7 Advantages of Web Time Clock for Medical Offices

Healthcare is one of the largest and fast-growing industries in the world. The employment rates have been monumentally spiking every month, and it calls for a reliable web time clock solution for recording working hours accurately.

The healthcare industry includes a wide range of work environments, from fast-paced to quiet office settings and traveling medicos. Handling such a diverse operational force without the help of a time clock can leave you grasping at straws.  So, why do you need a web time clock?

Why Medical Offices Need A Web Time Clock?

In most states, if any employee works more than forty hours in a given week, they are eligible for overtime wages. If you do not have a web time clock in your medical office, some employees who are aware of this may use it to their benefit by manipulating the manual time tracking methods. Instead of dealing with insurance and employer claims, it is better to invest in high-end web-based time clock software.

Yet another and possibly more important reason for having a web-based time clock in medical offices is the patients. As each patient arrives at the office, you can track them easily without dealing with loads of paperwork. By monitoring their arrival time, waiting time, appointment time, you can avoid conflicts with other patients and run your practice on time.

Now that you know the importance of having a web-based time clock in medical offices let us see some of its benefits.

Track Time Your Way

Unlike other industries, the medical and healthcare industry does not track hours by standard shifts. With a customizable web-based time clock in your medical office, you can put to rest the unreliable and bulky mechanical punch clocks. The online time tracking software lets your staff clock in and out from devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Handy Way of Tracking Time

As many medical and healthcare professionals visit patients at their homes and travel to different hospitals, it can be challenging to keep track of the shifts. However, with web-based time tracking applications, you no longer have to worry about missing out on tracking employees on the move.

Besides clocking in through the software on a computer, the employees can also securely clock in from any work location, job site, or office through a mobile device. Using a web time clock on the go, employees and employers can save valuable time that can be spent attending the patients.

Use the Note Entry Feature

Some patients may require more attention from the medical staff compared to others. With a web time clock in hand, the employees can keep track of such nuance details by entering patient notes. This way, the staff need not have to explain the discrepancies in time to the supervisors.

Eliminates Heaps of Paperwork

As web-based time clock solutions provide timesheet and punch style entry for web forms and mobile applications, you don’t have to handle loads of paperwork anymore.

Instead of filling up and submitting the forms with the work hours listed, the employees can clock in during their shift from anywhere straight into the time clock website. This prevents as well as reduces handling lost paperwork.

Covers Different Healthcare Departments

Some time clock software in the market covers only specific healthcare industries. However, a few web time clock apps are designed for all departments – from hospitals to assisted living, health industry businesses, mobile units, health care workers, etc. All departments in the healthcare niche can benefit by using any reliable web-based time clock software.

Stay Ahead of Attendance Issues

Staff shortage can cause irreversible damage in a medical facility. The work schedule must be aptly planned without any attendance issues cropping up unexpectedly. With the help of web-based time applications, you get a centralized platform to view all the scheduled time off for a month or a week in advance.

One glance at it, and you will know if the medical office has the right amount of employees for the week based on specialties and skills.

No More Compatibility Issues

By choosing a time clock compatible with different file formats, you don’t have to worry about allocating time to convert payroll files into acceptable formats. If your payroll system accepts CDV files, then choose a time clock that is compatible with it. This way, you can effortlessly export and import payrolls quickly.

Be it a medical office, a dental clinic, or home care, the technology in all the premises remains the same. Are you tired of handling paper works and following up on endless medicos? Then sign up for a web-based time clock system and check out its benefits.

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