6 Crucial Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters in Your New Office

Have you recently relocated your business to a new office building? Or are you opening your business for the first time? Surely there must be a lot of emphasis on moving in, setting up your store structure and getting your staff moved in.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time setting up your IT systems, putting up the marketing and sending out notifications to all your customers that you’re at new premises. But did you ask a mechanical plumber to come in and do an assessment of the building’s plumbing?

It might not seem like a big deal, but, trust us, when you have water flowing down your hallway, it will be a big deal!

Avoid a Commercial Plumbing Crisis

Commercial plumbing is one of the aspects that people only do something about when it becomes a major problem. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent plumbing nightmares from causing chaos in your new business venture. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Have a Professional Plumbing Audit Done

The quickest and easiest way to determine if your commercial plumbing is up to standard is to have a general site and maintenance audit done. A professional mechanical plumber will be able to perform an extensive audit of the various plumbing aspects on the property.

Once the audit is done and problems and potential future problems are identified, a plan can be set up to perform the necessary maintenance. A plan can also be set up for regular servicing and inspections. This will minimise the risk of having a pipe or air conditioning issue from occurring in the middle of a business day.

Certified mechanical plumbers can easily set up a preventative maintenance program tailored to your type of business.

Check the Thermostatic Mixing Valve

If you’ve never heard of a TMV, you might want to phone a certified and reputable mechanical plumber immediately. According to Australian law, all commercial businesses must have a working thermostatic mixing valve.

A TMV is a valve that regulates the hot and cold water to ensure there is no scalding when a tap is opened. If you have staff and customers using bathrooms, it’s essential to ensure that this valve is in 100% working order. Fortunately, commercial plumbing includes the servicing and maintenance of these valves as well.

Test and Prevent Backflow

Having clean, safe drinking water on your premises is another legal requirement that you can’t ignore. Backflow occurs when there’s a reversal of the flow of water. This happens when there’s a change in the pressure.

Often this change in pressure is as a result of faulty pressure valves. If this type of problem is not attended to, it can lead to water contamination, which in turn leads to diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and diarrhoea.

Perform Fire Service Repairs

The last thing any business owner wants is to discover that the fire equipment in their building doesn’t work when a fire breaks out. It’s necessary to perform a fire service survey.

During this type of survey, equipment is analysed and checked for damage and leaks. A regular maintenance program can be set up to ensure regular services take place, which will ensure the equipment is ready for use in the event of an emergency. Contractors can also provide tips to avoid potential fires as well as identifying fire hazards.

Avoid Gas Leakages

Since gas leaks are very difficult to detect without an inspection, you might only realise you have a problem when something serious happens. Long-term exposure to gas could result in some serious medical conditions. Some of these include trouble breathing and headaches. Death is also a risk you need to avoid.

Employees spend an average of six to eight hours at work. That’s an incredibly long time to be exposed to leaking gas. Detecting gas leaks is one of the functions of mechanical plumbing, so a professional contractor will be able to ensure you, your staff and your customers are safe.

The Basics

Aside from the above tips, there are also the basics to look out for. Some of these include:

  • Check pipes for leaks: Don’t ignore leaks in pipes or taps. The smallest leak can turn into a major problem if not tended to timeously.
  • Clogged toilets: It’s important to be mindful of what people are flushing. Put up posters in the bathroom to encourage people to only flush what should be flushed. Toilets in commercial buildings are more prone to blockages since they are used all day by customers and staff.
  • Clogged drains: If you’re running the type of business where the sinks are continuously being used, you might end up with clogged drains. Ensure regular maintenance to prevent this.

A Final Thought on Avoiding Plumbing Disasters

It’s important to have a certified mechanical plumber conduct an extensive audit on all the aspects of your business’ plumbing. Planning regular maintenance and services will ensure that you don’t find yourself in the middle of plumbing nightmare that can potentially affect your business. By following the simple steps on our list and having a certified mechanical plumber in your corner you’ll ensure that plumbing disasters are avoided!

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