Top 7 ideas to Add Elegance to Your Living Room

Your living room is a place in your home where you get to relax or have social gatherings. It can be difficult creating a comfortable living room for you and guests when it looks shabby. If your living room doesn’t have the correct colours, accents and decorations it can look inconsistent, which does impact how you feel when you use the space.

So how do you add elegance to your living space? That’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s article. Simply adding s fold sheer curtains can make your living room look classy and neat. We’ll discuss more of that in our first tip.

1. Hang Drapes with the Correct Colours and Textures

There are various types of curtains made with different fabrics. To block out light from the sun, you can buy curtains made with thick fabrics such as suede. However, to add elegance to your living room, pick curtains that are light with soft textures.

Wave fold curtains are popular because they create rounded shapes which are perfect for feminine aesthetics. Sheer curtains allow more light in during the day and they’re easy to open and close. S fold sheer curtains also have soft textures and sometimes the fabrics have shiny or glittery finishes.

If you have a living room that has neutral tones such as white or soft peachy tones, then sheer curtains will add the elegance you need.

2. Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls are unique and are used to add patterns to plain walls painted with one colour. The easiest way to create a feature wall without making a mess is to use wallpaper. Pick one of your four walls you’d like to draw some attention to. Then use your wallpaper to cover it. You can either add a single colour that’s a different tone to the rest of your walls or use wallpaper with patterns on them.

Some people use their feature wall to hang photographs or marquee letter lights. Make sure the tones and patterns you pick complement the rest of the décor in your living room to keep the decorations’ theme consistent. Avoid using bright shades and only pick patterns with rounded shapes.

3. Add Accents with Soft Tones

Pick rugs, table runners and furniture cushions made with soft tones that will bring out the classiness of your room. If you’re going for a classic chic look then perhaps light silvers or Champagne gold will create a stunning aesthetic in your living room.

Other elegant colours include emerald green, sapphire blue, bronze and copper. These are tones that can be closely related to the look of jewellery. Bronze or copper light fixtures and ornaments will pair well with cooler tones such as green and blue.

4. Light Up Your Living Room

If you strategically place lamps inside your living room it can create an elegant ambience in your lounge. Short lamps can be added to side tables or you can place tall lamps behind couches or in corners.

For extravagant elegance, you can add a crystal chandelier to your ceiling but make sure the lights can be dimmed when you want to watch TV. Turn the brightness up when you’re entertaining guests and watch it shine!

Pendant lights are also a popular choice for elegant living rooms, especially when paired with laminate or tiled flooring.

5. Add Artwork to Your Walls

Blank walls can look unfinished. You can’t have an elegant living room without the correct artwork. Abstract art works but you can also add paintings of animals, trees or flowers. Original paintings look more sophisticated than prints and a lot more expensive.

The frames you pick can have a major impact on the aesthetics of your walls. Frames made from chrome should be sleek. On the other hand, frames made with wood can be slightly bulkier.

For size, either pick two or three small pieces of art or hang a large painting over a fireplace or above your couch to create a focal point in your living room.

6. Place Potted Plants Around Your Space

Add a bit of nature to your lounge with potted plants. If you pick fragrant flowers it can add a naturally pleasant fragrance to your living room. Additionally, plants absorb indoor toxins to clean your air and increase oxygen. Indoor plants also eliminate foul odours.

Aglaonema, philodendrons and dracaena are popular houseplants because they’re attractive and easy to take care of. Paired with lamps and mirrors these plants will make your living room look lively and sophisticated.

7. Keep Your Surfaces Clutter-Free

One aspect that will destroy the aesthetics of your living room is clutter. Your table surfaces should be free from junk and miscellaneous items. Throw away items you don’t need and use your cupboards to store the ones you do want to keep.

Your tables should only have runners, potted plants lamps or ornaments occupying the surfaces.

Final Thoughts

We hope the 7 tips we provided in today’s article help you create the living room you’ve always wanted. How will you start your decorating process? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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