Everything you need to know before finding a paternity test near me!

When browsing for a DNA clinic or home kit for your own curiosity, you need to know the entire process before beginning your search. Some of the most basic questions must be answered, like the process of DNA collecting, the results of your analysis, and the cost of the entire procedure.

Want to find ‘paternity testing near me?’ Here is all you need to know about DNA testing!

A DNA paternity test is a highly accurate method to determine whether a male is a person’s or child’s biological father. Often used before the baby is brown or in the early stages of a person’s life, using a DNA test kit/paternity test can help an individual determine the father of a child, see locations to get the best DNA testing.

DNA tests are either taken by blood tests or cheek swabs, both with different procedures and varying results. The accuracy of a test depends on the method of taking a sample, with a blood sample being 99.9% accurate to show if a man is a person’s biological father.

People often need a paternity test for legal reasons, earning rights to child support or custody, and identifying links to any genetic pre-existing or predisposed conditions that could turn to illness later in life.

How do you perform a paternity test?

  • Blood test – The father and the child both give blood samples at a clinic or doctor’s office, with the facility then sending the samples to an accredited laboratory for analysis. A blood test cannot be done at home with the same analysis and results.
  • Cheek swabs – The potential father and child swab the inside of their cheeks and mail the cotton swab applicators to an accredited lab. This process can be done at home for added convenience and lower cost if you don’t want to find paternity testing near me.

What does paternity testing cost?

An at-home DNA paternity test will cost between $60 and $200, while a legal test at a lab and doctor’s office will cost upwards of $500 depending on the location and the speed of sample analysis. Unfortunately, health insurance doesn’t cover these costs for paternity testing near me.

When do you get the paternity testing results?

If you are nervous when searching for paternity testing near me, keep in mind the process can take some time to receive answers. The turnaround times for labs near you can vary depending on how long the doctor’s office took to send in the samples and where they sent the tests.

Account of the time it takes for each sample to reach the lab and for how long it takes for the lab to run the analysis, with the procedure often taking at least 2 days.


When searching for ‘paternity testing near me,’ make sure you decide if you want an at-home cheek swab kit or an in-person blood sample at a medical office. If you want to save money, doing the test at home could be a good solution. However, if you need a test for legal reasons and 99.9% certainty of the father’s identity, going to the doctor’s office for the blood sample could be the best choice.

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