Living Is Easy With Technology in Our Homes

Like the cool developments of bathroom technology such as the new Kohler toilets, technology has made living in your home easier. You might not think about it much, but you should imagine life without some of these things.

Smart Television

Since the addition of the internet, cable watchers have screamed for other options. Along came all the streaming options for cable cord-cutters. The only problem was the set-ups needed to make it happen. You see, when those things first came out, television wasn’t as smart as it is today. Not only was the picture different, but you needed a computer hooked up to your television, if you could even do that, to watch streaming shows. That is, until the release of smart televisions. All of a sudden, cord-cutters called the cable and satellite companies to say goodbye forever. It was a very good day. Now we all have them hooked up for 24/7 connectivity. It makes living in your home far easier, and more entertaining.


If you love the world of gaming, the advances since the early years of Pong have led to more realistic experiences. It enhances the game and creates a sense of realism that gets better every year. The future of virtual reality will enhance this even further. You already have access to virtual reality, but watch out for the escapism of the near future! E-sports enhance your love of sports and place you in the game. Maybe one day you’ll feel like you are literally in the game. It makes living in your home so easy. In fact, with home food delivery and remote work, do you really need to go anywhere at all? Only if you want to, that’s for sure.

Virtual Assistants

Do you use Alexa? Maybe it’s Siri for you. Google Home is amazing too. One thing they all have in common is the ability to provide a virtual assistant right there in your home. Ask it questions, get stock market activity, and add a grocery list to your next home food delivery list. It’s amazing. You can even set your home to a mood but asking one of these virtual assistants to play a list. This leads us to the next thing that makes living in your home easier.


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Home Settings

Do you have a smart house yet? You can easily if you know how to do it. The settings are already on your phone. You can use one of the above virtual assistants to turn on lights, unlock doors and adjust the temperature of your home. It’s pretty amazing to think how you can control it all remotely. You can go on vacation and look at the monitor in your home. Drop a pet treat using one of the amazing tech toys now available to interact with your pet, even when you’re not there. It’s like a nanny cam on steroids! It’s an amazing home now with all the smart home features you can use today.

Back to the Bathroom

As mentioned earlier, you can control your bathroom too. Yes, you can have a smart toilet for your home. The Toto Neorest NX2, released in 2019, will automatically flush, warm the seat, and clean itself. I mean, who doesn’t want a toilet that cleans itself? It even saves money on water use. It measures how much water you’re using for your daily use. Kohler has one too.


Even your mirrors are smarter these days. With the creation of the Tech2O bathroom mirror, you can have a TV and a mirror in one. Click the included remote to switch back and forth. Soon you can add a new element to “Netflix and Chill.” Sit in the bath, drink your coffee and watch the latest episode of whatever your favorite obsession might be. Better than that, it includes enhanced lighting settings. Think of your old make-up mirror from the old days in a huge wall mirror. It even includes a sensor to turn on the bathroom lights when you come into the room. It saves electricity and enhances life in your home through technology.

The future of technology that makes living in your home easier is exciting. Tomorrow will show us just how cool our homes are since yesterday. New careers in technology include the development of these fields of research. Check it out.

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