How to Use CRM and Marketing Automation Together

The success of every business depends on how it interacts with clients. Unlike in the past, today’s businesses have various tools that they can use to automate their communication processes. Customer relation management is one of the best ways of managing communication with customers.

Why Is It Important to Integrate CRM With Marketing Automation?

Most sales professionals and marketers agree that integrating CRM and marketing automation can significantly reduce cost and increase productivity. Besides, proper marketing automation and CRM give you a chance to harness the full potential of each tool.

Here are some of the ways in which you can combine CRM with marketing automation:

Give your marketing and sales efforts top priority

Bringing together marketing automation tools and CRM will help in organizing and streamlining your customer retention activities. This will give your sales and marketing teams an opportunity to understand every customer’s journey. They can then use those insights to know what to prioritize.

Don’t waste a lot of money in acquiring leads that will not bring you any customers. This is one mistake many companies make.

Constant customer engagement using CRM and customer automation

One of the biggest benefits of integrating CRM with marketing automation is that it guarantees consistent communication through texts across the departments. In most cases, teams from the sales and marketing departments find themselves working at cross purposes. This often creates confusion among both prospective and existing customers

But integrating the two platforms will help in eliminating such confusion while creating visibility that promotes uniform and targeted communication across the board.

Guide users throughout the customer journey

The main purpose of integrating CRM with your marketing automation platform is to give sales and marketing teams to generate more leads and offer guidance to potential and existing clients through the purchasing journey.

When the two systems are integrated, you and your team will be able to review the collected data and understand better how customers are interacting with your website as well as products and services. This will help you to offer them a better experience in terms of content.

Closed-loop reporting

Have you ever thought of the marketing campaigns that bring in more sales? You can only determine this by combining CRM and marketing automation. The best way to do that is to used closed-loop reporting to determine how revenue is distributed in different campaigns.

Running the two processes separately will make it difficult to get a clear picture. Though you may notice you are making money, you won’t be able to know how that money is coming in.

Assign lead scores

Your CRM tools gather all manner of data for every lead, and this can be overwhelming. But when you combine it with marketing automation tools, you are able to give scores to leads according to the data available. Later, your systems will rank leads and provide accurate data to your marketing and sales teams.

Bottom line

Your marketing system should work in tandem with CRM. Operating each one of them separately is a big mistake.

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