Work From Home Set-up Must-Haves

Everyone knows that to be able to work from home properly, a suitable laptop or desktop computer should be prioritized. After all, most of your day-to-day tasks would be done on that device. 

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all computer for everyone, the following components are more underrated but are definitely MUST-HAVES to be able to successfully work from home. 

Wi-Fi Booster

From wi-fi boosters, wi-fi repeaters, and wi-fi extenders, this hardware device may be called different names but they have one purpose. That is to solve dead zones in your own home, or areas that weirdly have no Wi-Fi. 

A wi-fi booster extends the coverage area of your internet connection. It works by receiving your existing Wi-Fi signal, then amplifying it and transmitting the boosted signal to other areas of your home. This way, even the corners of your house, different floors, outdoor spaces, and other spaces that suffer from bad internet will be reached. 

These are super helpful but do note that the effectiveness of wi-fi boosters will still depend on factors such as distance from your router, Wi-Fi demands of your household, speed of your internet connection, and the number of areas you’ll need the wi-fi extended to. 

Bandwidth Calculator

Are you sharing your internet connection with other people who are also working from home, studying from home, or just using the internet for leisure? If you answered yes and wanted to know the right internet speed each of your family members or housemates need, you’ll need a bandwidth calculator to estimate as accurately as possible. 

Bandwidth calculators are not hardware or software. Sometimes, you don’t even need to download an app to be able to calculate your bandwidth needs. A good tool helps you:

Compute how much bandwidth 1 person from your household needs based on their web-based activities. 

Discover how much bandwidth specific activities eat up, such as sending email, file sharing, video conferencing, streaming video or music, uploading large files, downloading large files, VOIP and more.

Understanding your household’s bandwidth requirements will definitely increase your productivity and ensure that everyone’s internet needs are met on a daily basis. 


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Up-to-date Router

Now many people know this, but the router provided by your ISP is usually not the best in the market. They probably purchase those routers in bulk and figured only a small percentage of their customers would know the difference. 

But using a high-quality router actually makes a BIG difference. Plus, an old router doesn’t work as well, which is why people should be upgrading to a new router every 3 to 4 years. 

If you go with routers with higher bands, you’ll be increasing the speed of your connection organically. This is because the transfer of data in single-band routers is around 750 Mbps, but dual-band and tri-band provide up to 1625 Mbps and 2166 Mbps respectively. 

A more up-to-date router also increases the range or coverage of your connection. And because newer models offer advanced customization, you are given better control over how bandwidths are divided and used. They’re also safer (due to enhanced firmware). 


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Surge power-strips

As you build your work-from-home setup, you’ll notice soon enough that more and more gadgets require cables and plugs. 

All the computer accessories you buy and additional devices you place on your workspace will need a power source, so it’s best you prepare a power strip (preferably with USB compatibility). This way, you never have to worry about plenty of devices bringing disorganization to your table. 


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Work lamp

There will be late-night work shifts when you begin working from home. It just happens. When you do experience this, you’ll realize that the daylight you’ve been using won’t be enough for your workspace. 

You’ll need a high-quality lamp to brighten up your table and computer, especially if you need to type a lot or you already have bad eyesight. Never rely on your screen light alone – it’s the easiest way to have prescription glasses. As such, invest in a good lamp for a well-lit workstation.

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

I know you’ve read this all before, but if you haven’t used an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, you’re definitely missing out. That back pain or neck pain you’ve been feeling after your shift? An ergonomic keyboard and mouse can actually prevent such pains. For some people, switching to a more user-friendly keyboard or mouse even improves their posture. 

If your work-from-home setup is more permanent than you’d hope, invest in a better computer chair and table as well. 

Do you know what else you should have for a work-from-home setup that isn’t discussed often? The proper mindset! Because many people get culture-shocked at how working from home isn’t as fun and stress-free as they’d hope, you need to have the right mindset to be able to continue your job remotely. 

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