What is a land ownership map, and where can I buy one?

Knowing who has the right-of-way when dealing with your neighbors and the town council is an important issue for all homeowners. You need to be aware of who owns what acreage so you can set up items around your home without worrying if you are intruding on someone else’s property.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are certain tools you can purchase, or view, online that help you get an idea of the boundary lines around your property.

What is a land ownership map?

To understand what a land ownership map is and its function, we need to know property lines. Property lines define the points where homes, and the surrounding land, begin and end. You may see these lines delineated by the use of poles, fences, and pools.

Understanding your home’s property lines is key to coming up with an accurate land ownership map. These maps come in handy during property disputes and building new surroundings for your home. See more about these maps at Tillable.

How to find property lines

You can find a land ownership map for your property by following this checklist:

  • Check the property deed – as a legal document, the deed should have a description of your land’s boundaries.
  • Find a property line survey – a property line survey is a measurement of your land’s boundaries. If the area included in the line survey is synonymous with the land ownership map, your property is accurately mapped.
  • Look for property line markers – some new properties might have line markers, like stakes, to show where the land is divided. The stakes and physical boundaries can help you create a land ownership map if you do not already have one.

Where can I buy a land ownership map?

You can use online resources to view and buy land ownership maps for your area. Check out these sites to help quell your land worries:

Acre Value

Acre Value provides plat maps, property lines, and land ownership. You can view a free map of ownership boundaries around your home, delineated and separated by the tax property lines. Certain stats you can view on this site include the parcel number, acreage, and owner name.

  • This site is user-friendly, with homeowners having to input their county, township, city, or address into the top bar to see the parcel, land for sale, sold land, or customize your boundaries.
  • Using this land ownership map is a free and easy online resource to put your mind at ease.


LandGlide is a mobile app for your phone that lets you obtain the land ownership map and other property information while standing at the location, sitting at home, or in your office. The app lets you easily see parcel boundaries, national property data, and instant access to a certain location, boundary, or ownership.


Homeowners should have a land ownership map to show where their property ends and their neighbor’s begins. Being aware of your property lines can help settle any disputes, confirm if you can build structures on your property, and help with legal/town council concerns.

By establishing your property lines and finding land ownership online via resources like Acre Value or LandGlide, you can become a knowledgeable homeowner.

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