All You Need to Know about Samsung Note 20 Price in Singapore

Tech giants Samsung have taken over the world with inventions that are always better than the last. And their new galaxy model, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and Note 20 Ultra do not disappoint. Whether you are looking to buy a new phone or jump ships, from Apple to Android, this is the phone for you.

Samsung Note 20 /Note 20 5G Specs

One highlighted feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is its mystic bronze, black and white colors. This metallic tone is polished to give you a beautiful, smooth satin luster.

Samsung went all out to create the best performance you can expect from a phone. The Galaxy Note 20 5G is glare-free, even in daylight. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about straining your eye because It has features to reduce blue light.

Smooth scrolling and touch interactions are all thanks to the 120Hz display screen. An intellectual detector also checks your activity and adjusts the refresh rate, which improves your battery life.

The S-pen feels like a regular pen, and writing becomes more accessible due to the incredibly responsive screen. So, in terms of what you can expect, the Samsung Note 20 price is totally worth it.

Now, we all hate carrying a phone that would make your pants drop. Heavy phones are a thing of the past, and Samsung is aware of this.

The new Galaxy Note 20 weighs only 194g, is 8.3mm thick, with a 6.7” display. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a few grams heavier, weighing 208g. However, it is slimmer, with 8.1mm thickness and has a larger 6.9” display.

Now, let’s talk about value for your money.

Factory Price

When buying directly from the manufacturer, you can expect to pay something from $549.99, which is eligible for a trade-in. This means you can bring your older Samsung model and trade it for a new Galaxy Note 20 for less than $550.

The payment plan extends over 36 months if you choose to pay in installments. That means you get to pay $15.28 per month and enjoy Samsung financing.

Moreover, you stand to lower the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price by up to $75 in discounts, which apply to first responders, students and teachers, government officials, military personnel, and Samsung employees.

Buy your Galaxy Note 20 from us

If Samsung phone take too long for you or do not have an older model to trade-in, you can shop for your phone in our online retail shop. You can also buy the 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM Samsung Galaxy Note 20 from dealers and outlets in Singapore.

The Note 20 retails for approximately $1,398, while the Galaxy Note 20 5G retails for $1,548. The said price includes the entire package, i.e., the full HD phone, a charging brick, a USB cable, an S Pen, and a SIM card removal pin.

However, there are no headphones, as was the case with Note 10 and Note 10+.

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