How to discreetly buy sex toys online

Just like children, adults can find ways to have fun on their own. Although having romantic relations with your partner is sometimes viewed as a taboo topic to talk about, it shouldn’t be – this is a natural thing that all couples enjoy during their time together. When looking for new ways to spice up your relationship, you may decide that it is time to take your intimacy to the next level.

How to safely buy sex toys online for your persona pleasure

Using toys is not frowned upon or considered strange – almost 25% of all adults have used toys during sex. Using methods to improve relationships and communication skills, buying sex toys online can be the next step you and your partner need to deepen your connection and improve trust in one another.

Before you buy sex toys online, let’s see the steps for how to order them discreetly to keep your personal life private and secure from the scrutiny or judgment of others. Let’s see the top precautionary measures to take to ensure your privacy is respected. If you already have some pleasurable ideas in mind, head over to Naughty Indulgence to browse what may bring you a good time.

Find out how it will appear on your bank statement

If you don’t want sex toys to appear on your bank statement, first ask the company or find any answered questions on the company’s website to see how they will appear on your bill. Some companies use abbreviations or code names to conceal their website URL or company name, while others will use a completely different name altogether.

Either way, you need to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you buy sex toys online. If you know the specific name of the alias company before you purchase the product, you can be prepared if a parent, housemate, or partner asks you about the specific payment on your bill.

Although no one should be going over your finances, if you share a joint bank account or always go over the finances with your partner, you may have to explain the purchase to your significant other. In this case, it is best to be prepared and aware of the alias and cover name the company is using so you can be totally ready when covering for buying them online.

Ensure the packaging is discreet

The first step of buying sex toys online is to ensure the packaging is discreet and does not give away what you are buying. Make sure the package is not clearly labeled as a sex toy for your neighbors or mail carrier to see. Instead, ensure the company uses discrete labeling so no one else knows what is inside.

If you want to confirm with the company about their packaging, check customer reviews to see if any photos of the packaging have been posted on forums or review websites. By looking at the website’s reviews, or sites like Yelp, you can see if any previous costumes have posted photos of their content’s packaging that shows the discrete nature of the product.

If no photos are showing the packaging of your product, you can contact the company by using contact buttons on their website to clarify the packaging will be discrete and non-descript.

Get a P.O. Box Away From Your Home

If you do not want the sex toys to be delivered directly to your home when ordering sex toys online, you can set up a P.O. box so the package will be delivered to your separate location. This allows you to collect your delivery when convenient for you, ensuring no one else can accidentally pick up your package or see what is delivered to your front door.

The benefit of a P.O. box is the ability to choose where the box is located. If you want to choose a P.O. box located near your work or your house for convenience, that can be a good choice since it won’t take any extra time or resources to get there. However, if you want to really separate your personal life from your business, choosing a P.O. a box farther away can really ensure your life remains private.

Use an eCommerce website for payment

Using a website like PayPal or Venmo ensures the payment will not show up on your bank statement when buying sex toys online. If you don’t want to risk having a strange purchase show up on your bill, avoid the scare altogether by using PayPal.

Buy sex toys online versus in-person stores

If you want to stay discreet and private while buying sex toys, choose to order online over going in-person to a local store or sex shop. If you are not in a big rush to receive the sex toys, ordering online can ensure your purchase is not known by anyone in the area. Most manufacturers do a good job of hiding the purchases on your bank statement and using discreet packaging so anyone who sees your bill or deliveries will not know the ordered product.

If you go to a store, chances are someone you know could see you purchasing the sex toys. In this case, you would have to address the situation with the other person. Although buying sex toys is not a big deal or illegal, it can be embarrassing to see someone you know in-person in an intimate setting.

Instead, buying sex toys online avoids awkward interactions and ensures the package is discrete when delivered to your home or P.O. box. Without using any external indicators of the internal sex toy you chose, not even the mailman will know what you bought online.


When buying sex toys online for the first time, it is normal to be nervous. You don’t want your neighbors or housemates to see what you are ordering online since it should be something private for you and your partner. To keep your personal business to yourself, you can take precautionary steps to ensure your privacy stays intact.

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