Plants have an effervescent aura. They cosmically influence their immediate settings by revitalizing the atmosphere, plants fortify the air quality and physical appearance of a room. Their essence is therapeutic and spruces up the aesthetics of the space. People in Metro cities often lack spaces to accommodate extensive gardens. They decompress by adopting indoor home plants to relish a similar experience.

However, bonafide plant lovers tend to surround their home with indoor plants, whatever the case. The disposition of plants only stimulates ecstatic vibrations in a room and insinuates joy among all. Plant care can often be riveting because building something from the ground is an exceptional occurrence.

Several home plants are hassle-free and enticing. Some meticulously managed others, more arbitrarily.


1) Money plant: Believed to invite prosperity in one’s life; money plants are celebrated for their air-purifying foliage. They are typically compact and hail from French Polynesia. One must place these plants away from direct sunlight and stay wary of overwatering. Damp the leaves marginally with a spray bottle and store them in a cool place.

2) Lucky bamboo: One of the most prolifically spotted home plants, lucky bamboo hails from the tropical rainforests of south-east Asia and Africa. It magnetizes love and luck in the family. Remember to water the plant nearly two to three times per week and change the water every ten days. Indirect lighting works like a charm to keep the plant at bay.

3) Jade plant: The dainty-looking jade plant is ideal for indoor and outdoor keeping. It is relatively small and arises from South Africa. Be mindful of the location and expose the plant to medium sunlight. Refrain from overwatering, and remember to keep the soil damp at all times.

4) Syngonium plant: Also famous for its air purifying properties, the Syngonium plant originates from South America. Another exciting name delegated to these plants is Arrow Head, characterized by shape. It helps in alleviating stress and decompressing anxiety. Place the plant away from blatant sunlight and steer clear of excess watering. Eliminate surplus leaves and stems from time to time.

5) Spider plant: The marvelous-looking spider plant radiates very Pinterest vibes. It has an alluring charisma and looks ornamental placed at home. Planting it in a luminous pot can tweak its look. The best way to care for these plants is by placing them away from direct sunlight. Also, resist the temptation of overwatering. Detach the dead leaves and stems intermittently.

6) White pothos: Another seemingly beautiful plant. White pothos act as an air purifier. It hails from French Polynesia and aids in eliminating toxins from the immediate settings. Natural light supports their growth but should be kept at a safe distance. Be wary of excess watering and maintain the plant timely.

7) Milt Sansevieria plant: Acknowledged for its succulent traits, Milt Sansevieria plants belong to the Asparagaceae family from Nigeria east to the congo. It helps in weeding out formaldehyde, commonly used in cleaning products. Treat the plant gingerly and keep it away from direct sunlight. The soil must always be damp, and overwatering should be avoided at all costs. Maintain the plant by ridding the additional leaves and stems.


Invest in a home plant to rejuvenate your homes and sublimely affect your lives for the better.

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