5 Advantages of Online Learning

Despite the fact that online education has some barriers and limitations, it offers a plethora of advantages.  Whether it’s lower tuition fee, short courses, or budget cuts, online learning can cover everything while providing quality education. This makes e-learning one of the greatest revolutions in the education system.

Not only has it become a valuable alternative to the traditional educational system but also an effective teaching and learning method. According to a survey, approximately three million students enroll in different online programs each year. In the same vein, six million students take at least one or two online courses during their degree.

The presented statistics highlight the significance of online education when it comes to opting subjects for higher studies. Besides this, the growing popularity of e-Learning has not only improved its reputation but also fueled its expansion. It also faltered the initial skepticism and showed it can be equally effective and powerful as face-to-face learning.

Not only is it beneficial for students but also for working professionals. However, if you are still apprehensive about taking an online course, here we enumerate some advantages of the medium to help you make a decision:

 Benefits of Online Learning

1.     Makes Learning Comfortable

This is probably one of the best advantages of online learning that makes it entirely different from traditional face-to-face learning. Unlike a traditional classroom, you don’t need to attend consecutive classes for hours, nor need to sit on an uncomfortable chair, fighting back pain.

To put it simply, when attending an online class, you are not bound to be physically present in the class. Opting for an online session means you will get an education through an online platform. You can conveniently learn and access the educational material without having to forgo the comfort of your cozy home.

Moreover, you will not have to travel in public transport, no need to rush to the campus or spend money on gas for your car. This list of amenities is no doubt a significant advantage of enrolling into an online course.

2.     Self-Paced Learning

No deadlines, no scheduled semesters and no pressure, these are the factors that give online learning an edge over traditional learning set-ups.  Students can learn or complete the course according to their own schedule. Collaborative sessions, webinars, written content, and recorded lessons make it all possible.  All you need is a strong internet connection in order to access the course material.

No matter if you work full-time or have other engagements, online learning is a great opportunity to manage work and studies. Plus, it is a convenient option for people who have severe health issues or feel reluctant to fit in the traditional learning environment.

According to a report from Class Central, 23 million people attempted Massive Online Course (MOOC) in 2017. This increased the total number of students (which are now over 82 million) who opted for e-Learning and benefitted from the new technologies.  A number of top universities like Yale, MIT and Harvard offer many online courses and allow students to access instructional material.

3.     Helps Students Stay Relevant in the Dynamic World

There is no denying that we live in a dynamic world where from culture to learning trends, everything is volatile. Online learning, in this regard, is a great way to address the challenges of this fast-paced world.  It helps students keep up with the latest and advanced information.

Information included in the textbooks can quickly become obsolete. It costs businesses, schools, and universities and can be disadvantageous for the students exposed to outdated information. However, in online learning, the courses and informative material is usually updated after every two years.

Besides this, updating instructional material for e-Learning is comparatively less costly than traditional educational material, which includes textbooks and printed stuff. It is because there is no need to reprint expensive books when technology advances or new information becomes available. The information can be updated online, saving tremendous expense of printing material as well as editing time.

4.     Accessible to Everyone

As mentioned earlier, online learning doesn’t confine learners in a classroom setting. Unlike traditional learning setups, which may pose obstacles to a number of potential learners, online learning is accessible to everyone. When it comes to maintaining and creating in-person lessons, traditional learning is expensive. This prevents students from lower-income backgrounds from getting the education they need to improve their lives.

Moreover, people who are psychologically or physically unable to study in the classroom setting suffer due to the traditional education system. Sometimes, the particular life situation prevents people from attending classes conducted at a specific place and time.

For example, parents with young kids or people with demanding jobs are unable to attend classes in morning hours. They are time bound and cannot align their schedules with classroom learning. Online learning, in this regard, is a panacea for all these problems as it is accessible to all.

5.     Affordable Learning

Tied to the last point, managing expenses of traditional learning is difficult for many people; especially people from a low socioeconomic background. This is where the role of online learning comes into play. This may sound surprising to you but online learning programs are affordable as compared to traditional campus courses.

The average cost of an online course depends on various factors, which vary from course to course. For instance, if you are considering enrolling in a Data Specialization Course offered by the University of California, you will have to pay $399. However, you can avail an option to pay $50 per course as financial aid if you cannot afford the tuition fee.

There are many online institutes that offer free online learning courses and MIT is one of them. It also offers instructional material and a certificate at the end of the course.

Final Thoughts

To a large extent, online learning programs are worth your time and effort as they are inexpensive and convenient than traditional education. Online learning undeniably broadens the spectrum of learning at Patrick Henry College and offers plenty of advantages.

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