Understand the DevOps tools and learn how they are used?

The DevOps training in Bangalore is based upon the utilization of several kinds of tools so that overall goals are consistently and efficiently achieved. The whole concept of DevOps courses is based upon providing complete collaboration between the operations and development teams by effective utilization of several kinds of tools.

 Following are some of the tools which are used in the DevOps training:


Git is considered to be a very popular open source-based tool that has been very well utilized by all the industry giants. This particular tool helps the people to track the progress of the whole development work so that there is a high-level of coordination between the team members. This particular tool is considered to be a great option to experiment with things so that separate branches can be created and new features can be added whenever the whole concept is ready. For this purpose, a repository to the host has also to be created.


Jenkins is very well-known to find with issues in the whole code and is considered to be a free as well as an open-source tool that is utilized to automate the whole delivery pipeline. This particular tool allows the developers to test as well as report the changes in real-time and the best part is that the plug-in provided by this particular tool helps to integrate with other systems so that everything can be efficiently run.


This particular tool is a Linux-based operation source platform that helps to focus on containers so that software can be backed up and everything can be shaped together as a single unit. It is considered to be a highly secure as well as a portable tool that can be utilized with any of the languages and helps to provide complete integration with several other kinds of tools.


This particular tool has become the darling for the software automation and is an open-source tool to automate the software provisioning along with configuration management. This particular tool is very much effective to handle highly complex deployments which are the main reason it is successfully implemented in most organizations.


It is considered to be a relatively new container platform that allows the companies to manage hundreds of containers simultaneously. One can also go with the option of deploying the containerized applications to the group of computers so that distribution and scheduling can be done automatically. This is particularly a platform that is based upon or castration and allows the companies to build, run, and distribute the containers very effectively.


This particular tool can be utilized in finding and correcting the problems into the infrastructure as well as networking. It is considered to be one of the most popular and open source monitoring tools. It comes with two editions which are core and X1. The best part is that forum support is available for both of the editions.

Hence, all the tools which are utilized in the DevOps online training have been explained very well.

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