The 3 topics covered while earning your AED certification

If you are preparing to learn how to perform AED, you are probably curious about some of the most important things that you are going to learn. 

Of course, everything you learn when you learn AED is going to be important, but there are 3 overall topics that are covered that are going to be most important. 

So, whether you are already sure that you are going to get AED certification from MyCPR NOW, or if you are simply curious about what kinds of topics are covered, then you have come to the right place. Let’s break it all down together.

You will learn about adult, child and infant compression to ventilation

One of the most important things that you will learn during your AED certification is the compression to ventilation ratio. This refers to the number of chest compressions that are given to a patient followed by the number of ventilation breaths.

For example, a compression to ventilation ratio of 30 to 2 means that someone performing CPR should give 30 compressions to 2 ventilation breaths.  

When it comes to adults, the 30 to 2 ratio is the standard whether there is just one rescuer or two rescuers. 

When it comes to children and adults, the ratio remains 30 to 2 if there is just one rescuer, but when there are two different rescuers the ratio should be moved down to 15 to 2. 

There are many other important safety precautions 

Other really important things that you will learn during your AED certification training are the other safety considerations that will make the entire process as safe as possible for both the rescuer and the person who is being rescued. Some important safety precautions included with CPR and AED training are as follows:

  • Rescuers should wear gloves to not be exposed to fluids from the patient 
  • The age of the patient should be considered, as younger patients are more fragile 
  • Rescuers should protect their eyes and face in general whenever possible 
  • Rescuers should not do anything that they are not trained in 

Things to do before beginning CPR

Another important thing that people will learn when they are undergoing CPR/AED certification training is what a rescuer should do before they begin administering CPR to a patient. Here are some of the important things to do.

  • Learn how to effectively calm yourself down in order to perform CPR as effectively as possible
  • Check for the consciousness of the patient 
  • Calling for professional medical help and dialing 911
  • Finding a safe and comfortable place to put the patient 


Well there you have it! Those are three of the most important things that you will learn when you undergo CPR/AED training. While you will of course learn many more things, these are the many life-saving lessons that you will walk away with when you get your certification. Without a doubt, you will complete your training with a greater sense of confidence and responsibility if you ever find yourself in a situation where you could save a life.

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