Promote Your Restaurant and Followers on Instagram to Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted numerous nations across the globe; hence, most dining rooms are out of reach of food enthusiasts as they have been compelled to remain closed for most of 2020. Most food buffs are visiting their favorite restaurants just to enjoy their favorite dishes through home delivery or takeout. COVID-19 has revolutionized the entire hospitality and restaurant business. This automatically implies that restaurants would be requiring a whole new approach to effectively promote and market their brand and business to safety and health-conscious diners. As a concerned restaurant owner, you could leverage the power and versatility of social media platforms especially, Instagram to effectively connect and engage with your prospective diners so that you could go about successfully driving more and more business via your virtual doors. You must essentially adapt and tweak your Instagram marketing approach wherever necessary in this new normal post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Buy Followers on Instagram & Drive More Diners To Your Restaurant

For restaurants trying to reinforce their business, Instagram is regarded as the big boss of the existing social media platforms. With the introduction of Instagram for Business profiles, advanced metrics, insights, and bulk schedules along with the unique and authentic value proposition of the platform, Instagram has become a powerful and robust asset that restaurants of all local and small businesses simply cannot afford to ignore. Instagram is predominantly a visual platform with wide-ranging and immediate exposure for your restaurant business.

Today, there is probably no other industry or sector for which Instagram seems to be more suitably geared than the culinary or restaurant industry. Research has revealed that individuals in the age group of 18 to 35 spend a full five days every year in browsing captivating food pictures on Instagram. Moreover, 30 percent would be steering clear of a restaurant in the event it has a weak presence on Instagram. We must keep in mind that on Instagram #food seems to be the 25th hot favorite hashtag worldwide with almost 400 million Instagram posts tagged #food.

Take Fullest Advantage of #foodstagram 

Food pictures occupy a special corner in the hearts of users on social media and Instagram happens to be the perfect destination for sharing and connecting over cuisine. That implies that understanding the fundamental tricks and tips on ways to utilize Instagram for promoting your menu would go a long way in helping you attract more prospective diners and retain their business over a long-term basis. Instagram certainly goes much beyond flaunting delectable, absolutely mind-blowing dishes.

  • Start by posting enticing images of your menu, delivery and takeout specials, daily specials, etc.
  • Allow your existing and prospective diners a sneak peek into your activities behind the scene. You could start by introducing your brilliant chefs, general staff, managers, and owners so that people could easily connect with your brand. The friendly attitude would go a long way in driving more customers. Chefs are today becoming celebrity chefs more because of exposure on Instagram and other popular social media platforms as compared to their real interaction with customers in the real restaurant environment.
  • Stay relevant and keep your potential and existing customers engaged by updating your Instagram story with new pictures of mouth-watering delicacies and pictures of your restaurant.
  • Consider creating a personal hashtag for exclusively your restaurant. You must convince and encourage your loyal customers to start posting their pictures and keep tagging you.
  • There is absolutely no reason to be shy or uneasy with hashtags. Start using the nest-performing top hashtags such as #foodie, #foodstagram, or # food photography for boosting your post audience.
  • Take it local especially, with precise hashtags including your city such as #NYCeats, #lafoodie, etc.

Connect with Celebrity Food bloggers & Influencers

You could start your restaurant promotions by connecting with a food blogger who has a huge following on Instagram and by convincing him to post rave reviews about your restaurant. You would be benefitted hugely as your restaurant would get tremendous exposure to a large and interested audience comprising food aficionados.

In case you still have not tried the power of influencer marketing in boosting and reviving your restaurant’s popularity, now is supposed to be the best time. You could partner and collaborate with top Instagram influencers to boost your unique brand or restaurant. This is quite a common practice for most restaurants but under the COVID-19 dire circumstances, the fruits reaped from effective Instagram influencer marketing could prove to be even greater as compared to before. As per, it is a good idea to seek assistance from Instagram influencers with at least, 30k to 50k Instagram followers. You could even buy followers on Instagram to boost your restaurant’s overall online presence.

Influencers are great tools for attracting a broad spectrum of consumers and they are very effective in promoting your restaurant business. You could consider collaborating with some local influencers for hosting giveaways and showcasing menu specials and menu items. Giveaways are great for gaining new clients and helping them locate your restaurant. This way, you could gain a remarkably huge influx of new followers.

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Everything seems to have changed ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is of critical importance for your customers to know and understand that you care for them and that you have started your operations again but with strategic things in place to tackle and emerge victorious in this new normal circumstance. Indicate in your posts your delivery options and even takeout options. It is surely the best time for experimenting with your Insta posts and actively engaging your audience for establishing a fascinating and positive impression and reputation of your precise brand.

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