7 Ways You Can Optimise the Security in Your Home

Do you live in a neighbourhood that’s not 100% secure? Your home may be a target for criminals if you don’t have the correct security system. You want to be able to prevent robberies from happening and the best way is to improve the security around your home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, today’s article may help you. We’re giving you 7 ways you can optimise the security in and around your home. The first tip on the list is all about using an intercom system. Keep reading to find out about that and more.

1.  An Intercom System Allows Safe Communication

An intercom system allows you to communicate with people outside of your premises. When someone rings your doorbell you can talk to him or her through the intercom to see if it’s someone you know. If it’s a stranger you can decide whether or not to allow him or her into your premises.

Some intercom systems have extra features such as cameras or it can allow remote access to your home. A new security system could also create some luxury since you can let in friends or family even when you’re not there.

2. Install Security Cameras in Key Locations

On larger properties, there may be several locations where criminals can hide. Install surveillance cameras in these key locations so you can keep an eye on them. Modern security cameras can be connected to your TV or SmartPhone so you can remotely monitor these secluded areas around your home.

If you notice any activity that looks suspicious, you can call the authorities immediately. One of the benefits of having security cameras is that they deter crime. Thieves are less likely to rob your home if there are security cameras installed on your premises.

3. Panic Buttons Under Your Tables or on Walls

A panic button can either set your home alarm off or send a distress signal to your security company. Add panic buttons underneath nightstands or on walls that you can access easily. You can get assistance in one of many ways:

  • If a burglar enters your home, push the panic button to sound off your alarm to alert the authorities.
  • If your next-door neighbours hear your alarm they may come to your aid or phone the police for you.
  • Some security companies are quick to respond to distress calls so the burglar won’t get far before being caught. I probably won’t get through all today as there are 43 but

4. Install Sliding Gates that Lock When Slammed Shut

Standard security gates aren’t safe because you can’t lock them fast enough if someone is chasing you. Install sliding security gates that lock when you slam them shut. This helps when you want to stop a criminal from entering your home. With a sliding gate, you don’t have to fumble with keys and they’re strong so criminals can’t break through them.

5. Add Sensor Lights to Your Garden

Trees and shrubs create spaces for people to hide. If you have a home with an alley at the back or a large garden with lots of dark spots, then install sensor lights around your property. If there’s any movement in your yard, the infrared sensor will detect the movement and immediately switch on your spotlights.

The spotlights should be bright enough to illuminate all the dark areas around your garden so you can see if anyone is hiding in your yard. Your lights paired with security cameras will allow you to see what’s happening around your home without having to unlock the house and go outside.

6. Install Sensor Beams on the Side of Your Home

Similar to sensor lights, sensor beams also have infrared detection. These devices are installed on the outside of your home and connected to your alarm system.

When you activate your alarm and someone walks past the sensor beams it will set the alarm off to alert you. It’s important to get sensor beams that have a long detection range so your alarm will sound off even if the criminal isn’t close to your door yet. This gives the authorities plenty of time to come to your aid when someone has entered your yard.

7. Electric Fences to the Top of Walls

You can add electric fences to the top of your walls to prevent criminals from climbing over them. Furthermore, if a criminal wants to jump your wall the fence will slow them down. They will need tools and a ladder to get over your wall which is risky for criminals because they want to get in and out of your home without detection. Therefore, an electric fence may be the ideal solution if you want the criminals not to consider your home for a robbery.

Bonus feature is that electric fences are easy to install and to maintain.

Final Thoughts

The most cost-effective security solution for your home is installing technology like an intercom system. If you pick the correct one you’ll get security cameras and remote access to your property. It’s an excellent way to keep criminals out and to know when someone is at your door. This is how you remain in control even if you’re not on the premises.

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