YouTube may not offer you. If you are having a strong domain with plenty of links, whether with few followers on YouTube, then you can rank better on the website for your video queries on Google. You can avail of service from SEO Melbourne to target more reach with your onsite video SEO optimization.

In terms of audience engagement:

Usually, YouTube comes with a large number of native features, which are great for audience engagement which are great for Video SEO. In case one of your users subscribes to your channel, they are going to receive new videos right in front of their feed as they log into their YouTube. Moreover, you users may also receive notifications as they publish new videos. The recommended videos that appear at the end of any of the videos can also become very helpful for driving valuable and additional amounts of engagement.

On the other hand, sending traffic to your site helps you with the customizing and directing of audience engagement in a much more meaningful way than YouTube. Though it requires more setup, it still shows better results. To optimize the Video SEO, clickable annotation links can easily be added to the videos. Also, you can add email subscription buttons to help the users to subscribe to your email list for CRM.

In terms of conversion:

YouTube does not usually offer a lot of opportunities for conversion. At the same time, it works as a suboptimal platform for its marketing goals. You can also include links back to your site in the description area and through the end of the screens if you are a part of the YouTube Partner Program. However, all you can expect is only 1% of visitors will come to view the site after watching the video on YouTube. YouTube usually makes money with ads. Thus playing your ads on YouTube rather than uploading videos may be more effective to drive conversion.

Your site, in such cases, comes out as one of the best places to depend upon for your video SEO. Sending traffic from the search to the site of your own offers you better flexibility and the opportunity to have more customer conversion rates. You can also place the videos anywhere on the page area along with the call-to-action button and other clickable links. This is one of the best ways to drive more conversion in your business, as optimizing your video SEO for your site opens up plenty of opportunities for you.


When it comes to driving the traffic to your site, both YouTube and your page work as the proper places to post your video. However, if you are thinking of optimizing your video SEO, then your site is the best place to use for the optimization of the search engine to target better traffic.

Kishan Rana

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