10 Ways to Blend Wood Shades During Your Home Renovation

When you take a look at an interior design magazine, you’ll barely see a setup without wood. Whether it’s for the material itself or the colour, the idea of mixing and matching wood shades is quite appealing. Perhaps, you want to add texture and colour variation to your HDB or Condo interior. In such cases, blending different wood tones will do wonders with your modern interior style. 

While there are no strict rules to achieving the perfect woody feel, there are some essentials that’ll lead you forward. For example, you may want to start with natural or neutral wood colours to fit into your general colour scheme. You can take it as further as creating contrasting combos and mixing different patterns.

Here’s a quick guide on how to blend wood shades in your renovation:

Modern Black Living Room

Typically, using black and dark tones for your living room is quite a bold move. However, nothing can match the masculine edge it can bring to your interior. If you add in some classic mid-century furnishing, you’ll make a memorable statement.

One way to execute the style is to add a vintage or leather sofa with a dark wood coffee table. Opposite the brown leather lounger is a statement wall in the same colour palette with a flat TV screen. The decorative wood house above the screen underscores the look while the chandelier completes it.

Open Concept Interior with Rustic Inspiration

If you’re looking for the ultimate cosy look for your HDB or Condo interior, then go for Rustic. Nothing is comparable to the authentic look of a reclaimed wood feature wall. You can combine it with wood furniture of different tones like a walnut dining table and lighter beech chairs. 

The mix and match idea will achieve a honey-toned atmosphere that coordinates with the rest of your interior. Moreover, you’ll effortlessly bring in subtle contrast between the various elements. You can finish off with hardwood flooring.

Neutral Interior Design With Warm Wood Tones

Nowadays, neutral interiors like the Scandinavian or minimalist styles can easily create a calm and serene atmosphere. However, adding some wood accents will significantly enhance the warmth of your otherwise cold colour scheme. 


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An excellent way to execute the idea is to match your neutral walls with pale wooden flooring. That way, you’ll make your living room look even more spacious and bright. You can add some practical storage solutions in dark wood shades and some chairs in honey-toned wood.

Purposely Use Contrasting Colours and Textures

Believe it or not, the days of matchy-matchy looks have long come and gone. In this regard, mixing different wood pieces is even advisable, especially for textures and finishes. That way, you’ll not only create mini focal points, but you’ll also keep the contrast.

Ultimately, the purposeful use of contrasting colours and textures will enhance the overall visual appeal of your interior design. The list includes various items like wooden decorations, bowls and others. Make sure you combine gradient colours to achieve a harmonious look.

Modern White Kitchen 

Sometimes, the best you can do with a kitchen design is to use wood. While the rustic accents bring in warmth, you can adorn them with ceiling beams for a bit of drama. You can finish off with sliced wood slabs for a kitchen bar stool setup. The glossy silver appliances will effortlessly match the entire concept to create the ultimate modern white kitchen. 

BLK 167C Simei Lane Resale DBSS, Swiss Interior

Styling a room in wood shades doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go neutral with the rest of the interior. Perhaps, a vibrant pop here and there will add the much-needed visual appeal to your room. For example, you can start with some decorative accents and some Scandinavian-style wooden armchairs with purple upholstery.

Embrace the Mid-century Style

Sometimes, Scandinavian and Mid-century styles may have a lot in common. But if you want to make a statement living room, get some velvet lounge chairs. Install a hardwood floor and stain them with black ebony. The walnut veneering on your wood shelving and other storage furniture will perfectly match the luxe feel.

Mix Contemporary With Rustic 

Modern interiors often lack that charming warmth of rustic homes. If you genuinely want to embrace the cosiness of old-time interiors, try using reclaimed wood. A combination of some upcycled oak panels with sleep contemporary details will make a decent combo. 


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Perhaps, you can take a step towards a more industrial vibe with some wooden-metal stools. Also, let’s not forget a set of vintage wood light fixtures to add to the overall contrast.

Create the Ultimate Contrast

Speaking of contrast, using different wood tones is the ultimate way to highlight various parts of your interior design. Whenever you want to enhance the visual appeal of a room, mix different shades of wood. This method is especially effective when you’re aiming for a clean and uncluttered look. Start with an old oak flooring and continue with some dark-toned furnishing.

Art Deco With Dark Wood Furniture

Undoubtedly, wood and wood shades persist in most 20th century styles. If you want to pull off a sleek Art Deco interior design, you can’t go without some dark wood furniture. Whether it’s the dining area or living room, a combination of dark wood and jewel pieces will exude perfect luxury. Usually, everything from walnut to reddish wood brown is a go. If you can get your hands on some vintage furnishing, you’ll hit the jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Wood has always been an indispensable element of every interior design. While it’s universal, many prefer to replace it with more environmentally-friendly materials. Still, the colour, shades and textures continue to persist in today’s interior trends. 

Renovation experts like Swiss Interior can safely incorporate both, giving you the best of all worlds. They will help you find the perfect balance between the unmistakable contrasting tone and the rest of your interior.

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