Kitchen Styles And Ideas For Condominium Interior Design

Whether you live in a small house or a big one, the kitchen is a place where you are bound to spend a considerable amount of time cooking. Hence, it should be one which is comfortable and functional but on top of that, it should be also visually appealing so that you enjoy your time there. In terms of condominiums, you may have relatively less space for a kitchen which makes it all the more important for it to be properly designed to enhance its beauty, comfort, and functionality.

A good interior design calls for a professional interior designing service which will take all your requirements and preferences into account and design your house. They can help you transform your kitchen into a functional yet elegant space. 

But even if you hire an interior designer, you should still have an idea about the different types of themes and colors which you can incorporate into your kitchen which suit your preferences. Here, we will describe some of the different styles and themes which you can apply into the kitchen of your condominium interior design. 

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen never goes out of fashion and becomes an epitome of elegance and class. It consists mainly of sleek lines, glass, and steel. The colors used in a modern kitchen are usually subdued so that no particular color gets too imposing. A combination of white with light grey creates a very fresh and spacious look. When bright sunlight enters such a kitchen, it bounces off the white interiors to create a beautiful and fresh feel. On the other hand, black with cream colors creates a dramatic and exotic effect which can further be enhanced by using recessed lighting and spotlights. 

Country Kitchen

If you think that a modern kitchen is becoming too common these days and want to stick with the country style kitchen of Grandma’s from the fondest memories of childhood, then this style is the one for you. In a country kitchen, the overpowering color and material is the timeless look of rich Oakwood. You can even add a few touches of powder blue or sage green color to go with the oakwood to create a fun version of country kitchen. Add a few hanging lamps from the ceiling along with fresh flowers on the countertops to feel those country vibes. You can also create a kitchen island if you have extra space. Place a few wooden stools or chairs with the kitchen island to make the perfect and cozy country kitchen.


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Retro Kitchen

If you like the interior designs and styles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, then this retro kitchen style is sure to catch your attention. Through this style, you can create a fun kitchen with a touch of nostalgia in a way that brings a whole new character to the kitchen. In a retro kitchen, the floors are usually balck and white checkerboard whereas the cabinets and counters are of blue and green hues. A bright pink refrigerator sits in one corner and an old toaster on one of the counters. Wooden chairs or stools painted in white or blue-greens complement the other interior design. You can even add some music records or a radio in this kitchen to further create a retro and nostalgic effect.

Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is another style of interior design which lets you keep some aspects of a modern design but gives you the freedom to break and few rules according to your preferences. Where a modern kitchen is all about sleek lines and symmetry, a contemporary style allows you to make additions according to what you like. 

For example, you can have marble countertops and sleek cabinets but you may choose to add a wood floor instead of a tiled one. You may place your coffee machine on one of the counters or showcase a cast iron skillet to add some character to this design. You can experiment with different forms of white and warm lighting to see which goes best according to the other elements. Add a few plants to freshen up the space and to brighten it up. For the stools, you can choose modern bar stools or you can even go for the traditional wooden stools.

These are just a few of the kitchen design ideas that you can use while designing the kitchen of your condo. A good condominium interior designer will also provide you with many different themes and ideas out of which you can choose the ones that you like best and which come in your budget.

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