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Has it been a decade that your house looked just the same? If yes, then it’s time that you would want to renovate and remodel it. Any residential upgrade is costly. From managing the granite countertops to hardwood floors, there are many things that you need to look into. Most often than not people think home remodeling will eat away their savings! The truth is, it can if you don’t plan it well.

Not many people believe that home remodeling and savings can go hand in hand! If you want to remodel your house cost-effectively, you can follow these guidelines to make a smart home in few steps:

  1. Make your house clutter-free

It seems like a simple cleaning tip, but this goes a long way in remodeling your home. It makes your house space entirely new and inviting. And when you declutter, you can keep the open and clean space itself as a decor, with a minimalistic home decor item. It is one of the best forms of a classy, minimal decor that most urban households are opting in for. You can get it done in any one corner of your house.

  1. Purchase the little and quaint decorative items

Investing in small decorative items helps you uniquely remodel your house. You can change this decor easily and customize it as per your wish. Some of the famous examples of this include a brand-new coffee table book, the artistic coasters, the little lanterns as well as the finishing details that can provide your interior decor space a new age feel.

  1. Plants and candles make a unique combination

If you want your residence to look both modern with a touch of the “natural” elements, you need to blend plants and candles uniquely. You can start by placing good looking potted plants both indoors and outdoors. It is always better to opt-in for plant pots that come in ceramic pots. Do you want to increase your creativity and notch higher? If yes, you can go ahead and print the pots as well. It will provide your room with a natural essence.

And to add the urban touch make sure you opt-in for scented candles and floating candles. You can light it in your drawing room as well. Other than that, you can also place candles as a central living room piece and also have it arranged with tumbled crystal stones in the balcony, side tables and the like. The scent will help in creating a new environment.


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  1. Change home decor items that are easy on the pockets first

The moment we think of home remodeling, we almost jump to replace the chunky furniture pieces. For instance, we obsess about the vast home theatre case, the massive crystal bowl at the middle of the center table, the sofa, relaxing bed and the like. What we fail to realize is that there are other smaller home decor items that you can replace and exchange easily. For instance, you can start with the side tools, a wooden chair, and an old rug on the floor, a somewhat jaded carpet, pillow covers, the side sofa and the like.

  1. Tune-up and also clean the ventilation shafts and furnace

Most often than not, remodeling your house is all about how well you can clean your kitchen and as well as living room mess. You can start up cleaning and then fine-tuning the ventilation shafts and also clean it up. It is an active process even if there’s any sudden cosmetic attack. This way your home is always in the better state to perform!

  1. Change Your Lampshades

Changing landscapes enables you to alter the physical space hugely. You can select those lampshades that tally with the theme of the room and the overall home decor. For instance, if you already have a white wall paint and minimalistic decor, you need to change the light-colored lampshade to something vibrant. Alternatively, you can experiment with patterns and prints. You can select from the Aztec, tribal and other contemporary prints in multiple colors that enable you to add a distinctive look in your room decor, without getting over the top.

  1. Make sure that you install the brand-new switch plate covers

You may consider this an essential aspect of home decor! You can best define as the covers that are atop the light switches and several other electrical outlets. You can have access to a primary white cover for an affordable price of $1, at some of the prominent home enhancement retailers. You can install the same easily. Also, a clean and brand-new white cover is going to appear way more beautiful than an old, faded cover. And if you want to add a little bit of oomph in the kitchen, you can also add-in the stainless-steel covers. You might also want to shop for the decorative and patterned covers online.

These are some of the pocket-friendly and straightforward ways of remodeling your house you can opt-in for today. As you start the remodeling task, you can keep on adding more.

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