Top 10 free QR Code Generator software to use in 2024

Best free QR Code Generator software to use in 2024

QR (quick response) codes are primarily made for the manufacturing industry. But it gradually has evolved to become an essential element that is used in multiple areas. One can integrate QR codes into mobile apps, digital payment solutions, NFC payment solutions, scan-and-go solutions, etc.

Businesses primarily use QR codes because of the convenience and ease of use by customers. They achieved their goals through the careful selection of a reliable QR code generator that can simplify the complex technicalities into a simple scan and view prompt. By generating a QR code, businesses can redirect customers to their website, social media pages, Google Maps, file download, or an application store.

AFTER However, there are too many QR code generators available in the markets. So it can be tough for you to select a suitable one. Be sure to read up on reviews on them and dig into them to choose the right one. But you do not have to worry as we have made a list of the top ten free QR code generators to help you choose the best and safest QR code generator for your business.

Top free QR code generators for your business are here

A QR code generator software creates a barcode that redirects the customer to a specific website link when he scans it. One can use this code to make payments, get some location, or save a contact. But what is the use of this black-and-white QR code in the business? Businesses can use an advanced QR code payment solution to accept payments from their customers or they can provide QR-enabled visiting cards to their customers.

Several websites can help you generate a QR code for your business, but finding the right one is a tough task. While choosing a QR code generator software for your business, ensure that it allows you to track and analyze your business performance and is compatible with other QR readers. Here are the top 10 free QR Code generators:

1: Beaconstac QR code generator

Beaconstac is one of the most popular QR code generators. It can help you create QR codes for SMS, e-mail, PDF, vCard, call, and app downloads. Beaconstac also provides you with attractive customization options such as logo addition, color change, a call to action frames, and unique data patterns.

Apart from this, Beaconstac traces QR codes and uses them to create a powerful marketing channel. It also supports businesses with SSO login, password protection, custom domains, and age-gated redirects.

Additionally, Beaconstac also offers a QR generation API for other apps to integrate a QR generator into their system. It also enables the admin to add multiple users and manage them effortlessly.


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2: Shopify’s QR code generator

Shopify’s free QR code generator website helps you generate better leads, create customer interest, and boost sales. You have to follow these steps to generate a QR code from Shopify:

  • Enter your email
  • Select the data as per your business requirement
  • QR code preview

Shopify is good for an individual or a small business that only needs a single static QR code.

3: QR code generator

The QR code generator is a simple website on which you can easily generate a QR code. It offers an API for QR generations inside your app. The QR code generator is available in two versions: Simple QR Code Generator and QR Code Generator ProThe.

The QR code generator is a free static code creator that contains cutting-edge features such as logo and color insertion, types of web page content, app store services, and Bitcoin payments. On the other hand, QR code Generator Pro lets the users create dynamic codes and offers them accurate analytics and ad campaign management tools.

QR Code Generator is the best choice for small and medium businesses or advertising agencies. Its analytics and management platform is ideal for keeping track of QR code campaigns. Furthermore, the QR code generator website offers smart packaging resources and best practices for including QR codes in any print design.

4: QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a free of cost QR code generator that allows you to create and download your desired QR code instantly. It also offers a paid plan with which customers can create dynamic QR codes, add these codes in folders, and track their performance over the dashboard.

Besides this, QR Code Monkey can create free codes that differ from the normal ones. You can select the shape and color of the logo as per your preference. Furthermore, you can check and preview your QR design and download it in PNG or PDF format.

5: QR Tiger

QR Tiger is a user-friendly QR code generator with multiple features that are suitable for both personal and professional use. It can integrate with over 3000 apps via their APIs or Zapier integration.

QR Tiger’s app also helps you to create QR codes directly on CRM. It provides a bulk code generator and QR code generator API to professionals. Apart from this, QR Tiger provides 24/7 customer support and excellent tracking features.

QR Tiger offers a free trial version that allows you to make up to 3 dynamic QR codes. It also offers Bulk QR in advance and premium plans, if you want to generate a large volume of QR codes at once.

6: Visual Lead

Visual Lead is a free QR code generator. It creates visual QR codes. To get a code, you first need to define the QR code type. Then you need to input the URL, contact information, and other details.

Visual Lead offers you editable QR codes, real-time analytics, and a personalized admin dashboard. You can also use it to design the QR code, business logo, or an attractive vCard.

Moreover, Visual Lead allows you to check, download, and print the QR code. Besides this, it can help you track the marketing or advertisement campaign performance by providing you with actionable insights.


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7: Visme QR code generator

Visme is a QR-based all-in-one scan-and-go solution for small and medium businesses. You can use it for website redirection, marketing campaigns, and to make virtual business cards. Visme’s static codes are suitable for content that doesn’t need editing after code generation.

They are perfect for adding flyers, business cards, and newsletters. So, if you use a website as the content for the QR code, you can easily change the content of your website. But if you make a mistake in the URL, then you need to generate a new QR code. So, ensure that you test the QR code before printing it or sharing it with your followers.

If you want to download your QR code on its own, separate from a project, then you can download it in popular formats such as PNG, JPG, and PDF. You can select low and high-resolution for PNG and JPG formats.

8: Scanova

Scanova is a tech-savvy QR code generator that offers high-quality QR code generation and management for large-scale QR code marketing campaigns. It will directly create a dynamic code and give you a trial period to test it. Thus, it is best for corporations and businesses who are looking to invest in top-notch QR marketing campaigns.

Scanova is an easy-to-use app for generating codes that come with multiple code improvement suggestions. It also offers custom mobile landing pages with a lot of attractive templates. Plus, there’s also the option to create password-protected QR codes and highly customized mobile landing pages.


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9: QRickit

QRickit is a QR code scanner that allows users to scan the code with the camera of a smartphone or tablet. Anyone can use it to make and use QR Codes for personal and business purposes.

QRickit provides instant data to its users such as a URL, a calendar event, text, or someone’s contact info. To access it, the customer just needs to open the camera of their smartphone and point it to the QR Code.

QRickit is best for casual use or businesses with no or less marketing budget aa it is a free of cost QR code generation service.

10: Deliver

Delivery is a privacy-first software company considered as one of the most established QR code generators on the list. It creates QR codes with images behind them. It also offers Motion QR that contains an animation.

Delivr is for businesses that need strong payment privacy and safety. Banks, financial institutions, and FinTech businesses prefer to use Delivr’s high-security QR code solutions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re ready to get started with QR codes in 2022, it’s time to choose the best QR code generator software. If you’re here as a marketer or a business owner and results matter to you, then you can choose any of the QR code generators that are mentioned in this blog to boost your marketing campaigns by tracking data instantly.

When you’re looking for a QR code generation tool, you need to start with defining your business goals. Besides this, you also need to keep the trustworthiness of the software in mind while choosing a QR code generator for your business.

I hope you liked this blog. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about QR code generators. Keep following this space for more insightful updates.

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