Apps for Preparation for your Final Board Exams

Find here list is best Apps for Preparation for your Final Board Exams

Board exams are acknowledged as one of the most important milestones in a student’s education journey. It’s because the stage has an impact on their future career aspirations. A good board exam score enables you to join in your selected degree and pursue your ideal career.

Online educational aids are the norm these days, and they assist in gaining knowledge and preparing for exams faster than traditional textbooks. According to studies, pictures can leave a stronger effect on the mind than simply reading a book. On a daily basis, classroom lectures might get tedious. Now is the time for digital learning to take the lead.

If machine learning’s accuracy can be trusted, they can assemble question papers from previous years and curate a strong preparation approach for students. It is easier for an app to manage large databases of visual content than it is to do so manually. Deep learning models enable eLearning platforms to commercialise their visuals and construct complete learning modules by reducing the need to spend countless hours manually sorting and labelling data.

Here is a curated collection of useful apps to help all CBSE board exam participants this year-


This application contains a large collection of study materials, such as example papers, practise papers, study notes, and NCERT books, as well as everything else a student would need to prepare for board exams. The software covers practically all courses from third to twelfth grade and eliminates the need for pupils to search for study materials. It has a well compiled study plan for CBSE Class 10 board exam.


This Poland-based application with a constant stream of questions and innovative solutions, Brainly, is designed to help kids increase their inquisitiveness. The start-ups aren’t just interested in answering perplexing problems; they’re also interested in sharing ideas, refining insights, and expanding knowledge.

Brainly, a modern education firm founded in 2009, brings students and experts together in a joyful, interactive world that rewards learning. It is a transparent, clever, and engaging way of inspiring kids to proceed from asking to understanding to answering, as it is the shortcut-free option for incredibly quickly learning.

Brainly is the world’s leading, teacher-approved online learning resource, with over 150 million monthly users from more than 35 countries accessing the platform. Brainly features a unique collaborative concept of ‘crowd-learning’ based on the notion that brilliance arises when brains join together.

It focuses on helping students grasp the notion that forms the foundation of their question rather than just addressing it. Brainly provides students with verified step-by-step instructions and follow-up material to help them get a better understanding and grasp of essential course topics, ranging from answering a specific question to ongoing tuition in a certain subject.


Students taking the CBSE Class 12 board test who also want to do well in competitive exams can utilise the Toppr app. It’s yet another cutting-edge app for preparing for board exams. This software is primarily for 12th grade board exams and competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and MHCET.


This virtual ed-tech platform, which launched in 2015, gives instruction to government job applicants through video lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials. Its faculty is made up of students who have passed a variety of exams as well as mentors with substantial classroom experience.

They effectively reduce the course content and simplify complex topics into bullet points. Students from all throughout the country will benefit from the platform, which offers a wide range of subjects and concepts crucial to competitive tests in a variety of languages. It strives to improve not just their education but also their speaking and writing skills.

 Math Trick

Math Trick is a fun and unique game that teaches quick computation and mental math. The Vedic Mathematics is used to create the teaching app.


While the digital method of teaching is engaging and participatory, it has also earned the reputation of diverting students’ attention away from their studies. Install AppLocker to keep yourself off social media while you prepare. It locks your apps for a set period of time and won’t let you access them even if you deleted them.


One of the most difficult challenges for kids is balancing all of their topics, reading, and practising answers wrong. This tool is for applicants who aren’t very good at planning their schedules. Because this app syncs across all of your Android devices, it only enters each user’s tasks once, from homework to examinations.

 Catalyst Group

It was founded in 2017 and is one of the fastest-growing learning platforms, with the goal of making high-quality education affordable to everyone. It offers GATE, IES, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering instruction to students.

The platform houses the largest community of engineering specialists, including government servants, senior lecturers, authors, and senior professionals, who work together to achieve excellent content to help them pass these tough tests. It allows students to attend lectures from any location and at any time of day. Furthermore, it offers customised classes for college students at a very low cost.

 Made Easy

Made Easy, which began as an IES, GATE, and PSU coaching institute in 2001, has expanded to include an online learning platform. With the support of skilled teachers and cutting-edge education tools, it provides quality education to students around the country through the platform. It promises to be a successful companion of engineering graduates for written examinations and personal interviews, which are crucial to the selection process, with specific study material and online lessons.


Students can clear their doubts, revise concepts, develop their analytical skills, and customise their educational goals at home with the award-winning video content, which is incorporated with global tools, teaching methods, and evaluations, ensuring the best possible outcomes for students.

When you know how to prepare for examinations, get a jump start on your classmates by starting today. Academic board exams are extremely important because they directly affect a student’s career and career outlook. If you really want to do well in your board exams, use the tools suggested above and don’t let anything get in the way of your preparation.

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