How To Achieve A V-Shape Face At Home?

The V-shaped face is undoubtedly Asia’s most common face style. It is a slender and oval face that ends in a sharp chin, also known as a V-line, and has a well-defined jawline. It allows you to look younger, more feminine, and it highlights your face characteristics.

The V-shaped face is also quite attractive, and many use surgery to do it. While not everyone dares to undergo surgical procedures, there are non-invasive treatments that will work well for them. Consider Botox Dysport jaw reduction treatment if you’re too afraid to go under the knife. Want to know more about this Botox treatment? Say no more and click this link for more details!

If you’re looking for cost-effective treatment for toning your face, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight in-home treatments to help you achieve that v-shape you’ve been longing for.

Try facial exercises

If you’re too afraid to go under the knife or take injectable treatments, facial exercises are known to be a non-invasive alternative to Botox and surgery. The good thing about facial exercises is that you won’t even break a sweat. Also, you can do these exercises at home. Try this set of facial exercises if you want to have a slender, firm, and toned face.

  • Do a fish face and try to smile as broadly as you can, keeping the same role. Keep the pose and repeat until you feel the burn for about five seconds!
  • Hide your teeth with your lips by creating an “O” shape in your mouth
  • Smile extensively without showing your teeth. Do this six times.

Use cold toners

In some cases, we wake up to a puffy face the morning after a night of indulgence. To work on this problem, a few minutes in the morning must be spent on improving circulation and tightening pores. One way to do this is to apply cold toner on your face. The cold conditions decrease capillaries and improve drainage while the toner leads to reducing inflammation and puffiness. 

Contour your cheeks and jawline

Everything you need is your favourite contour palette. Begin by applying the contouring make-up on your jaws in an upward push. Use a tiny brush for the concealer to accentuate the face about half an inch after blending the contour. This may not physically change the definition of your jaw, but it causes an illusion of a v-shaped face. This method is most popular for those who tend to use make-up all the time. 

Try facial masks

With active ingredients, v-masks help you lift your sagging skin and define your jawline, tighten your face and break down fatty cells without surgery. When you wrap the silicone mask around your face, the application process helps to enhance blood flow and tone the visual outlines.

Eat healthily & stay hydrated.

First of all, consider eliminating salt and sugar in your diet. Start drinking green tea or lemon water to help eliminate toxins in your body. Do you know that salt and sugar can make your face appear puffy? And after this phase is done, the skin tends to sag. This can cause the jaw to lose its definition. Make sure to watch what you eat as it can be the reason why your skin or facial features are appearing that way.

Improve your posture

If you’re fond of using your phone every day, it can cause your chin and neck to expand permanently as well as contribute to the sagging skins and jowls.

Whereas wrinkles were historically more prevalent in jaw areas only in women over 50 years of age, with smartphones as a whole, women start noticing saggy cheeks in their 30’s. Once this happens, aesthetic treatments such as fillers and lasers are the best ways to reverse it. Prevention, as the old age goes, is easier than treatment, just keep the phone up rather than looking down. Also, try to limit your phone usage and try to appreciate what’s in your surroundings.

Get a goodnight’s sleep.

Do you know that you can clamp or grit your teeth in your sleep unknowingly? Well, it can occur if you feel stress or anxiety and can’t relax during sleep. This condition is called Bruxism which can cause discomfort in teeth and jaw, and muscle soreness in the long run. It can also increase and overdevelop the facial muscles.

Make an appointment with your dentist for your teeth if you think you are affected by this. Before going to bed, try to stay relaxed by listening to calming music. Stressed and anxious, going to sleep will tense the muscles. You may try to meditate or light a scented, calming candle. In order to relax muscles in your mouth, you can even consider injections of Botox.

Massage your face as your apply facial creams

If you’re fond of facial massages, then you should pair it with the facial cream application. Besides, the right way to apply facial creams is by gently massaging them in your skin in a circular motion. To do this method, massage the substance in your skin with circular movements, pressure upward and light pressure outward with the tip of your fingertips. That helps drain the lymph nodes and reduces the accumulation of water in your face.

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