How to Exchange DOGE to BTC?

We are sure you have heard about BTC. It is the first cryptocurrency, and for now, the most expensive one. Bitcoin runs on its own blockchain and is used as a store of value, or money. You can buy goods and pay for services with BTC. Also, you can exchange it for fiat money (on some platforms), and for other cryptocurrencies. 

DOGE is pretty different from Bitcoin. DOGE is a meme coin. It was launched as a joke to make fun of the world’s obsession with cryptocurrencies. Now, however, the situation has changed. After a short while after its launch, DOGE started growing in price. Its popularity has been also boosting constantly. The hit for the coin was when Elon Musk announced the coin to be his favorite. Now, DOGE is traded on the majority of platforms.

Where to Swap DOGE to BTC Safely at the Best Rates

You don’t need to search plenty of platforms to swap DOGE to BTC. You can just open any instant exchange, such as LetsExchange or any other, and provide the needed data for the swap. If you believe that looking for a specific cryptocurrency exchange is too time-demanding, you can use a reliable aggregator service. It compares cryptocurrency prices and the availability of coins across multiple exchanges and offers the most convenient options. 

To use an aggregator, you need just to indicate:

  • The coin you want to sell (Dogecoin);
  • The coin you want to buy (Bitcoin):
  • Whether you want to fix a rate or make it float.

When the aggregator chooses the available platforms and you are displayed the list with the best deals, you just need to click on the deal you prefer. The swap will be completed, and the funds will be credited to your cryptocurrency receiving wallet. 

Benefits of Swapping Your Crypto on an Aggregator Platform

While you might be more used to exchanging your funds with a cryptocurrency exchange service, using a reliable aggregator might be much more beneficial, especially if you don’t have a preferred exchange. So, by using an aggregator, you get such benefits as:

  • The choice among the best deals offered by leading platforms;
  • You aren’t requested to register an account;
  • Reliable platforms, such as Alligat0r, collaborate with reliable exchanges only;
  • There are no upper limits for a swap sum or the number of swaps;
  • Extra fees are not charged, users pay the blockchain fee and the fee charged by an exchange;
  • An extensive choice of coins is available;
  • Responsive customer support is available to help and solve any issue asap if it arises.

You Can Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Too

Another option is choosing a reliable cryptocurrency platform. If you have your preferred place where you swap crypto, and if it supports DOGE (there is no doubt that BTC is available), you can opt for the service, too. Just make sure that the platform doesn’t charge additional fees and the rates are acceptable for you.

Instant exchange services are convenient in this regard. They offer the best rates among multiple exchanges. Some of them won’t ask you to register an account to swap your funds. 

Bottom Line

Now, swapping DOGE to BTC is easy. You can choose among many exchanges and aggregators. Check carefully the available options, and stick to the one that is convenient for you. 

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