11 Web Design Mistakes That Are Ignored Badly

People think website designing is very easy but it is not. Considering things as easy often make designers make mistakes. Because they do not go deep in what things are required and what things need to be taken care of. So when you are not paying attention to some of the crucial points you are definitely making mistakes while designing your websites.

If you have an experienced web design agency then it would have always occurred to you – whether to aim at making the website more creative or to design in accordance with search engine optimization? We all have observed that a simple textual website does not fascinate the visitors and it is also witnessed that a mind-blowing animated website also does not have a good response. So to clear out the dilemma we have chalked out some of the points that should be considered by every designer and developer while moving ahead with the work.

Let us have a look at what things are generally ignored by web designers and they fail to design a useful website:

#1. Improper planning:

Do you really know what things you have to keep in mind while planning your website? Take a paper and a pen and write down the things that you want in your website. Your web design is initial and essentially a means of communication between you and your customer. So think like a customer and then make a proper strategy to be followed for your web designing.

#2.Unaware of what a visitor want:

When you do not know for whom you are designing your website how will you be able to design an appropriate design? First of all think of the clients and the customers you want to serve your services to. Have a thorough analysis of what your customers are demanding for and then work over your website.

#3. Too much focus on the speed of your website:

Be patient with things. Don’t rush. We understand that there are clients that want the things to be done within a day but things performed hurriedly always come back for repair. It is not that you can take as much time as you want for completing a project but sufficient time is necessary.

#4. Basic Fundamentals:

When you design anything or you do anything you always have to take care of the basics of that particular thing. Whenever you work you have to start it from the basic level. This always helps in designing a well optimized and a complete website. These basics include things like readable fonts, using the white space completely, navigation design which is convenient. Only then your additional features should be added.

#5. Maintain Balance:

Yes there are infinite options when you design a website but this does not mean that you are applying each and every option into your website. Please do not overplay with your website. Using your web designing skills and sharp brain you can design a well maintained and stable website that your customers would love.

#6. Using SEO tricks:

SEO techniques also are very important for your business and while designing a website you have to think from that perspective too. SEO experts ask you to put some keywords into the URLs you are going to make for the pages of your website. But your design should focus on how to keep your visitors happy. Make your web designs in such a way that make them stay longer on your website and this will actually help your SEO team members.

#7. Call to Action is not clear:

When you design your website, always keep your Call to Action button larger and clearer. This will make your visitor contact you as soon as they want. Small and unclear call to action buttons will create inconvenience for the visitors and they will try searching for some other than yours, ultimately, loss to your business.

#8. Too Much Use Of Splash Pages:

We always try hard to attract our potential customers and make use of all the extra-ordinary features to make our website stand out from the crowd. One such instance is adding usage of splash pages. Splash pages definitely give a cool look to the website and are also quite eye-catching. But it can be the greatest obstacle between your website and search engine bots. Technically, the elements such as splash pages, java applets, and flash content are often ignored by search engine bots and are not indexed which would indirectly impact on the page ranking of your website in SERP.

#9. Ignoring The Use Of Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are always beneficial for your website as it creates a matrix of all the internal pages and builds interlinking among them. This interlinking significantly increases the website’s search engine performance.  Use of breadcrumbs in e-commerce website improve the user-friendliness of the website by creating a transparent hierarchical structure of the website. Hence the use of breadcrumbs should not be ignored by developers.

#10. Improper Handling Of 404 Pages:

A website developer should give preference to custom 404 pages. The intention behind the creation of custom 404 pages is that it helps the visitors to get back to the home page or any relevant page of the website if they lose track of it. With custom 404 pages you can prevent your website from exhibiting any broken link to the search engine bots. It is a user-friendly approach to deal with the website’s ‘Not Found’ pages. Other advantages of using a custom 404 page are that they enhance the user experience of the website along with complimenting the SEO value.

#11. Having Pop-Ups in the Website:

Pop-ups, as we all know, are very annoying and they are generally closed down by the visitors as soon as they see it. It is one of the major factors that increase the bounce rate of any website. They are also not good for the website health as the search engine bots do not track them down and they are not indexed as well. Hence it is never recommended by any expert level developers to make use of pop-ups in the website.

While it is quite natural to expect a website that is designed in a way to lure more and more visitors but it should be done by considering the search engine factors as well. Without the implementation of the SEO points, the appealing look would not take your business website at a higher position in Google SERP. The website designer and SEO analyst must work in a collaboration to bring the best possible website that is beautiful and technically in accordance with search engine optimization as well.

If you keep these entire web designing tips in your mind before you design your website, your website will be considered as good and people would like to visit your website. Only stable and appealing designs can catch your potential users easily.

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