Why you should invest in a property in Lewes, DE

Are you looking to invest in a new property on the East Coast? Maybe you are looking to branch out from your home state of New York, Maryland, or Pennsylvania and want an investment opportunity nearby. If you want to find property in a beach town near the Atlantic Ocean, we have the perfect spot for you.

Find homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware

Lewes is located on the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, forming a bridge between these two bodies of water and Cape Henlopen. Near the Cape Henlopen State Park, this small, but dynamic, town is a popular beach town and seaside escape from the busy city of Wilmington, DE.

Finding homes for sale in Lewes Delaware can be a smart investment opportunity or a new move for you and your family. A town that is made for pedestrians and tourists, you can mozy along the cobblestone streets or take your bike out for a ride, gazing at the museums, historic districts, restaurants, and boutique shops.

Lewes, DE Livability

When looking for homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware, you need to know some key facts about this town before investing.

  • Lewes has a livability score of 66 out of 100, which is considered below average.
  • Lewes crime rates are 44% below the Delaware average, making this a safe city for families and individuals.
  • The cost of living in Lewes is 26% higher than the state average, meaning the prices of food, gas, restaurants, and basic necessities can be more costly than in other locations.
  • The real estate prices in Lewes are 104% higher than the state average, with the homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware, being listed at higher prices than other cities in the state.
  • The rental prices in Lewes are 14% higher than the average rent in Delaware.

Neighborhoods in Lewes, Delaware

When searching homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware, you need to know the different neighborhoods in Lewes and the best place to live around the town.

  • Henlopen Acres – Henlopen Acres is only 4.8 miles away and contains a population of 160 people. An elite and upscale neighborhood, the livability here is 85/100, which is an excellent score. However, the price of real estate and homes here is extremely high, which may be too far out of your price range.
  • Long Neck – 10.5 miles away and containing 2,656 people, Long Neck earns a livability score of 81/100.
  • West Cape May – West Cape May is 16 miles away from Lewes and contains nearly 1,000 residents. With a livability score of 81/100, this is a great option when searching for homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware.
  • Erma – A little bit farther away, coming in at 20 miles distance from Lewes, Erma is still a smart choice when searching for homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware, due to the livability score of 77 out of 100.


Lewes, Delaware, is a small and charming beach town that still has historic charm from the ‘olden days.’ If you want to invest in a property near Lewes or find homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware, many neighborhoods and nearby cities start your search.

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